Halo Halo Foodie Secrets in Laguna…


In your next adventure in Laguna, consider to drop by these foodie places.
Panaderia, Pantoja Bakery, Los Banos, Laguna
Pantoja Bakery-1
In the Los Banos intersection with Jollibee and Mercury Drug as landmarks, you should see the Panaderia Pantoja of Laguna.


Pantoja Bakery-2
Buy the Paborita — the favorite bread in Laguna. This is a perfect partner for the Halo-Halo since 1933 in Pagsanjan.

Aling Taleng’s Halo Halo since 1933, Pagsanjan, Laguna
Halo Halo since 1933-1
One should never miss this when you go to Pagsanjan. When you drive to Pagsanjan from Los Banos, turn right (going to Lucban) in the T-road section in Pagsanjan. Just right after the bridge, turn right and you should see this Halo-Halo since 1933 on your right side.

Halo Halo since 1933-2
Aling Taleng’s halo halo has been passed on for 4 generations since 1933. It has 7 ingredients : Kaong, Tubo, Mongo Beans, Leche Flan, Macapuno, Ube and Kondol. This is Pagsanjan’s best kept Halo Halo secret since 1933. Have you tried their halo halo?

Don’t forget to eat the halo halo with the paborita. It is the best halo halo combination you’ve ever tasted in your life.
Palaisdaan Restaurant, Tayabas, Quezon

Inihaw Pla-Pla (Fish) (180). I love their fresh Pla-Pla.

Another favorite is the Palaisdaan Restaurant in Tayabas Quezon. This is always a hit whether it is for lunch or dinner. The original Palaisdaan have two branches in Tayabas Quezon about 30 minutes away from Lucban.

Ihaw-Ihaw Pork Chop (P260). This is one of their best sellers aside from their fresh seafood selections. See Palaisdaan Menu.

Palaisdaan Restaurant
Bo. Dapdap (Lansonisan) Tayabas, Quezon
Cell Phone # +63 919 392 2433
Land Line: +63 42 793-3529

Home-cooked TIIM, Calauan, Laguna

After visiting Lucban, and Liliw in Laguna, we got invited again to another fiesta in Calauan, Laguna. We bought the best pineapples we ever tasted better than the ones in Tagaytay. We also got a taste of the very traditional dish called Tiim in Calauan.

Tiim. Pork Legs and Chicken slow cooked for 8 hours with only Fresh Paminta, Garlic and Salt. Even the locals don’t know why it is called Tiim.

Thanks to Jojie for unselfishly sharing with me the foodie secrets of Laguna! Thanks 🙂


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

26 thoughts on “Halo Halo Foodie Secrets in Laguna…

  1. Hi Anton. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. I think I’ve seen Jojie. We were eating just beside her in the other table. Arabela’s cafe, Liliw? Lunch May 15.

  2. Hi Anton. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. I think I’ve seen Jojie. We were eating just beside her in the other table. Arabela’s cafe, Liliw? Lunch May 15.

  3. Sir Anton , The Panaderia Pantoja is originally from Tanauan Batangas , you could still visit the original bakery at A. Mabini Ave. Tanauan crossing . I know because I am from Tanauan! They have the best pandesal and hopiang baboy!

  4. yay!
    you discovered the best halo halo there is!
    secret ingredients are the kondol and the tubo (not sugar cane, but the coconut growth)…ay sarap!
    been eating at lola taleng’s since birth!
    and you’ve been to palaisdaan too.

  5. Anton!
    Im an alumnus of UPLB and you might wanna check out the various foodie havens there such as the Batcave’s lechon kawali, Papu’s siomai, Mer-nel’s killer chosolate cakes etc.

  6. I have a feeling the dish you were referring to as TM is actually TIIM, as in pata (pork leg) tiim and pato (duck, but also sometimes chicken) tiim.
    It never ceases to amaze me how you manage to go to so many new and interesting places and get to sample so many delectable dishes!
    Please contact me should you ever need a free copy editor or consultant. I would love to help out in any capacity.

  7. Okay, you’ve just made my “things to do before I die” list that much longer. =P
    My favorite from Panaderia Pantoja is their kalihim. It’s the bread with the red filling…it goes by another, not-so-savory name which I suspect was given by city folk who didn’t know what it was called. Soft, chewy, creamy and slightly sweet, I just find that it’s the perfect match to freshly brewed Batangas coffee.
    Oh that Aidan is turning out to be such a character!

  8. @ Christian: oh, that’s what it’s called pala.. kalihim! i love that bread from Pantoja too! yummy!!
    good thing there’s Panaderia Pantoja here in Manila!

  9. ^^^Pan de R***A you mean?? :>
    to meeh : have you tried Alh’s cake in front of Agrix …
    I miss Petrinos tapsilog and the Bidani Food Carts ! UPLB rocks!

  10. there’s an even better bakery, im sorry for pantoja fans.
    its the new ilaya bakery in pagsanjan.
    you have got to try and ask for the t*t*mamoy.

  11. @u8mypinkcookies: isn’t it just? But remember, you have to get the ones whose tops aren’t too dark. Otherwise it has this slight bitterness that counters the creaminess of the bread…gosh, I’m having flashbacks of my childhood at my the breakfast table of my great grandmother’s farm in Lipa. 😀 In retrospect, coffee for a hyperactive 7-year-old wasn’t the best idea.
    @jinx: yes, that’s the unfortunate name I was talking about. I stopped eating it for a while when I was little because my cousins told me what the red stuff was “really” made of. haha

  12. hi anton, i went to this cozy dining place in los banos, laguna. i really liked the food especially the salad that goes with all the dinner plates, i hope you could check it out sometime and write something about that place. its been quietly there for almost 2 years now serving the elite of los banos. look for chef jewel

  13. by the way, the place is called Arla. 🙂 the beef lengua and their soy grilled chicken is a must try!! im betting on it!!!

  14. Thank you for the comments…I’m the daughter of Aling Taleng. Hope you could visit again at Pagsanjan Laguna and don’t forget to drop by at Aling Taleng’s Halo-Halo. Thanks Anton…

  15. Arla is a good place to eat. There is also Joe’s in Los Baños for pastas, Bonito’s for grilled pizza. If you want to go for Vietnamese food, there is Phuong. Two Thai restos – Baan Thai and Ning’s Thai. For liempo, try Tita Melba’s instead of Batcave. And syempre for fried chicken, nothing beats Ellen’s Fried Chicken.

  16. a scientist in the kitchen, hello.. abt tita melba’s and batcave’s lechon kawali u mentioned i think mas ok ung batcave kc cla nauna orig ba.. dba? dami nmn sangayon dun..

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