Princess Urduja – The First Filipino Animated Film

(Thanks to Michelle Morelos for the Urduja photos)

Congratulations to Producer Tony Tuviera (of Eat Bulaga fame) and Director Reggie Entienza for Urduja! It is “the first-ever Philippine full-length digital and traditional animation film” that showcase Filipino talent and animation capabilities (see more info: Life is an Animation) This is history in the making. Who said that the Filipino film industry is dead?

Urduja is a fictional story of a warrior princess in the land of Taliwisi which is in Pangasinan. The story revolves around the forbidden love story of Princess Urduja(voiced by Regine Velasquez) and the Chinese Pirate, Lim Hang (voiced by Cesar Montano). It also offers a view of the tribal lives and ancient traditions in the Philippines. I love the movie’s theme song “Babae Ako” sang by Regine Velasquez.

Urduja reapplies some of Hollywood animation’s winning formula which uses a woman as a lead character like in Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. The musical romance scenes of Urduja and Lim Hang are reminiscent of Pocahontas. It is like watching anime-like cartoons but dubbed in Tagalog. You’ll get entertained by the Eat Bulaga humor between Tasir (a tarsier voiced by Allan K) and Kutkut (a rat voiced by Michael V). They resemble the tandem of Timon (a meerkat), and Pumbaa (a warthog) from the Lion King.

What I did not like about the movie is the over use of romantic cliches,and tired Eat Bulaga jokes. The plot is also predictable.

I sincerely hope that this opens the door to animated movies featuring the enchanted tales of Filipino folklore or the lost island of Lemuria in the Philippines.
I am proud that we finally have our first Filipino-made animated film! Watch it for its historical significance and realize that “Kaya pala natin ito (We can do it!)!”

Have you watched Urduja? What do you think of it?


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

23 thoughts on “Princess Urduja – The First Filipino Animated Film

  1. Anton, it’s “Timon”, not “Imon”. 😛
    I’m actually excited to watch this film. I kind of hope they ‘export’ it so that other countries so that they’d see what’s the Philippines like.

  2. I wonder why Tony claimed that Urduja is the First FIlipino Animated Film.
    Gerry Garcia said said “Adarna” was the first animated movie in Philippine Cinema, and that it received a Special Award from the Metro Manila Film Festival specifically for this distinction in December 27, 1997. On his trophy it said ’ADARNA Kauna-unahang animated Movie sa Philippine Cinema.’

  3. ….lol….until now ‘none’ of you got the point from what we’re all discussing all over this OAP sites….meaning filipinos are extremely talented extra ordinarily creative fun loving cultures-societies in general BUT filipinos themselves full half or quarter blooded from past centuries past decades are taught to ‘ignore’ their OWN talents creativiness
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  4. I just saw it this morning and I enjoyed it. We do have quite a lot of good animators and Urduja was a testament to that. Although I don’t understand why its only showing in Glorietta 1 in Makati. Why isn’t it showing in more theaters Glorietta and Greenbelt so that more filipinos can enjoy it.

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  8. an animated historical documentary of human economic enviromental tragedies that happened after ‘storm’ frank hit the philippines just the other day must be worth seeing-learning from families flooding or sunken ship victims that costed so many lives

  9. I salute the effort to bring Urduja to the screen by our Filipino writers. But I must warn about a VERY BIG HISTORICAL DISTORTION. Its very unfortunate that they portrayed Sumakwel, who was the Filipino warrior who even carried the kampilan, or the same sword as Lapulapu, as a villain. And they portrayed the Chinese pirate patterned after Limahong, as the hero. Having fought the Chinese as many historical accounts of Urduja and Tawalisi show, its very unlikely that Urduja would hate her own race and rather marry a Chinese pirate. But the worse part is portraying Sumakwel, the Filipino warrior, as a traitor and one who would even kill children. Is this part of CHINESE PROPAGANDA, or an exercise of Chinese soft power now that China is rising as an empire and taking over the whole economy of the Philippines?

  10. Ms. Noemi… MR. TONY TUVIERA DOESN’T claiming that Urduja is the first Filipino digital-animated film… but instead the FIRST FILIPINO FULL-LENGTH DIGITAL ANIMATED FILM… There’s a difference.
    Adarna used animation but only 70% of the whole film.
    I’m just informing. But Thanks for your info…

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  12. i had watched it with my friend. it’s not disney, it’s not pixar, but hey, it entertained. if only i could bottle the laughters of the kids who watched it, i’d have laughter for years. hehehe. i’m glad i’ve watched it. kudos to our animators! 🙂

  13. I believe, having watched THE MAKING of this animated movie, that since Urduja was not yet proven to be as somebody who really lived (meaning she, or her story, is more myth/legend and therefore fictitious)… the makers of th film really took a lot of liberties with the plot…
    so I guess, even if there was a Sumakwel who lived all those years ago… they felt it was ok to conveniently make him into something he was not…
    anyway, I do hope to see the movie… 🙂

  14. ….’almost’ all world histories facts datas descriptions historical accounts like urduja or any world conflicts are FALSE….everything are mostly secrets prevented concealed destroyed re arranged etc. to PROTECT those powerful ‘interests’….that is how alarming ‘dangerous’ ‘hypocrite’ justices or historical events we have in this world everything was almost distorted twisted tainted to fit the views visions lifestyles of the PAST few priviledge in highest world powers reasons why true accounts-justices are almost impossible….coz it is convenient they shown to us only to see half ‘truth’ in lives legal issues crimes fictions myths thanks mostly to PAST powerful americans for that ‘outcome’ lol!….unless americans can learned to be truthful….world TRUTH on ‘initial’first hand not decades centuries later coz that would be too late from all the cover ups but for animated movies like URDUJA long as it’s not titled ‘documentary’ then that’s fine we welcome and like prefer FICTIONS anyway lol….

  15. Just want to congratulate the people behind Urduja!
    We enjoyed the film and definitely a good start!!!

  16. JOWK……..
    add meeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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