Manila International Book Fair

We bought and collected the 25 Best-Loved Children’s Books of all time from Adarna House, Lampara, Anvil Publishing and OMF. The Children’s Books are normally priced from P55-P65 and you can avail of 20-25% off depending on the publishing house and if you have a Manila International Book Fair 5-day pass card.

We met Augie Rivera, author of Alamat ng Ampalaya and Rhandee Garlitos, author of Chenelyn! Chenelyn!

Power Books, National Bookstore, and Anvil are 20% off across the board. That is a significant discount from published prices. Most of the religious publication houses are also present but their books are not discounted. We bought some DVDs of the life of St. Don Bosco (P500) and St. Francis Xavier (P450).

I’ve always wanted to buy the Childcraft books but I’m still thinking how effective they are. Any experience with Childcrafts book?

We were crazy about the Cheese Sponge Crunch from Oishi! Check out the free samples from Oishi booth…

Finally, we were able to buy back issues of FOOD magazine at 3 for 100 🙂
Did we miss any awesome find in the MIBF?


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

7 thoughts on “Manila International Book Fair

  1. Wow! There’s such a thing as a five day pass?!
    I was able to see and buy a “Lives of Saints” (written for young readers, bond-size pages, hard bound)for only P300, down from P900 at National Book Store. But you really have time and patience to search for these good bargains.
    But really, the price of books are so prohibitive for a lot of the scholarly titles (even with discounts).

  2. I’m so happy to see Childcraft books still being published. I’m nearing 30 but I still have very good memories of the lessons I learned from my Childcraft books. It gave me countless hours of fun and learning. I especially loved the volumes on holidays around the world and folk stories from different countries.

  3. ….i was desperate for more filipinos to wake up & write more about their country their cultures local enviroments fantasies life experiences their know how reasons why i keep pressuring my old pablik high school back in 70’s to write create monthly short novels short stories na pang coffee table books ang dating at komiks under FIRST LOVE:A HEALTHY WORLD PLANET PARADISE because the rest of the world america europe asia even the world of pornography etc. are the ones EDUCATING the filipinos for decades for centuries so filipinos knows filipinos are more aware about richer foreign cultures-countries reasons also why foreigners ‘enjoys’ past centuries of filipino respects supports beliefs admirations fate appreciations etc. except their OWN{filipinos} because filipinos were not aware that they can do it too for themselves that filipinos can also
    ‘lead’ can create can build can write can educate their own people not purely o majority relying to be educated by foreign imported ‘books’ educations or anything imported{non filipinos}since those are the ones ‘widely’ available in the past.. filipinos in the past had limited themselves limited their own cultures limited their national local made local designs local origins natural wealths treasures & local resources meaning so WHAT IS THERE TO READ if diversified wide choices are not available if local quality books are not that much.. reasons why the past still present in some countries that foreigners physical emotional mental economic social ABUSES was common practices common attitudes common atrocious behaviour & are widely acceptable by no or low income filipinos who seek employments abroad who are searching for golds to better their lives without knowing some of those golds are dug in the philippines but was shipped to foreign countries who knows very little or nothing at all about philippines about pinoys little known cultures lifestyles family upbringing & social backgrounds because filipinos limited themselves in creating making providing national locallly made written filipino cultural social books to educate the world to educate the foreigners foreign countries about the BEAUTIFUL PHILIPPINES the beautiful filipinos THE EXCITING DIVERSE LOCAL CULTURES THE FRIENDLY GREEN ENVIROMENTS THE RICH DEEP BLUE OCEAN THE BLUE GREEN SEAS THE EXOTIC TOWNS FIESTAS THE LOVING CLOSE KNIT RELIGIOUS FAMILIES THE POOREST BUT SMILING FILIPINOS THE EDUCATED SOCIAL FINNESSE FILIPINOS THOSE FILIPINO LANDSCAPINGS & FORESTS THOSE LOVELY SERENADED PROVINCIAL MAIDENS not just the local whores the prostitutions the magnanakaw THE SLUMS manggagantso at not just those unemployed or in the gutters so all writers media bloggers like our awesome planet who pass along informations regarding the beautiful fast pace philippines has here & there new locally made published books new stories-fantasies to tell to educate to make-add more social awareness new book stores openings new public libraries really an admiring new changes that benefits nOT ONLY all filipinos but also those NAIVE those ignorants abusive disrespectful foreigners & possible future foreign employers or not of past deprived & cheated unfortunate filipinos..but..NOT ANYMORE..thanks to all writers my schoolmates in particular other publishers the media’s great contributions widely ever ‘educating’ the now very competitive talented ever creative happy adventurous new pinoys around the world so please keep writing keep making new books to read to learn to teach us to be well informed well knowledgeable to be more sociable so foreigners this time are the ones you need to informed you need to educate about your beautiful cultures thru many many new books many new stories to tell informed not just the other way around lol….

  4. I grew up with Childcraft! One of my best childhood memories would have to be my dad reading a few pages to us from a volume every night. My love for science most definitely came from these books.
    It answers a lot of “why” questions that a kid might want to ask, and in my opinion, if you want Aidan and Josh to grow up loving books instead of video games, you and Rache might want to start with these kinds of books (and timelife too!).
    The internet may be helpful but nothing beats having these books around, old school style =).

  5. My uncle had a set of Childcraft and I grew up reading them. Well, more like I looked at the pictures first then read later, but I did pick up some things that are useful at odd times haha. I love the “Things to make and do” volume, as well as the stories from around the world.

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