Best Piaya in the Philippines is available in Manila!


Bailon’s Piaya (P70 per pack of 10).

I love Piaya and I just learned this foodie secret from Manny. The Best Piaya in the Philippines is Bailon’s Piaya and it is available in Manila! It is crispy thin but airy. The thin coating of muzcovado inside is evenly spread out so that you get a taste of it in every bite. I love the toasty taste of sesame seeds with my piaya. It is crispy when you bite into it but it becomes chewy as you go along.

Small Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (P18 per piece). They also sell these yummy bite-sized lumpia for P18 per piece which would be great for potluck sessions. Remember to keep them refrigerated because it can spoil easily.

Big Lumpiang Ubod (P28 per piece). A bigger version of the lumpia.

Let me share with you this Piaya foodie find…

Just enter this unassuming Bailon’s carinderia. They don’t display the piaya and lumpia. You have to order in advance to get the freshest lumpia and piaya available.

Bailon Homemade Ilonggo Delicacies
1115 Rodriguez Avenue, Bangkal, Makati City
+632 843 6673 / 843 3721
+ 63 916- 751 9071

From SLEX Buendia, drive going to Magallanes. Don’t take the ramp to the bridge going to the Magallanes. Instead, take the road going under the bridge on the rightmost side. Turn right on Bonifacio street and turn right again on the first corner.This area in Bangkal is full of one way street so read the signs before making a turn. Bailon is located in front of the Fatima church.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

21 thoughts on “Best Piaya in the Philippines is available in Manila!

  1. OMG, thanks for the tip! I have to check this out. I’ve been craving for piaya since I’ve had some BongBong’s from the recent International Food Expo at SMX.

  2. Hi Anton… Manny’s not only a childhood friend from Negros but a fellow-food enthusiast as well (he’s also Manila’s best kept secret where it concerns roasting coffee – his roasted coffee is THE only local coffee that food maniatico Makati Cong. Teddyboy Locsin (who’s also a Negrense, by the way, on his dad’s side) will allow himself to drink!)- we both come from Bacolod, capital city of Negros Occidental and let me tell you, we both grew up with THE BEST Ilonggo fare – there are piayas – many versions of this delicacy – and there are piayas. and then there IS Bailon’s piaya. each to his own, but where this Negrense is concerned, there is nothing that can come close to Bailon’s piaya. and also try their empanada. ibang klase!

  3. I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. I love it when you write about food goodies. I live in the US and my sister and bro-in-law always travel to the US every July for my bro’s conference (MS). I make my sister bring me stuff I read in your blog. Like Iya’s Jumbo Pastillas, my kids love them! My sister back home nagugulat sa akin since I know more things about places/events in Manila..well, that’s the power of the internet! Now, I’m going to ask her to buy me this Piaya. Kaya labs na labs ko ang Ate ko, she takes time to really call, order and go to these places to get us our goodies! Any more good suggestion? Sana you make a separate write up /list for goodies like these that can be “pasalubongs” for love ones in the US or anywhere in the world. Do it soon please..before the end of the month, para mahanap ng Ate ko…hahah!

  4. Hi Anton! Thanks for the never-failing info of goodies and everything nice. I will forward the message of Bailon piaya to a friend of mine who is originally from Bacolod but do not have the time to go back there for whatever reason. I just remember that in 2003, I had a most difficult time looking for the Bailon piaya because my friend’s directions were quite obscure then, it was worth it though because the find was good and different from the regular piaya that I have tasted. it is good to eat too if you toast it a little and the sugar inside becomes a little melted. Well, keep on blogging and thanks.

  5. damn… this is one less reason Manileños won’t go to Bacolod cuz they have THE best piaya in their neighborhood. hehehe… negrosdude is absolutely correct, Bailon’s piaya is THE piaya, the one true grail of piaya-lovers. Every Negrense knows that Bailon’s piaya is the king of piaya. Good thing you guys have a source in Makati that serves it fresh and hot. Basta, you still can’t get Calea cakes in Manila w/o shipping it from Bacolod, harharhar.
    tip: toast or microwave it to melt the muscovado inside… mmm.. the ultimate poptart…
    i hope you’ll visit Bacolod this October!!!

  6. i’m not really fond of eating piaya, especially the ones sold in groceries here. but i LOVE bailon’s instantly when i tried it back in bacolod. thanks for posting about this, i’ve been looking for this for a loooong time! 🙂

  7. Price for piaya is now 80.00. Small lumpia at 25.00 and large at 35.00. I will go this weekend to try their food. Yummm!

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