The White Hat – Let the Fro-Yo Wars Begin in Manila!

You gotta try this! The White Hat is the closest frozen yogurt taste to Pink Berry. The yogurt is more on the creamy side with a tangy kick. This is the kind of frozen yogurt taste that started the fro-yo craze in the US.
They serve fresh fruit ingredients (finally!) unlike the Korean-owned yogurt establishments which include Cold Spoon in Clark and Yogurbud. What makes Pink Berry and Red Mango so unique is the assortment of ingredients. In White Hat, their signature ingredient is home-made cinnamon flavored granola. I would recommend that you combine the granola with any fresh fruit toppings.

Mamma Mia in Manila! 2009?

I just watched the movie Mamma Mia and enjoyed it, because of the songs and the wacky adaptation of the smash hit musical Mamma Mia on screen. Most of the Filipinos watching in the movie theaters were singing along the ABBA songs and having a great time. All of the people leaving the cinemas had a Last Song Syndrome of either Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen. Mamma Mia is a certified hit in Manila!

About Diabetes – Why should we care about Diabetes?

In celebration of the Diabetes Awareness Week (July 14-20, 2008) in the Philippines, Our Awesome Planet in cooperation with Ampalaya Plus will be giving out 100 copies of the book “What You Should Know About Diabetes”. We will give out the book to the first 100 buyers of West Side Story Tickets from OAP.

Tacloban City — Top 10 Foodie Secrets of Tacloban (Part 1)

The foodie scene in Tacloban City is underrated. Most people think that Guiseppe Italian restaurant is the only exciting foodie place in the city. I was so excited to explore the different flavors of Tacloban. I’m planning to share it with people via a Food trip/ Heritage/ Sangyaw Festival Tour of Tacloban next year. In the meantime, let me share with you the top 10 foodie secrets of Tacloban.

House of Wagyu Heaven

Rache and I went on a date in wagyu heaven last Friday. We decided to try the Premium Rib Eye 8oz Grade 8 Wagyu of House of Wagyu in Podium. Most of the wagyu we tasted before are only Grade 5 and these are usually the ones available in Manila. The highest grade is 12 or 13 (I think) which is only available in Japan. We were so excited to try out a Grade 8 wagyu for the first time in our life!
House of Wagyu serves Wagyu steaks exclusively and associated with Melo’s steakhouse. The wagyu steaks are imported from Australia. If you are a Wagyu fan like me, you should try the House of Wagyu in Podium.


Yogurbud is the latest dessert place capitalizing on the healthy benefits of yogurt. Surprisingly, they now have three branches in Metro Manila – Megamall, Podium and Tomas Morato. You can really taste the sourness of the yogurt. The frozen mango topping was a turnoff for me and how I wish they provided fresh ingredients instead. For P90, the entire cup is not full and we were disappointed that there is so much air inside the cup.

OTOP Food Trip

Most of the foodies in Manila are raving about the One Town One Product (OTOP) Fair in Megatrade Hall in MegaMall. After doing an OTOP food trip, we can’t stop raving about it! Let me share with you our discoveries when we went around. The fair runs until tomorrow, Sunday and you should not miss it.