Tracking Down the Maverick Chef Ed Quimson


Going back, I got to taste Chef Ed’s menu line up for Paseo de Uno and you’ll know that you are in the presence of slow-cooked-with-love food that your taste buds will never forget. … If you are a Chef Ed Quimson groupie like me don’t miss Paseo de Uno’s Pasos del Tiempo on May 26-31, 2008, Don’t forget to try the soup, lengua, turkey and the dessert. … Monday to Sunday Lunch P 1,290 Net Sunday Brunch P 1,590 Net Breakfast P1,010 Net Sunday – Thursday Dinner P1,450 Net Friday to Saturday Seafood Night P1,590 Net Chef Ed Quimson’s featured menu above will be part of Paseo de Uno’s buffet.