PATRIO-T-OURISM: “Only in the Philippines” By: Willy E. Arcilla

OurAwesomePlanet is partnering with Willy Arcilla (the marketing genius behind C2) and hopefully DOT to launch the “Only In The Philippines” campaign to market the Philippines. With permission from Willy, I’m sharing with you this article about the entire campaign. Read through it because it is very inspiring. We share the same views about the Philippines and how we should move forward on the tourism front. I would love to hear your comments about this article!

Rich Schefren Guided Profit System

A lot of people are asking me about Blogging and Internet Marketing. I just gave a talk to graduating IT students from different top universities and it was the most remarkable talk of the entire conference. I got interviewed in Masigasig Magazine and a lot of people are calling me to coach them on how to get started with professional blogging or internet marketing.

Focaccia – a Slice of Italy in A.Venue Mall

This is probably my favorite AVenue restaurant at the moment. Focaccia Slice of Italy is the meeting of two of my favorites — C Italian Dining Panizza and Italianis FREE Focaccia bread. Finally somebody copied the panizza of Chris Locher’s C-Italian Dining in Pampanga and I must say it is really good. Finally, I don’t have to drive all the way to Pampanga to get a taste of Panizza.

Burger Avenue’s Ridiculous Challenge

The ridiculous challenge is you have to finish a freshly grilled all-beef triple patty sandwiched on an oatmeal bun laced with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and three cheese slices in 5 minutes and it is free! The Ridiculous Burger is equivalent to 3 burgers and it costs P224 if you don’t finish it in 5 minutes. Most of the winners are men and recently a 10 years old kid was able to finish the burger in 5 minutes. After 5+ months in operation, they are still looking for more women to win this challenge 🙂

Gasthof – Home of Boracay’s Famous Baby Back Ribs!

I’m surprised why Gasthof is not taking off well in Avenue in Makati. With a heritage of serving good baby back ribs in Boracay and a branch in Legaspi City, I would have thought Manila would welcome it with open arms. Gasthof is owned by a German with a Bicolana wife so expect a Filipino-German mix in the cuisine. I’ve been going back to Avenue for some time now to complete my AVenue series and Gasthof is nearly empty during Lunch time. Maybe because they are still constructing it, most people think it is close or the prices are too expensive. (What do you think? )

Our FaMEALy Day

I must admit that I often dragged my feet whenever we would go to my in-laws for Sunday lunch with the entire family. When we started to have kids, I learned that having a family meal is one of the best gifts we could ever give our children. Last Sunday, I realized how blessed we were to be together. The children loved to play and it is always a riot when they meet. Sunday lunch would often be a coordinated potluck event between my wife’s siblings. It is a feast complete with dessert.

A Tale of Two Art Cafes in A.Venue

I’ve been checking out A.Venue mall lately and this is one of the places in Makati that is less crowded during lunch or dinner time. I would like to share with you our experience on two of the Art Cafes in A.Venue. Botong’s Restobar and Artina Gallery Cafe both feature paintings of different artists as part of their overall ambiance. It is interesting to go there on a regular day or if you just want to get out of the business district crowd.

Friuli Trattoria and Ateneo Foodies

I got invited by the cool dudes of MIS Association of Ateneo to give a talk on blog marketing in the KinEITics IT conference. It was nice to meet Lance, Lorenz, Francine and Mark in Friuli Trattoria in UP Village for our pre-meet before the conference. I’ve know a lot of restaurants in QC area but this is my first time to hear Fruili. Thanks to the MISA guys for suggesting Friuli to me. Fruili is a small Italian restaurant that is a favorite among Ateneo and UP foodies.

Chef Alain Raye’s La Regalade in Manila!

Eating in La Regalade is an education on fine French cuisine from a 2-star Mechelin Chef Alain Raye. La Regalade is the Manila branch of the famous French Bistro La Regalade in West Vancouver , and from the chef who authored the cookbook La Regalade, simple French Bistro Food at Home.