Tracking Down the Maverick Chef Ed Quimson


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The name of Chef Ed Quimson has been name-dropped and attached to restaurants a number of times. From Fig & Olives which replaced the original Chef Ed’s, to the now closed Filos at the Fort, to the so-so spanish food at La Esquina in Splendido, to Tootsie’s in Tagaytay. But these restaurants never came close to the famous Chef Ed’s spanish mestizo cuisine which only the original Chef Ed can do. I’ve been intrigued by this chef with no formal culinary education except in the Tuazon’s kitchen. I have been tracking him down to get to taste his cooking. Finally, I was able to fulfill that quest when I got invited to a special food writer’s preview of Paseo Uno’s Pasos del Tiempo (A Walk Through Time).

He is now part of the JAKA group and working closely with Heny Sison. Mandarin’s Paseo Uno will be featuring Chef Ed’s Quimson’s Filipino heritage dishes with Spanish Influence. In short, he is featuring the dishes they ate at home, cooked by his mother and grandmother in the Tuazon’s kitchen. His dishes will be featured on May 26 to 31 at Paseo Uno and he will be there in Mandarin Hotel to celebrate the Filipino Heritage Festival. Here is a scoop: his carinderia named Petra and Pilar will soon open in the JAKA building. But what I’m excited is that he is planning to open 21. It is a special by-reservations only room for 21 people for P15,000 only (consumable for food). Chef Ed will do a freestyle cooking for 21 people that will surely rock the foodie world of Manila!

Going back, I got to taste Chef Ed’s menu line up for Paseo de Uno and you’ll know that you are in the presence of slow-cooked-with-love food that your taste buds will never forget. We (my wife and I) were honored to be invited together with respected names in the food writing industry. We were in the presence of great food and great food writers — we are so thankful for that. In return, I would like to share with you our experience with The Chef Ed Quimson’s Spanish Mestizo cuisine based on home recipes of the Tuazons.

Chef Ed’s Quimson’s Menu @ Paseo de Uno’s Pasos del Tiempo (May 26-31, 2008)

Chef Ed Quimson-4
Sotanghon con Caldo. Sotanghon soup with a ball of chicken, ham, pork & prawn.

The amateurish adjective delicious is not enough to describe the soup. It is unique, home-cooked, and the type of soup where you just close your eyes and savor its taste.

Chef Ed Quimson-5

Baked Fish Fillet with layers of potato, tomato and onions in white wine. Served with toasted bread immersed into the soup to absorb the white wine sauce.

Chef Ed Quimson-6

The good thing about Chef Ed is that there is no cooking secrets and he is generous enough to share how he created the food. He said that the white wine sauce was made of olive oil, soy sauce, laurel, lea perrins and white wine. I don’t cook but I appreciate how complicated the taste of the soup because of its ingredients.

Chef Ed Quimson-12
Carne Frita, appetizer. This is Chef Ed’s favorite and this is how his grandmother would cook it. I honestly did not like it because it was all meat and it is more appropriate to be a pulutan with an ice cold beer. ( Chef Ed — Isn’t this out of place in the overall menu? )

Chef Ed Quimson-8
Pollo ala Caserole. It was lechon manok with bread stuffing inside. It was very predictable in taste.

Chef Ed Quimson-7
Roasted Turkey with Tuazon Stuffing. The turkey and sauces were cooked to perfection. But after eating the Tuazon stuffing, I wanted to be a part of the Tuazon’s culinary clan. You got to try it!

Chef Ed Quimson-9
Lengua con Alcaparras. This dish alone brought the house down. I was silent eating this because I know I was in the presence of great food. This was the best lengua we have ever tasted and all the food writers would have to agree. The secret was in the tomato sauce mixed and aged over 5 days. Just imagine by the time the festival start, the tomato sauce will be tastier than ever. The lengua was cooked the day before. I admired Chef Ed for the patience and excellence in cooking this food. If you love Lengua like Rache, you should not miss this!

Chef Ed Quimson-10
Sotanghon Chicharo and Shrimp.
The lengua was the highlight of the meal and everything after that tasted ordinary but perfectly cooked.

Chef Ed Quimson-11

Chicken Galantina. Most of the food writers did not finish this dish. Is it because they are full already or did it fail to meet their expectations? I guess leaving the food on the plate is the food writer’s polite way of saying I don’t like it that much. (I’m just learning the ropes here, hehe)

Chef Ed Quimson-13 Chef Ed Quimson-15 Arroz con Leche and Dulce de Santol.
The Arroz con leche which is rice with cream, cinnamon and cooked like creme brulee, is an interesting dessert. Rice Pudding is very popular in Europe but the Tuazon version was made exciting by the cinnamon.
One of the desserts to rave about is Chef Ed’s Dulce de Santol! Just look at how much sugar was put into it and just imagine putting mantikado ice cream on top of it.

Chef Ed Quimson-16

If you are a Chef Ed Quimson groupie like me, don’t miss Paseo de Uno’s Pasos del Tiempo on May 26-31, 2008. Don’t forget to try the soup, lengua, turkey and the dessert. Make sure that Chef Ed is there to ensure that the food is prepared under his supervision. Thanks to Mandarin’s Paseo de Uno for inviting us!!

Katrina R. Lardizabal, Restaurant Manager
Paseo Uno, Mandarin Oriental Manila, Makati Avenue, Makati 1226
Telephone: +63 750 8888

Paseo de Uno Buffet Prices.
Monday to Sunday Lunch P 1,290 Net
Sunday Brunch P 1,590 Net
Breakfast P1,010 Net
Sunday – Thursday Dinner P1,450 Net
Friday to Saturday Seafood Night P1,590 Net

Chef Ed Quimson’s featured menu above will be part of Paseo de Uno’s buffet.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

PS. For those who cannot afford Paseo de Uno’s buffet, watch out for the opening of Petra and Pilar which is a carinderia concept with the most expensive food item at less than P200. See you there!!

12 thoughts on “Tracking Down the Maverick Chef Ed Quimson

  1. Oh goodie! I was also wondering all the while what happened to Chef 🙂 He will be forever on my mind for the tip of what’s the correct way of eating paella. I remember watching him guesting this cooking show and give this dire warning to viewers that if you get your paella less than an hour or so, you are in trouble. hehe :)It’s a golden info which makes me look smart in terms of Spanish food. haha.

  2. hi anton! i love lengua, and that lengua looks like its a must-try. will Chef Ed’s menu be available for both the lunch and dinner buffets?

  3. When will petra and pilar open? i’ve seen it on export bank drive near chino roces avenue.. Yey.. can’t wait!

  4. Hi Anton,
    My husband and I really like Chef Ed’s Delimondo Ranch-Style Corned Beef which I got at the Salcedo Market. Would you know of any supermarket or store selling this? I’m based in HK and just get family members to buy stuff for me, unfortunately MAkati is out of the way. Thanks!
    P.S.That turkey stuffing and lengua sure looks good!

  5. Hi Anton,
    I was just surfing through the internet when your article on Chef Ed caught my attention, particularly the comments posted regarding ‘Petra and Pilar’ and ‘Delimondo’.
    To answer some of the queries – Petra and Pilar will officially be open to the public on May 28. Right now we are doing a trial run of our systems and procedures and are currently serving lunch and dinner on a limited basis. Petra and Pilar are actually the names of Katrina Ponce Enrile’s grandmothers – Petra being the mother of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and Pilar being the mother of Mdm. Cristina Ponce Enrile. It is a carinderia-style restaurant where the food is not only good, but reasonably priced as well. The menu is a mix of provincial staples and Spanish-style dishes just as Katrina’s grandmothers used to prepare them.
    Just a tip though – don’t fail to try out the cakes at Petra and Pilar. They were precisely concocted to Katrina’s specifications.
    Delimondo will have a deli outlet inside Petra and Pilar. True – the corned beef is arguably the best available in the market today. There is an interesting story about that particular corned beef – why don’t you look me up at Petra and Pilar so I can give you the rundown. Delimondo also has a line of specialty sausages and pasta sauces that you should try.

  6. I went to Paseo Uno last night specifically for this special and i’m utterly disappointed. most of the items reviewed here and elsewhere was not part of the offering – no lengua con alparras, no sotanghon, no arroz con leche, no chicken galantina, no roasted turkey, no pollo casserole. there was a small unassuming poster near the lobby but when you’d enter, you’d think, “maybe i got the dates all wrong? maybe they meant may26-31, 2009”

  7. interesting..this man got me really passionate about food..
    i apprenticed under him for awhile and lost touch…would be so nice to talk to him again!
    maybe you have info on how to get in touch with him!?

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