Kerygma Conference 2008 – Awaken the Miracle in You

” Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose hope is the Lord.
He is like a tree planted beside the waters that stretches out its roots to the stream:
It fears not the heat when it comes, its leaves stay green;
In the year of drought it shows no distress, but still bears fruit.”
(Jeremiah 17: 7-8)

I attended the Kerygma Conference 2007 with Aidan last November entitled ” You have the Power! Nourished. Empowered. Unleashed. ” I was so blessed that it led me to my Independence Day decision and to pursue my dreams. I don’t want you to miss the 2008 Kerygma Conference entitled “Awaken the Miracle in You!

Be inspired and be blessed in the biggest, most powerful catholic learning event of the year!

2008 Conference Details

Date: November 29-30, 2008
November 29 – 8:30am to 5:30pm
November 30 – 8:30am to 12:00 noon
(see detailed program)

Venue: Philsport Stadium (formerly ULTRA)

Last year, I love the inspiring and funny talk of Arun Gogna on ” You’re more gifted than you can ever imagine” and Bo Sanchez’ talk on “Don’t Burn-out, Burn-Up!”.

As a gratitude to all my family’s blessings on my birthday weekend, I would like to share five (5) copies of the Kerygma Conference audio recordings for FREE. I can guarantee that these recordings would bless your life. I’ll give it to the first 5 people who would like it and comment on this post. I will ship it for FREE thanks to OAP delivery sponsor 2GO Express.

May God Bless You and Your Family! Live an Awesome Life,


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

15 thoughts on “Kerygma Conference 2008 – Awaken the Miracle in You

  1. Hi Anton! I’d love to listen to the recordings as well. Bo Sanchez is an inspiration to hubby and myself as we are trying to steer our young family into the right way of living.

  2. i know i wont received the audio copy anymore but i just wanna thank you for sharing the schedule of this talk.. i’ll definitely ask my friends to accompany me.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Anton, I love Bo Sanchez. Thanks for sharing this. Would love the tapes but if you have no more, it’s ok. The dates November 29-30 is already in my calendar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Anton,
    Happy Birthday!!! May God quide you in pursuing your dreams….You’ve been doing great..keep it up!!!
    I myself am a Bo Sanchez fan. I’ve also attended the conference last year with my hubby and I believe it has enlightened him more than me in many ways (Thank God! ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I will surely attend it again this year.
    Good Luck

  5. Hi Anton! Wow so glad that you really did attend the Kerygma Conference and enjoyed it. Bro Bo is such a blessing isn’t he? When I started attending those weekly feasts, I could not get enough because i feel so blessed after every prayer meeting.
    By the way, are you attending the Kerygma Feast that I was telling you about before? How was it for you and the family?

  6. I too enjoy Bro Bo’s speeches and have been inspired by him many times… Sayang lang I won’t be there for the conference… =(

  7. hi anton,
    i would love to hear those tapes is there a recopy available!Bo Sanchez really touches lives of thousands of people, let show to the world that we catholics can make this world a better place to live in.

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