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Batad has a very organized tour guides association and program. There are 20+ tour guides and most of them are good. You can contact the Batad tourist information. For a day, I think the tour guide rate is P1,300+. A porter would be P150 per bag.

Roland Martin was our tour guide and I would recommend him for giving a great service and having very good connections within the community.

Saying Goodbye to Batad-17
Batad Tourist Information
Mobile Number: +63 905 397 2317

Wilkie Betga Tour Guide

Exploring Batad-12
Romy Heppog, President of Batad Tour Guide Association
Email Address:

Saying Goodbye to Batad-23

Roland Martin, Batad Tour Guide and Banaue Tour Organizer
Mobile Number: +63 916 951 9195

Ramon Binalit
Mobile Number: +63 926 7607753

Exploring Batad-11
Grace Bilanit (Thai, Swedish Massage) + 63 906 518 0570. Not exactly a tour guide but I cannot put this in any category. Massages in Batad cost P300.

If you have a tour guide who provided you a great service in Batad, please put a comment on this post. If you have a photo, please send it to me and I’ll be glad to include it in this list.

3 thoughts on “Tour Guides of Batad

  1. 1,300 for a guide in Batad for a day is way too much.
    i met my guide at the Saddle, i started my hike at the junction.
    i haggled for 400pesos but at the end of the day i gave him 700pesos, because he’s nice and he really helped me, carry my bag when im so tired hiking,
    it’s so beautiful there, and i only saw about 10 other tourists hiking in batad and to tappiya waterfalls when i was there.
    contact him;
    Rolly Buy – A
    0906 6834889
    check my pics;

  2. My guide was Margie – if you are a woman traveling alone, it can be comforting to have female guides, and I highly recommend her. I paid her 700php for the hike down into the town (but she didn’t take me all the way down to the waterfall, you’ll probably have to pay more for that). Very nice lady. 0921 555 2022 or 0920 820 7892.

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