The Most Romantic or Tragic Love Story Ever Blogged

A West Side Story Contest

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West Side Story is one of the most popular storylines based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Two feuding street gangs – the Jets and the Sharks – are on a collision course in the gritty slums of New York City. Out of the chaos, a passionate romance blooms between Tony and Maria, teenagers caught on opposite sides of the turf war. But can they find a place for their love amid the prejudice and turmoil that surrounds them?

Rache and I were wondering what is the most romantic or tragic love story ever blogged in the Philippines?

Two winners with the following prizes:
OAP’s Choice (P4,400 Prize)
Two (2) Orchestra Center Tickets (P2,400 worth) to the Sept. 6, Saturday Opening Night of West Side Story
One (1) P2,000 Gift Certificate in Alchemy (Manila’s Only 3 Floor Euro Superclub)

Mrs OAP’s Choice (P 3,400 Prize)
Two (2) Orchestra Center Tickets (P2,400 worth) to the Sept. 5, Friday Opening Night of West Side Story
One (1) P1,000 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gift Certificate

I’ll start first. Rache and I met in college in 1991. We were classmates during our first year. We both took up the same Engineering course. During our time, there were only a handful of ladies that would take up Electronics and Communications Engineering.

When I saw Rache the first time, I instantly had a crush on her. I came from an exclusive all-boys school and I was focused on my studies only. So, the only courting technique I was familiar was called: “Style Ninja”. (Not sure if this style is still relevant these days) This style ensures that I am not rejected outright but I have the opportunity to get to know my crush better. Basically, my goal was to become part of my crush’s circle of friends. This way, I would have numerous occasion to be with her and get to know her more. My immediate goal was to become her confidant. We often meet in the Library for study sessions and I would tutor her on some subjects. All of this, under the disguise of being a concerned good friend instead of an admirer. It is a level above being torpe.

The style Ninja did not work for me during the first two years of college. We had separate relationships while in college. Eventually, we had our different group of friends and we got busy with our own school acitivites. At the same time, we have different cultural backgrounds — a very pinoy family and a traditional chinese family. After graduation in 1995, we were both busy already with our respective love life and careers.

Not until a few years later, we met again because our common college friends left Philippines to work abroad. We, the three of us, were thrown back together just like our college years. It became an opportunity for us to get together once again and console each other’s misery. I remembered one time, we had to drive all the way to Tagaytay just to forget our former partners. We went out together on gimmicks, road trips and barkada outings almost every weekend. I just grabbed every opportunity I had so I can show my pure intentions for Rache.

Finally, in 2001 (after 10 years), she finally said yes to our relationship. We got married in 2003 at a church where I prayed and prayed that Rache will become my lifetime partner. Aidan came into our life in 2005 and soon after, syoti Josh joined our family in 2007.

So what’s your love story? To join this contest, you just need to put a comment and link back your most romantic or tragic love story ever blogged. It could be your own or your friend’s story. It could be written years ago or just recently. Winners will be based on what we think is the most romantic or tragic story for us. Deadline will be by 11.59pm on August 25, 2008 and we will announce the winners on Sept. 1!

Two winners with the following prizes:

OAP’s Choice (P4,400 Prize)
Two (2) Orchestra Center Tickets (P2,400 worth) to the Sept. 6, Saturday Opening Night of West Side Story
One (1) P2,000 Gift Certificate in Alchemy (Manila’s Only 3 Floor Euro Superclub)

Mrs OAP’s Choice (P 3,400 Prize)
Two (2) Orchestra Center Tickets (P2,400 worth) to the Sept. 5, Friday Opening Night of West Side Story
One (1) P1,000 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gift Certificate


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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53 thoughts on “The Most Romantic or Tragic Love Story Ever Blogged

  1. what could be more tragic than a first love based on *gulp* andrew e’s songs?
    and for the next entry, no comment na lang, i really wanted to preserve a certain moment in this post:
    and one last, the most tragically romantic of all I guess, written as a letter to my daughter:
    *disclaimer lang muna* please note that the above entries were written in specific moments of time in the past that may or may not still be true right now.
    i hope you and mrs. oap enjoy reading 🙂

  2. what could be more tragic than a first love based on *gulp* andrew e’s songs?
    and for the next entry, no comment na lang, i really wanted to preserve a certain moment in this post:
    and one last, the most tragically romantic of all I guess, written as a letter to my daughter:
    *disclaimer lang muna* please note that the above entries were written in specific moments of time in the past that may or may not still be true right now.
    i hope you and mrs. oap enjoy reading 🙂

  3. anton, question lang… you said here: “During our time, there were only a handful of ladies that would take up Electronics and Communications Engineering.”
    UP EEE? 😀

  4. bro,
    you really should share the rest of your
    NINJA LOVE for rache….
    i’d love to see some wedding pics,
    i heard it was a magnificent production,
    and you were in charge of all the romantic details!!!

  5. Nice site, enzo. Your mention of cheese in your love story caught my attention! Did you know that there’s now a local version of gjetost? It’s sold at Mr. Moo in Tagaytay. Ask for the goat’s milk pastillas. It tastes more like dulce de gatas than cheese, but it’s the same principle behind gjetost (caramelized goat’s whey). They put way too much sugar, but you can still definitely taste the goatiness! Yum!

  6. Here (so you don;t have to scroll anymore pala):
    Thanks again. =)

  7. how did rache’s parents accept the news when they found out about you being a filipino,considering how chinese are strict in marrying only chinese?

  8. Hi! I’ve been a silent reader for quite awhile and I just had to write because someone commented that you should write more about your ninja love for your lovely wife. “Ninja love” hit me because I realized that my boyfriend uses ‘Ninja Of Love’ as an online name. Having read your story, I realized, maybe he used the same style to get close to me. All the while, our story was we were just friends that fell in love. No ligawan! Hahahahahaha!
    So here’s my version of the most romantic story ever blogged about. Siyempre, I’m biased. :p
    Enjoy the story as I’ll surely enjoy retelling this to my grandchildren:

  9. @pistachio
    “Did you know that there’s now a local version of gjetost? It’s sold at Mr. Moo in Tagaytay… Yum!”
    Thanks for the tip. Sana wala masyadang makaalam nito. I will try that once I get back in Manila.
    Hmmm… Puede kayang magpagawa sa kinila ng goat cheese with splenda — para di masyadang fatty. he he he

  10. this is ‘not’ an entry to any competitions simply nOT wanting to recieve any prizes..i only want to share a micro tiny part{1% only few days instead of 4 decades only in one out of 5 continents}of a great but partly complicated beautiful tiny-micro love story who i dearly love & want to carry the memories forever..
    —– SALAMAT SA PAG-IBIG MO {kung mayroon man lol}—-
    maria’s mother was concerned maria is still in laguna it was a fun filled absence from home from school coz of her cousins town-school community picnics swimming climbing trees running in prairies playing ball games merienda hoppings shoppings community parties card games nightly serenades.. behind maria’s laughters was pain some nights her tears just flow without sounds her fav cousin daniel knew she is troubled walking towards the bridge they sat & let the river flows wash their feet {daniel}what was the tears about? maria did not hide her pain..i am in love with a young boy i think head over heels but there is a huge wall between us way bigger than wall of china{daniel listening}i would like to tell him how i feel but he is like heaven while i am like earth his backgrounds his families wealth overwhelm me i am dissappointed he was NOT born poor like us like our 99%.99 schoolmates like our townfolks.. he seems always happy having fun too many attractive-prettier competitions coz he belongs to section 1{pilot classes} while i belong to lowest classes he ‘hardly’ notice me so i did the first move i called his attention from my class building window i asked for his name while he is in a cadet{CAT DRILLS}platoon line he didnt answer it was ackward coz he refused to answer he even looked the other way my classmates those other cadets look in the field was teasing me that i was snub i was furious he might be the wealthiest boy in our town while i was the poorest but i like him so he need to answer me for my pride sake lol! i had him taken from his class{like arrested by CAT CADETS}lol! i charged him for being disrespectful cadet teacher in charge asked him to defend himself from my accussations but he just smiled he was looking at me in a ‘teasing’ manner he gave me that playboy look as he extend his hand and said ‘friends’for a shake hand he denied my charges the teacher in charge of cadets remind me that charges doesnt mean he is guilty we cannot make him or punish him coz he doesnt like you{teacher said]i was embarrassed he was smiling so i ran as fast as i could i was humiliated lol! cousin daniel was smiling but i had to scream this time standing in the middle of a bridge screaming ” i hate you for loving you i dont want to like you anymore ” daniel hug me as he hush hush my pain..i lost all the card games later that night my mother sent telegram to my aunt to send me home asap..daniel put me to bed & asked why not just be friends with him my cousin’s remark made my eyes rolled in circles.. he has many friends relatives families neighbors family employees class-school mates who semi closer belongs to his background surely he doesnt need another but poor lower class section little girl like me who needs to run pick up tennis balls in court games to have school ‘baon’ fares or for projects tapos he sees me nakasabit lagi sa traysikel kasi tomboyin ako or like my favorite hobby na pasabit sabit sa labas ng traysikel kasi yung hangin nililipad lagi ang buhok ko so lagi ang feeling ko ay parang nasa ‘commercial’ lagi ako ng shampoo talagang iba ang feeling ko palmolive na palmolive talaga but it was unlady like for him i think my cousin open a bottle of beer to relax that was my first & last beer experience it relax me that night but had head ache the next day..very late morning breakfast daniel asked why not tell him in a letter? i freaked out what! for what? to tell him i wanna marry you but i am only 13 years old lol! no way daniel coz i have also nothing decent to offer him even if were friends i do not have those priviledges & comfort in life he is used to where will i make him or his family seat in our small house & hard sofa? lol! daniel was shaking his head smiling ‘if’ he likes you then poverty is not an issue to him i am more concern about his families besides those smarter pretty girls around him that makes him laughed all the time i felt intimidated when i was in their home whose interiors are not common just like our other school mates or neighbors anywhere in town.. wall to wall carpeted homes may mini golf yung masterbr may separate mini guest house next to a fish pond bahay nila centralized air conditioning handful of housekeepers 24 hours professional security guards{rotating}tennis court swimming pool opposite road property family collections of bmx bikes-motorcycles mini fun stainless jeeps pick ups truck van family & relatives are members of manila yacht club some of their personnal cars comes with telephone{car year was1970’s}family donations or sponsorships here & there while i sometimes walked to school wearing ancient uniforms lol! coz my parents can’t afford to buy me new ones what do you want me to do ‘pa-paypayan’ ko sya sila pag mainit sa amin? lol!..i appreciate my cousin daniel for listening to me when i needed one..back to school i was happy i avoid seeing him in school campus but i did miss him badly i miss seeing his sights neatly standing walking tall but i decided to give up my chances to be with him of loving him.. my tears was flowing without sounds again this time i was smiling coz i am ‘finally’ ready to accept my lost i know that i cannot compete not because i was intimidated by their family wealth & background but because i also care about what his mother wants him to be she put all her itineraries plans for her son’s bright future and i couldnt agree with her more she gave me hints graciously though so i smiled she is right i admire her love for her son coz i love him the same even i was only 13 years old just like his mother i care for best better future for him his mother need not said more than what we talked about when she invited me & herself to sit outside by the fish pond away from the loud crazy fun filled 70’s party.. maria is now married to someone else with children and living in another continent far away from him away from my first love the love that i dream the love that i want BUT I COULDNT HAVE i did not regret going to their house coz it was fun i had fun so thank you first love at maraming salamat sa pag ibig mo ‘kung’ mayroon man

  11. cont: kindergarten department micro love story comment here are the same micro love story she wrote sent to her friends relatives families years ago so this short mini love story she comment here in anton diaz blog corner our awesome planet is a copy of that old love story she dedicated to her first love families in europe also to her friends in philippines but want also to share to aidan so he has something to read when he’s older aidan is anton & rache cute charming son i love you aidan lol

  12. To Enzo and Andrea (whom I just received a message from at my own blog saying my entry gets her vote), thank you so much! I could hardly believe it myself when it was happening. It was so surreal. I even thought to myself, “This stuff only happens in movies and books!!!”
    To Mr. and Mrs. OAP, I’m sorry if I’m turning your blog into a message board! But thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story. 🙂

  13. it was a national day of one of europe’s richest country.. europeans mostly tourists flocking to city’s main state of the art grounds streets were busy loud full of wide large umbrellas covering hundreds of tea rooms caffees pubs bars tables & chairs germans the french the italians spanish and few americans were singing dancing ranting celebrating the largest firework events nationawide.. at home i was busy going nuts which mini skirt & top i should wear is it nina ricci givenchy dior escada channel valentino or what? i was so confused which is which is better lol though i came from poor family in philippines my sister luckily married a semi well to do european he was the only son so entire clan focus their past expenses on him so my sister has 24 hours to spend them all{joke}lol! who was always busy entertaining her husband’s company business{social parties}in returned my sister appreciated my assistance i was also her nanny personnal runner asst.secretary messenger so she has excuses to pay me in thousands lol ‘reason’ i can afford designer’s clothing haute couture are common to us coz i kept what she didnt want anymore plus celebrations as excuses to give lol! i like going shopping with her coz it will be embarrassing if she ‘sometimes’buys in nina ricci clothes shops & nothing for me? lol i decided black valentino mini skirt off white silk top to wear that night few friends pick me up mostly british some americans then we met the rest of the barkada’s{the group}of irish australians new zealanders germans scottish few pure white south africans i am the only filipino or the only non caucasian in the group were laughing in our’compliments’exchanges rest of our barkadas left their tables & drinks we walked heading to the fireworks..many tourists curiousities were on us coz not only we are a big group & multi lingual but were also majority very attractive mostly handsome simon in particular lol! as we cross the streets some of our friends saw group of gorgeous americans in an outdoor tea room calling my attention “maria name wanted by those gorgeous american tables” an irish friend blurted out that it is me the americans are calling but i kept ignoring the call the cutest-handsome young american insisted on yelling calling me maria so our entire group must stop the ladies chatted how gorgeous those american groups in the caffees some were even giggling some were choosing who they want to date majority of the girls pointed to a handsome young american the one who was calling me maria our guys was looking at me waiting i said go ahead we’ll meet in fireworks ground then.. the american groups are divided in few tables & was very gentlemen offered us their seats & free drinks it was fun grouping with handsome americans they’re loud but funny has great sense of humors we introduced everyone americans{all caucasians}were staring at me i thought because they see me as different coz i was the only asian{70’s}the country has only a total of 30 filipinos nationwide half was my best friend told the americans my name is not maria so they all compete guessing my name lol! a handful friends stayed with me they find the gorgeous americans amusing very entertaining so do i..they were gracious they want to join us to the fireworks but some of them were already drunk cant invite them the fireworks is a work of art no doubt the superiority of that country when it comes to spending money is just like my sister & me lol..our divided groups stays until past midnight exchanging high school or part time job experiences planning sports plan ahead we had exchanges of who when where to meet for our germany trip to see formula 1 car racing
    who will pick meet who where..i went to bed very late exhausted but happy remembering the young american who resembles very much of the young filipino boy i cried some nights about lol! imet my sister in the city plaza next day we went shopping i disscused with her about my friends
    falling for the cutest most handsome young american we ever saw in the country but my sister saw sadness in my expression OH NO..NOT AGAIN! my sister exclaimed i cried in silence so she pulled me to the closest coffee shop stop crying you silly girl{more i cried}why? does he look like him? i nod & said yes! very much almost a copy..oh boy! my sister nagmukmuk sa la mesa lol! so now what do you want to do with this american boy? does he like you? i nod my sister was worried coz for many years i was crying missing my childhood filipino unang pag ibig was hard to forget now i am so much alive again coz i saw him in the sister my mother was very accommodating to him though semi distant just in case i woke up one day that this young american is not my first love ONLY a mirror of him but not him..the american was so much fun to be with americans are close knit family group in that country so all americans welcomed me they made me feel at home they were like my family every week end we party bar area was as big as the living room dance floor americans love parties-barbrques of t-bone steaks sweet corns baked potatoes few of my group friends enjoyed gerald & other american companies not the british lol many times i had to make choices americans or with the europeans
    that was the hardest moments of my european lives
    sometimes him & i grouped agaisnt some american team in football games our group won that was the start of his serious courtship to me i enjoyed his company coz i saw my first love in him how can i tell him that fairly? again i was feeling torn confused while i was dating him almost every night shopping partying night clubbing churches late dinners we watch sports games family week end hoppings etc. years passed he was treating me as if i am his wife he opened all his life to me he opened everything to me the only missing piece in our relationship was legal paper called ‘marriage’contract i told him many times i must stop seeing him but the young american refused he said it’s crazy coz my first love is gone living in another country probably now married but he paused he offered an apology when he saw his remark made me cry i stop seeing him for weeks but he keep searching for my where abouts i was really disturbed whether to continue going out with him coz i am falling in love again coz he look like him in a lot of ways
    and he doesnt care if i have first love in the past as long as he is not with us he said many can i also tell him that my relationship with him started because of my friends challenge my groups ‘bet’ some said he will be hers soon some of them said he will come to see them i was the only one who told them “he will be my husband”..many years later i finally said “goodbye first love” as i was walking towards my young american groom i was wearing a parisian off white silk wedding dress i was wearing my regal gold with swarovski stones official wedding shoes it was a very expensive luxurious dream wedding though simple & privately small now finally i can also say thank you and goodnight

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  15. ill give it a shot.true to life po ito.
    The internet connection goes out again..and got nothing to do so I opened my music files and found a handful of my favorite love songs from STARBUCKS Collection.. I’m not being so sentimental here..I mean Valentine’s Day is nearly approaching and whola! I had this kinda analyzation of my personal encounter of LOVE. Inspired by the title above here it goes.
    I got many things running in my mind when it comes to having a crush, being in love, falling in and out of it, breaking up, falling in for the 2, 3 and so forth time and totally closing your doors to the one you loved before, finding the wrong one and finding a new one may it be my own experience or my friends.
    Sometimes I am still shunned by the fact that I’m already married. Looking back, I’m just a girl who’s got a crush on a guy in high school and proved the one man woman in me..funny but I even got encouraged to undergo CAT even if I’m heck of a thin girl back then (he’s one year ahead), go to school on a signal no.3 days, btw he’s my servicemate, I got loads of inspiration and despiration with him…in short it’s a one way street..he doesn’s like me.that’s it period.
    On my fourth year in HS came my very first unofficial boyfriend that was a secret nobody in the family knew that there’s me and him…It was blissful when the one you love loves you back. It’s true that when you’re inlove everything around you is pink,or red whichever do you prefer…I like pink better,so…you’re like running in clouds and then there’s butterfly in the stomach and the knees getting weak.. Maybe others would think is overboard but its true, I should know because I’ve experienced it. But it ended up in a way that I didn’t expect it to be. He found someone else, and then there was the hurt feeling..painful.. So, this is my first break-up and this is where my heart was broken first time, big time!! With this I learned so many things, that with love you have to invest your emotions and not to just let it flow..That you have to nurture your relationship..I was so young then just really don’t know..It just became more of an experience to me.
    After several years there’s this guy, this time not to brag about it he loves me more than I love him. It was even a nicer feeling.. All eyes on you, you’re pampered all the time, he’s checking on me like everyday, hour, minute.. not second that’s exaggerated. This time I’m in control of my feelings. I have loved this person because I feel secured with him and makes me feel so special. We also had our share of break ups and make ups make some promises and compromises. This guy is really nice but then it’s really hard if there are factors that you can’t avoid. Many people around me doesn’t like him for a reason or so.. This is also the time that I feel like isolated for 3 years to my family. And so we have to break up finally now for good.. I’m the one who did the break up the decision is too hard.
    Then, came into the scene the guy who swept off my feet. We knew each other for so long..a common acquaintance since elementary and we work in the same workplace, an officemate of my sister. We’re both in the process of picking up the pieces of our broken hearts and mind you I just promised myself that I will not get into a relationship after my last. Well things just happened, him going to our house winning my heart in such a short notice. Imagine this guy going to our house with his gf using our internet connection in my room..The same guy whom I saw in the mall with his girlfriend and me with my then boyfriend . I’m still really confused that moment but don’t wanna let this guy pass. And from then on I called him mine. What I liked in him was the most common question that I’d encounter that moment in my life.. I’ll just have to answer it now, now that I’m married to him-he’s a nice person with a golden heart..that I call him mr. nice guy…he gives me a tight hug whenever I need it, I can talk anything & everything under the sun and moon with him, I can laugh and cry with him. That is my husband the man that ill be with the rest of my life. Having him completes the missing part of me.
    So what I won’t do for love? Nothing. I just let myself experience what I had to and learn through it. And with this, you’ll know what to fight for and not. When to hurt, to let go and when to move on. I quote “ Love is a Rollercoaster ride of emotions. As I look back, all these things that I’ve done matter to me. Nothings wasted. It had taught me to be strong relationship wise. I discovered who I am and who I want to be with.

  16. if kindergaten department will share reveal to us the full stories{70′}about the happenings that particular night in her first love stay in house party..meaning i{spelling police}will tell also what lead to european ‘barkada’s kinda ‘like’ bet & the bet’s results as to why she ended up marrying the american instead of the filipino boy lol just wondering{though i know the story lol}

  17. ….when a woman-man loves and leaves ‘you’ has two reasons….she-he loves him-her so much that ‘anything’ about the loves they have are acceptable ‘but’ if future-fate suggests marrying her would be an extra ordinary complex could be very-extremely difficult if not dangerous for the man she loves then she must leave that love to spare him from the extremes in rocky roads ahead that might not be even worth loosing him coz you can always love each other if living but there is no ‘reality’ in loving a gone in heaven girlfriends-boyfriends….or she-he loves you but not enough to marry you so let go we must accespt those ‘reality’ decisions no matter how painful also most relationships will not tell you but ‘smoking’ alcohol drug uses verbally abusive hot tempered unsanitary dishonesty extreme poverty playboyness are an instant reasons why men-woman drop their relationships without warnings…. they fell so they stayed but as soon as they find someone who do not have-possessed all your vices-negatives then theyre gone to new found love those without the ‘personality’ ugliness coz why go through all the ‘yucky’downsisede troubles if theyre are better loves in this planet…..only if the relationships are not married with children lol….

  18. ….my comment above this one was a feeling i felt after reading the love article above mine viewer named ‘thefool….’ beautiful love stories doesnt have to be like a movie or a novel lol! if anyone wants to be happy inspired feeling heaven secured in a relationship the solution is simple just love & enjoy every minute of it get thrilled anysecond possible coz it may last forever & maybe not….not necessarily because you maybe not good enough but when youre in a relationship that is not a soulmate some love tend to outgrow individuals find themselves trapped in boredom stagnations sisterly-motherly love relationships
    monotonous lost of privacies-independence or even feeling lost if not under stresses etc etc that happens to almost all relationships so do not feel bad if some felt this way at some point coz that is not an abnormal feelings if you’ll realized it will pass so stay firm where you are unless your partner your love has vices you cannot tolerate further lol or someone you cannot stand seeing anymore if youre deeply unhappy that changing partner is a must after weighing all plus-minuses ….i also notice that a lot of filipino men mostly in showbusiness-politics-law enforcements are having so many love affairs by multiple some more than triple at the same time this is an ‘abusive’ emotionally cruel filipino partners coz if you love someone you only desire that person no one else ….oohh and how NOT to get hurt if in love…. the most effective one i know is just love sincerely faithfully and enjoy it every seconds without going without doing anything extra ordinary NO extra complex efforts{going out of your ways of doing things}that will save you from being-getting HURT….coz it is those extra extreme or complex beautiful wonderful efforts that you do going out of your ways of doing things are the ones that will hurt you badly coz you did all those extra efforts going out of your ways coz you love & wants to keep that love forever but some love partners are not the same {goes out of their ways to express love caring loyalty}coz we are all raised by different social family neighborhood backgrounds & values so it is also unfair to just blame them all for being different the way they were raised different from us from yours from ours….so to all romantic-tragic love affairs including mine even if my junior high school first love do not like do not love me & he could be annoyed now lol it doesnt matter to me i will keep my love coz we all have one first love only so i want to keep mine even if it is just a childhood fantasy lol….we should’nt give up love even if we get hurt aches keep loving keep up the excitements….coz it is worth it….it is always better to have love many loves than nothing at all lol….

  19. thanks gmmahoney for the comment regarding my post. 🙂 naturally, i’ve long recovered from the said tragic love affair. still, it is nice unearthing long lost memories and even nicer to read comments about the sordid details of my past.

  20. ….how i manage to live my many almost never ending exciting adventurous happy worldwide young life priceless love or other love to the fullest while minimizing love pains love hurt ….the solutions that works for me are simple… love that someone honestly faithfully and enjoy every seconds of it aware that it may lasts or yes! maybe not ….partners must develop her-his own self esteem to the highest possible but must be true to himself-herself ….must know must acknowledge that we cannot physically restraints any individuals to stay in an unhappy or disturbing relationships coz it will always backfire in you sooner if not later….must be happy comfortable in love efforts that you do coz most of the time going out of your normal-natural ways to do things for love is what will hurt you most if relationship failed so be aware….be aware that relationships should not become a life imprisoned sentences if unwanted physical-emotional-economic abuses sufferings are presents coz it can backfire in you later could be easy could be ‘really’ worst so be aware….always check ahead your partners & family lifestyles-values to prepare yourself from the unexpected lol….build your natural self ….do not pretend to be your partner’s or someone else’s fantasies so you’ll know it is you not someone else they really need or fell in love with coz the opposite will truly not keep it lasts….and my personnal me if i am with my ‘love’ believed it or not…. is a very quiet me lol!….coz i do not want to miss a word he’ll say just in case….when you love care that much for someone his-her words should not be miss should be understood with loving if not with FLIRTING smiles so he’ll take you home FAST at anytime hopefully forever too lol!….so good luck to all filipinos & all others around the world…. remember do not be afraid to love to get hurt & to love more again & get hurt & love again & again lol….

  21. The most tragic love story for me is not yet to be posted in Blogosphere. After ten years of loving this special person I always love and support, it finally came to an end.
    Its so tragic to not loving that same person you said you wanna wake up every morning, the person you told yourself you’ll be spending you life with, the person who gives you enough strength to wake up everyday and say “don’t give up”.
    I haven’t lost him entirely. I have lost myself.

  22. ….by the way to my own mga kapatid filipino {blood sisters} kindergarten department & spelling police thank you mga kapatid sa dugo for being there for me but maybe my junior publik high school first love do not wish his own personnal childhood love stories-past lives blog here in OAP coz he is married with children so in respect to him we shouldnt unless we asked his permission first just to be fair lol….

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