How to get to Batad


It is very easy to go to Batad and I’ll show you how.


There are three buses that goes from Manila to Banaue. It takes about 8 hours to go to Banaue. Most of the buses leave at night.

Florida Bus (P450). This is a deluxe trip where there is a restroom inside the bus. The buses are new but the chairs are not ergonomically designed for your butt.

Victory Liner (P400). In the past, they had a deluxe service where there is comfort room and stewardess in the bus. They downgraded to a standard service and they have a bus which is better than Autobus.

AutoBus (P425). Old Mercedes Bus with comfortable chairs.
It could get very cold inside because there are no controls for the
aircon blowers per seat.

Enroute to Batad

You need to drive for one hour through rough roads and scenic view of Banaue to the saddle point in Batad. You can prearrange a tour guide who can help you with the logistics of finding a jeep to Batad.

Enroute to Batad-3

This is the saddle point in Batad where all the jeeps stop. From this point, you have to walk about 2 hours to reach the Batad village.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-29

Most people take this 440 steps short cut to start the trek.

Enroute to Batad-6

There is an alternative route — the long cut that goes down gradually.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-27

The first stop when you go down and the last stop on your way up to the saddle. This is owned by Ellio who owns the silk printing shop in Batad. He prints all the “I Survived Batad” shirts which sells for P130.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-24

Most of the stops sell Ifugao trinkets and drinks.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-22

This shop is ran by a very nice lady. She is a good masseur so already book an appointment with her to soothe your aching muscles.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-20

The last stop on the way down the Batad area. At this point, if you carry your heavy luggages with you it would take you 60-90 mins to go down. Since most of us are photographers it took us 2 hours to go down with all the rest and photography stops.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-17

Batad Tourist Information Center. Mobile Number: +63 905 397 2317.

This is the last stop where you can get very good one bar signal. So call your friends and family at this point. Inform them that you are safe and it will be difficult for you to get a mobile phone signal in Batad.


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  1. Thanks for the info. This is probably the best insider info that a first time visitor could get if he plans to go. Thanks ‘appreciate it.

  2. Among the 3 buslines you mentioned, what busline would you recommend with regards to comfort & safety? How much is the cost to rent a jeep in Batad? When is the best time to go to Batad, when all is green? Thanks for the tips. Good work.

  3. I’m wondering if the hike to Batad from the Saddle is manageable when you have 7 and 9 year old kids. They are good walkers, just wondering if the terrain is steep and safe for little ones. Thanks.

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