A Raining World Pyro Night @ Hooters


Hooters World Pyro Night-5 Hooters World Pyro Night-10
I was amazed that the Canada’s World Pyro performance continued despite the heavy rains. The Genki umbrella was cool and we were able to use it as props for our shoot. My brother, Rommel was able to take a shot of the lightning above. He was experimenting on taking the fireworks with lightning.


Some additional tips for the World Pyro:
1. The WPO will continue rain or shine. It seems to be raining every Saturday night these days.
2. It is also very interesting to take World Pyro shots with lightning in the background.
3. For Genki umbrellas would be perfect for the World Pryo either to use it to watch the show or use it as props.

4. All the restaurants in the San Miguel by the Bay offer a very good view of the Pyro.
5. If you want to get a good parking spot in San Miguel by the Bay, better to go by 5pm to get a slot. By 6pm, it becomes very difficult to get a parking spot.

Hooters World Pyro Night-17
The rain stopped already before the 9pm performance. I was bored with the monochromatic performance of France.

Hooters World Pyro Night-15
We were not able to execute this properly but the idea was to have a Hooter Girl with a Genki umbrella in the foreground and World Pyro in the background.

Hooters World Pyro Night-1
We tried the super hot 911 wings while waiting for the fireworks. The wings still failed our expectation because it was not too hot at all and something is missing in the taste of its wings.

Hooters World Pyro Night-18
I was able to talk to Madel and Rhya about how they felt about the Hooter’s comments in this blog post: Hooters Philippines. I learned that most of them came from Fridays The Fort and some were just hired because there were limited people applying to be a Hooters girl. In 100 days, they will be evaluated and so expect to hopefully see new girls after that period.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

22 thoughts on “A Raining World Pyro Night @ Hooters

  1. Hi Anton! Very nice Genki umbrella. Thanks for the tips for the WPO.
    PS. “Happy Mother’s Day” to Rache 🙂

  2. Yes, it really poured last night! We had prior reservations at Lamesa Grill in their al fesco dining area. But to our dismay, we had to stay inside the restaurant because our seats are wet. Anyway, yes I liked Canada’s show better.

  3. Hi Anton!
    Tell me about it! WE thought that we wouldn’t see Canada, but there it was! Delayed lang ng one hour yung show dahil sa ulan. And yes, those lightning strikes made the whole show dramatic.
    Also, if you guys want to watch the WPO without spending anything, park your car near the San Miguel Bay Area. Yes, guards will talk you out of parking there, but they will stop nagging you five to ten minutes before the show. =P
    See you all guys soon at next week’s show!

  4. Anton,
    Awesome pictures of the Lightning!!! Kudos to utol Rommel, but stay safe, brothers…
    peligroso pag kumikidlat!!!
    And regarding your very popular (with controversial comments!!!) Hooters post,
    our group had the HOT WINGS, and they are almost as good as the one in Anchor Bar in New York, birthplace of the buffalo wings” “,)
    Believe me, that means our chicken wings were spectacular!!!
    My full account here (extra kayo ni aidan “,)

  5. Love the lightning picture!!
    Was planning to head to Hooters during the weekend but was discouraged because the service was bad and the food was not spectacular..

  6. hi sir anton,
    thnx po sa pictute…
    sori po kung pinatulan ko ung comments ni badboy
    ok lang po kasi samin or sakin na kahit anung panlalait ung sabihin sakin pero yung sinabi ni badboy na nilagay pa po talaga nya ung name ko at sabihan ako na hookers sobra napo ata yun…
    sa lahat po na positive ung cnasabi about samin or sakin lalo na ky pedro tnhx sa inyo..
    sa mga negative naman ung sinasabi about us pagbubutihin namin ung trabaho namin para di man kame pasado sa standard nio na hooters girl sana sa pag serve namin pumasa kame…

  7. the only pretty girl in Hooters manila for me is Ms. Claudine. the rest.. all of the were really exotic.
    Hi anton, another awesome pics huh!!!!
    Its amazing.. kip it up bro!!!

  8. Hi Anton, I didn’t get the chance to comment on your Genki Umbrella blog post, and it is now closed 🙁 But seeing these pictures of the transparent umbrella with the pyrotechnics display at the background is just amazing! These are some cool and amazing shots! I’ll surely drop by at Mall of Asia this Saturday to see the fireworks display–and bring my transparent umbrella to flaunt it hahaha!

  9. oh wow, we were also there that same night for the pyro. got soaked getting there, and the guards wouldn’t let us through because we apparently needed tickets to get in. we just talked to someone who let us through the barricades. SM really is hopeless when it comes to service talaga. but we did make it to hooters, and Madel was extremely nice to us despite of our shoddy appearance. everyone actually was nice to us. wet t-shirt kung wet t-shirt! i totally forgot there was parking along the restaurants, and insted, parked in the mall. arg. i bought a hooters shirt to change into, and my boyfriend found it, well, hoot (excuse the pun).
    your right! the pyrolympics aren’t as good as the ones before. france was really boring! and the smoke made it hard to see. i think dec-jan is really the best time to have it since there’s a lot of wind. will definitely come back to hooters! we forgot to take a pic with the girls!

  10. My ever dearest Madel-
    I only appreciate beauty when I see one. Just keep your cool. Otherwise, customers will be afraid to ask for you to wait at their table, knowing that you have the tendency to drop something on their food. haha!
    I’m counting the 100 days and will be back to Hooters after that hoping for some “improvements”.

  11. Hi! I wouldn’t really call ung show ng france as a boring show! It just had the right build up! 😀 but they should have put just a bit more stuff in the sky! 😀 when it comes to the effects used they’re one of the best one!!

  12. hi pedro,
    di naman po ako ganun…
    ang sakit lang po kasi sabihan ng hookers!
    kahit anung lait ok lang kaso sabihan ng hookers sobra napo tlaga…last na comment ko na ito.
    thnx pedro ha kahit di kita kilala salamat talaga..godbless
    thnx pedro…

  13. love the lightning shot! 🙂
    too bad we were not able to park near the san miguel bay area — the guards wouldn’t let us in, so we had to look for another vantage point 🙂

  14. I missed out on being able to comment on the popular controversial comments about Hooters. I went there tonight after reading your blog post…I have eaten at many Hooters around the world and just needed to come home and give my comments. If one goes on-line and visits hooter sites around the world they will see that not all Hooter girls are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. A couple things to think about…many of the Hooters establishments have been sued or they have had to deal with protestors trying to shut them down saying they are exploiting girls. Woman claiming they were not hired cause they were to fat or to ugly has sued hooters. First those people that complained should walk across the street to SM department store…I can’t ever remember walking into that store and see a heavy set woman. So lets face it…looks is exploited here everywhere. Maybe cause you see the name you think you should see the finest woman in the Philippines working there…but why…does it really make your food taste better? No it doesn’t! Hooters are new here in the Philippines and everyone should understand it would go through growing pains like anything else. Hopefully the girls are not working on 2 Month contracts like other places here…cause it might take some of them that long to fully get comfortable with all types of customers. The waitress serving Me and My Girlfriend was very pleasant and pretty…she made a couple minor mistakes and she seemed to be nervous…not as talkative as most Hooters girls…but maybe she didn’t know how my girlfriend would take it…I don’t know…but all in all…I have no complaints with the food or service. I think some of the people that made the rude comments about the girls should look at the whole picture. Hooters have provided these women with Jobs!!! If the women are not the greatest looking then that’s great also cause finally a place that is going against the norm around here. You look anywhere at job adds “need pretty girl for graphic designer” “need pretty girl for secretary duties” “need attractive girl to work front desk”…How Does LOOKS qualify anyone to do a job better. Why can’t a heavy set girl or one less attractive sell me a pair of jeans…if you buy clothes based on a pretty girl selling it to you…give me a call I can have a pretty girl sell you a fake island in Walla Walla. People over here want a wage increase…why not say you want to get rid of contracts. All of these companies building Malls and Condos everywhere you look are doing it from profits. They keep people on contracts so they don’t have to give everyone raises and promotions…so they can keep these profits for themselves. Just think for those of you who believe its mandatory that your children help you when you are to old to work yourself…which in the Philippines that’s 30 yrs old according most companies here. What if you have all girls and they are all ugly…those that made rude comments about the Hooter girls should really pay attention. What if the only place that will hire them is Hooters…would you tell your daughters that they are to ugly to work there cause you believe only the most gorgeous Filipinos should be hired? Come on…no you would want her to work anywhere she could. So people should start fighting for the right to work for as long as they can and want to…as long as they work hard and meet the work ethics of the company they work for…they should fight for raises and promotions. If parents could work and find jobs that they could keep until they have money to retire and live comfortably on and support there children until they could live on there own…then maybe we can save some kids from committing crimes, or working in places they don’t agree with…like strip clubs…or some girls even selling their bodies to support there parents and siblings. Lets stop complaining about the things that are actually doing something good…Hooters…is providing jobs for people!!! They are supporting the economy!!! Hooters also support charities and community events. Most of all this Hooters hired your fellow Filipino’s without discriminating on features that most every company in the Philippines discriminates against. What if Hooters came here and hired the most beautiful woman…would there have been people complaining that they only hired beautiful woman and then complained about the outfits being to scanty and maybe protested and what if it got out of control and forced Hooters to shut down…maybe to those who don’t like it…it would be fine to have it close…but remember a closed business is a business that doesn’t have employee’s!!! Last I heard…the Philippines is in need of a lot of employers!!! For the Ladies out there that just don’t like the outfits the Hooters girls where…then maybe you should try and get a restaurant called Cocks over here…it’s a restaurant that hires waiters only that where little bikini bottoms with a rooster heads poking out…or maybe for all those who just like being rude…get a Dick’s last resort restaurant here…it’s a restaurant that the ruder you are to the waiters and waitresses the better your service will be…you can yell at them and tell them what to do and when to do it and its all in fun. Its up to you if you post this or not!

  15. hi anton,
    me and my friends really, really want to watch the World Pyro Olympics last weekend…only to find out that it was postponed last Saturday…and we came back yesterday, Sunday, because they announced it that it will be held on Sunday…tas pagbalik namin…POSTPONED NA NAMAN!!! grrrr talaga…we ended up eating in Hooters…i’ll post it in my blog too…thesweetlemonslife.blogspot.com

  16. Sweetlemon,
    You’re not the only one. I went there early last Saturday just to get the right spot only to find out it was postponed. Came back Sunday, only to find out that it was again postponed…

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