Jollibee, Philippines and Our Awesome Planet 30 years from now.


Jollibee Philippines
Aidan Congratulates Jollibee on their 30th year Anniversary!

I’ve always wanted to congratulate Jollibee, Philippines on their 30th Year Celebration! I got reminded about it when I saw their sponsored house during the Pahiyas Festival. This is one Filipino company I truly admire. Given a choice between Jollibee and McDonald’s, I would go for Jollibee every time!

I’m just imaging, what would become of Our Awesome Planet 30 years from now. I will be in my senior retirement years. I still continue to blog away about how to eat healthy, lessons learned in 30 years of blogging and the secrets in living for 100 years. Aidan will be 33 years old and this was about the time I started OAP. We would be blogging together in OAP and we would have posts like what happened to the GB5 restaurants or what happened with Chef Florabel, Chef Laudico and others… I do hope OAP wins blogging awards locally and globally like Jollibee. OAP will be a multimedia site with photos, videos, and music about the beautiful things about the Philippines and Asia. In 4 years time, I would have posted my 1,000th blog post so 30 years from now, I do hope to post my 10,000th blog post. Market Manila and Dessert Comes First would still be there and we would reminisce together the early years of blogging in the Philippines. My imagination goes on and on…

What do you think will happen with OAP and the blogosphere 30 years from now? Please post your predictions and let’s look back at this blog post 30 years from now, hahaha!

Jollibee, Philippines 30th Year Celebration
1975: The Tan Family opens ice cream parlors in Cubao & Quiapo, the first Jollibee outlets.
1978: Jollibee Foods Corporation is born as a 100% Filipino Company
1980: Chickenjoy is hatched. Jollibee Mascot debuts.
1984: The Champ is Launched1985: Jollibee becomes the #1 fastfood chain in the Philippines
1987: Efforts to establish a foothold abroad gained ground with the opening of an overseas outlet in Brunei
1991: Jollibee opens its 100th store in Bolton, Davao
1993: Jollibee becomes the first food service corporation to list its share in the PSE.
1995: Launch of MaAga ang Pasko sa Jollibee
1996: Jollibee opens its 200th store in Malolos, Bulacan and opens stores in Hongkong and Vietnam
1998: Jollibee opens its 300th store in Balagtas, Bulacan and its first in Daly City, USA.
2001: Jollibee opens its 400th store in historic Muralla, Intramuros.
2001: Jollibee hailed as Best Employer in the Philippines by Asian Wall Street Journal.
2003: For the 6th straight, the Far Eastern Economic Review ranked JFC as the Philippines’ Leading Company
2004: Jollibee opens its 500th store in Basilan.
2004: Tony Tan Caktiong receives “World Entreprenuer of the Year” award from Earnst & Young
2006: CNBC Asia awards Ernesto Tanmantiong the “Corporate Citizen of the Year” award in Hong Kong
2007: Jollibee opens its 600th store in Aparri, Cagayan, and Las Vegas becomes the first US Jollibee store outside California

Anyway, Congratulations again to Jollibee! Paglaki ko, gagayahin ko kayo mga idol!


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

15 thoughts on “Jollibee, Philippines and Our Awesome Planet 30 years from now.

  1. ….favorite filipino fast food place to celebrate children’s birthday parties i attended a total of 8 in 4 days i was visiting there decades ago lol….

  2. Jolly spaghetti is the only sweet spaghetti that i am willing to spend money for:)
    Anton, 30 yrs from now, i wonder how we look like with all the eating we are doing. I would like to thank u, Lori and Marketman. U guys are the inspiration of Smalltime blogger like me..

  3. Thirty years from now…Aidan and Josh (and whoever else might come along) will be posting pictures of your grandchildren on OAP!
    Anton would have enjoyed a long and fruitful career in his present company and is about to retire (with a ridiculously large retirement package) from his top-floor-corner-office-senior-management post. He would have started several medium business ventures of his own which Rache would manage to great success for which they both will win some sort of internationally recognized entrepreneurial award.
    His company, for fear of losing his genius, would offer him a consultancy position which Anton will graciously turn down. He would instead decide on focusing on his businesses and his blogging. From time to time, he would hold seminars on blogging and mentor those who seem to have a special talent for it.
    OAP itself would have become so much part of the Filipino every day life that it would have found its way into the vernacular. People would regularly say, “Oh my goodness this soup is so OAP!” Anton’s topics would have expanded to great secret places in the Philippines to great secret places all over the world. The blog’s name IS Our Awesome PLANET after all.
    Ten years after his retirement, Anton runs for president and wins because of his major influence on the blogging world, and the tourism and hospitality industries.
    …dreams are for free, right? =P

  4. Thirty years from now (or within that period) we may face the following problems:
    – Peak oil (according to the IEA)
    – Food shortages (according to the UN)
    – A global economic meltdown (according to the IMF)
    – Epidemics and a pandemic (according to the WHO)
    – Potable water shortages (according to Fred Pearce)
    – Mineral shortages (according to New Scientist)
    – Forest deforestation and mass extinction of various species (according to several sources)
    – More conflict over resources (according to the Pentagon and other groups, in reference to arms buildup and increasing militarization in various countries, including Russia and China)
    – Global warming, leading to drought, storms, etc. (according to the IPCC and other groups)
    – increasing population and human migration (especially from poor to rich countries, according to the UN)

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