Happy Father’s Day Popsy!


Mahabang Buhangin, Cam Norte-22


Happy Father’s Day to Popsy and all the fathers out there! Having been blessed with two wonderful sons, I realize how hard it is to be a father.

The leadership responsibility is crucial to the financial and spiritual success of the family. It is not easy to raise two sons. Teaching them the right values and instilling discipline entail a lot of energy and thought. I now appreciate what fatherhood means.

I like to thank my dad for taking care of us! He brought us to the school every single day and yet never hear him complain about anything. He is also kind enough to always give whatever we want (within reasonable financial terms of course). I can also feel that he loves Aidan so much and cares for him the same way he cared for me all these years. Popsy, I love you. Please don’t forget to greet your fathers in a very special way today.

18 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Popsy!

  1. ….happy father’s day mr. diaz….sr. & jr. lol!….happy fathers day to all father around the world….lalo na sa una kong pag ibig nung junior high school ng ‘maliit’ pa kami syempre lol!….fathers like you are reasons why philippines-filipinos has rich bright lively traditional cultures molded-woven by typical men of families like you and enhances kept love rolled over and over again by those women who loves and supported you ‘all the way’ in your presence in your sides or even in your absences so please TAKE TIME IN looking at flick.com or flickerville photo shots of colorful fun philippines-great filipino cultures in style some are under NOVELLSTEEL LATEST….OR DAVE DELURIA’S PHOTOS in flick websites of photos or under WOW! PHILIPPINES….they’re some of the greatest traditional filipino cultures-history made possible by your own contributions to societies thru your sthrenght eyes dedications determinations and hardwork….thus created a history of beautiful admirable colorful philippines-filipinos that in return produces highly talented fun loving unique unvelivably creative filipinos where ever they maybe around the world so thank you FATHER’S like you lol!….

  2. wow philippines that i have checked under YOUTUBE OR ANYWHERE IN WEBSITES are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL ‘boracay island’ palawan bohol cebu are some of the FANTASTIC if not the greatest videos i’ve seen so far..i just wish they’ll upgrade the old ones lol

  3. dave deluria or novellsteel some seen in flick are among world’s best photo shots ‘taken’ those of the philippines are truly incredible culture wise.

  4. my ‘rare’ kind of late FATHER’S DAY gift to all fathers in this awesome planet EARTH ‘filipinos’ in particular is an ‘idea’ that will guarantee your entire ‘lifetime’ livelihood..is to open ALL your NON COMMERCIAL ground floor first floor o front homes or back houses TURNED them into a small restaurants high end carinderias gift shop stores or grocery stores if not an ‘scultural workshops’ o so called ART SHOPS and pass them to any of your family members or relatives and keep them for life as ‘family’ thing and the rest are profits to enjoy it or move somewhere..happy late fathers day to all deserving also to lost ones MABUHAY PHILIPPINES

  5. best father’s day gift{in advance or belated} is taking dad’s and families to different provinces adventures like ati-atihan of ilo ilo cebu dinagyang baguio city panagbenga flower festivals masskara even ‘ALIWAN FESTIVAL’ they said is philippines mother of all festivals so next year DAD lol

  6. I find it a little bit disturbing for you to say that your father loves Aidan very much as much as you love him. Don’t you have another son who is also grandson to your father? Why isn’t he mentioned a lot on your posts? Just curious.

  7. coz maybe there are other ‘our awesome planet’ sites that he doesnt know that ‘pops’ up when which one is convenient to some high tech wizards somewhere in u.s. or above lol..

  8. ….anton can you NOT let anyone tag my comments here in our awesome planet and just let-make them read here personally instead of ‘dragging’ SOME full different comments in each pages anywhere else….i will appreciate if it is ‘possible’ that way….viewers hopefully in my separate case here will be contented in just simply reading mine here without tagging-moving my comments away lol….coz sometimes i have more than 2,000,00 e-mails RECIEVED in just 2 days or few days….i have to be careful NOT to loose any -emails from old pinoys high school mates from the 70’s MY first love in particular coz his e-mail ‘if’ he will lol! will meant so much like a thrillion dollars to me lol i was even extremely happy-thankful to have recieved an e-mail from his wife and i would like to say hello! HI! to her and yes ‘no’ hurt feelings between us coz she understood my CHILDHOOD crazyness ‘extreme’ obsession to her admirable wonderful ‘one of a kind’ husband back in the 70’s lol! lol!…..

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