Secrets of PAL NAIA Terminal 2

Set A – Kaya Toast Set (P175). 2 Slices of Kaya Toast with Butter, Hot Coffee, 2 soft-boiled eggs.

I love flying via PAL in NAIA Terminal 2. It is the only place where you can find the best and original Kaya Toast and the best Arrozcaldo in Manila for FREE.

I’ve been addicted to Kaya, a singaporean local spread of egg and coconut. Like Frozen Yogurt, I’ve been tracking down all the places that serve it. Just check out all my posts about Kaya, :
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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Menu | The History of Ya Kun

The best of them all is the original Ya Kun Kaya Toast of Singapore. Their one and only outlet is in NAIA terminal 2. Finally, Loi Ah Koon’s coffee stall since 1944 has reached the shores of Manila after 64 years. The only downside is the Ya Kun price is almost double versus the local Kopi Roti since it is located in the airport. One cost saving tip: if you don’t like to eat raw soft boiled egg, just order the coffee and Ya Kun kaya separately. This should cost only P150 versus the set meal of P175. ( I think eating soft boiled eggs is a chinese / Singapore thing.)

The Best Arrozcaldo in Manila is only available in Mabuhay Lounge for FREE! Yes, I’ve never tasted any arrozcaldo in Manila that can rival this. Not even, the Jose Goto in SM Makati or any carinderia for that matter. It has generous servings of big chunks of chicken and a complete set of condiments to suit your taste. What’s your favorite arrozcaldo?

There are two ways you can have access to Mabuhay Lounge. It is either you fly Business Class OR you are a Mabuhay Miles Elite member. Recently, I just found out that my mabuhay miles elite membership was downgraded already. I was sad because I’m already craving for this goto which you cannot find anywhere. Time to earn miles again and buying promo fare tickets won’t help.

With all the buzz about NAIA 3, I still prefer to fly via PAL NAIA 2 Terminal 🙂


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

22 thoughts on “Secrets of PAL NAIA Terminal 2

  1. Hi Anton,
    Just a little bit of correction. Lugaw with chicken is called arrozcaldo and lugaw with ox/beef tripe (tuwalya) is called goto. For me, the best goto/arrozcaldo is the one cooked at our home. It’s really easy to prepare, you might want to try preparing it by yourself 🙂

  2. Eating soft-boiled eggs isn’t a chinese thing, I love soft-boile eggs because they’re runny and tasty on rice. But it is a singaporean thing to serve it with soy sauce and eat it with kaya toast and sweetened coffee.
    NAIA 3 has a branch of Kopi Roti, and the good thing is that they’re open at 3 am! So for all of us who have to be at the airport at that god-forsaken hour, there’s something tasty to munch on while waiting for Cebupac to figure out what gate the plane is departing from!!!!

  3. hi anton,i hope one of these days i’ll be able to meet you.i’m a fan of your blog, me and my bf have been to different places because of ur blog.hope to see un at terminal 2, im working with pal as ground stewardess. :0

  4. i love kaya too! but strange that i can’t seem to eat it at home. the 2 bottles of kaya that i brought home from a recent singapore trip are sitting untouched inside the ref! same fate as the kaya that i brought home from KL last year. yikes! i think the bread that they use is different. but i have yet to try the kaya restaurants you blogged about 🙂

  5. Lordy, Ya Kun is all the way inside NAIA Terminal 2?!! I hope airport security will allow non-passengers to eat there. I can’t remember the last time I flew domestic.

  6. the best arroz caldo ever was what our yaya used to make when we were kids. unfortunately, she took the recipe with her when she passed away. its true that the best arroz caldo recipes are the ones done at home.:-)

  7. I just can’t believe that the prices of Ya Kun are even more expensive than their branch in Singapore. Sobra talagang tumubo businessmen sa pinas.

  8. No wonder my dad always wants to travel with PAL so he can keep his elite status and eat at Mabuhay Lounge. =D I dont think I have tasted the best arroz caldo yet but as of now its the one my family makes but my complaint is the consistency varies, thick one time, thin the next hahaha

  9. Ah, at long last a Ya Kun Kaya shop opens in Manila! i’ve been dreaming about this since i first tried their kaya toast, eggs, and kopi back in singapore. the only sad part is that its INSIDE NAIA 2. ack. i live near the airport but i don’t fly as often as i used to. so close, yet so far away.
    i hope they open up a shop somewhere else soon.

  10. Ya Kun Kaya was one of our favourite treats in Singapore. We would go to mass and then go straight to the closest shop for our weekly fix.
    We miss the local food in Singapore.

  11. Hi Anton,
    Is Ya Kun Kaya Toast shop just open in Terminal 2? I usually go home to Davao twice a year from HK. Just this Aug 4, I went home but I didn’t notice this shop there. Is it in the Domestic boarding area or the international one for PAL flights? It will be a good change for the usual siomai and siopao when I need some food 🙂

  12. so that’s why i haven’t seen it! i’ve been looking for it at the international departure but haven’t seen it. will try it next time i go domestic in naia 2.

  13. Hi, Anton.
    This is in sheer desperation. I just want to ask if there is a shuttle that runs between terminal 2 and 3? And if yes, how can i get on them? This is the first time I will be arriving in Terminal 2 with all my luggages from Newark and then flying straight to Bangkok!
    Hope you can help.
    Kind regards,
    Miss Lang

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