Awesome Sale That I Don’t Want You To Miss!

I just came from the Ultimate Ilocos Norte Trip which included surfing sessions in Blue Lagoon. While I’m getting back to the blogging grove again, I don’t want you to miss five (5) four (4) awesome sale events that are happening in Manila this coming week.

Kawayan Cove Photography Class

Here is an official invitation to Bloggers who would like to learn photography skills with an excellent subject like Bamboo Beach! Please let me know if you would like to join this photo class by texting me +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627). It is sponsored by Kawayan Cove so it is FREE to join but you need to be a blogger or photographer to join this activity.

Meralco Theater Views

The most frequently asked question when buying West Side Story tickets is what is the best seat to buy. This is a matter of preference based on eyesight, company, status, and budget. Most of the views are generally OK for me except for the extreme A334 in Orchestra Left and A101 in Orchestra right which have a blind side. As an OAP exclusive, here are the different views of Meralco Theater based on the highlighted seats in the West Side Story seatmap above. Enjoy!

West Side Story — The Two Faces of West Side Story

Christian Bautista’s West Side Story is the best West Side Story to date in Manila. WSS has been shown once in every decade in Manila and this version is focused on the young generation. (Young is generally defined as <40 years old.)

West Side Story -The Most Romantic and Tragic Love Story Ever Blogged Winners

And the winners are…
Thanks for sharing a part of your most romantic and tragic story ever blogged. It was very tough for us to decide the winner because each love story is special. We decided to award an OAP second choice as a third prize. Here are the winners:
OAP’s Choice:
Chocolate Stars and Sapphire Dreams’ The Best Night of My Life.
Thanks for sharing your most romantic adventure, Cat! A must read for romantics like us 🙂

Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

The hottest restaurant in Makati these days is in the corner of Perea and De La Rosa St. in Makati. Barely a month old, Mom (Belen Vergara Torres) and Tina’s (Torres-Santos) Bakery Cafe is creating an unstoppable foodie buzz and long queues during lunch time. I’ve never seen such excitement and warm welcome for this Bakery Cafe originally based in Ortigas.

Cucina Gayuma’s Laing Pasta

The name Cucina Gayuma intrigued us for some time now. We were hoping to try it sooner but it was closed on a Monday when we visited the area. Gayuma is a filipino term for love potion or food that will make you fall in love with a person. In a sense, the Gayuma term is misleading because the food is actually experimental meals on Filipino fusion. Gayuma is used to refer to food that seduces your senses. I remember that there was a Gayuma restaurant before (in Katipunan?) but this one is not related to it.

NAIA T3 Food

So far, Delifrance is the best food available in NAIA Terminal 3. A sandwich would cost anywhere from Php 120-Php 240. We would order it to go and bring it to the airplane with us. Yes, you can eat on the airplane as long as the tray tables are stowed during take off.

My Human Race

On 8/31/08, I already planned to run on Calauit Island for my 10k Nike Human Race. One good thing about the Nike Sports band is that it is light and you can wear it like a watch. I own a Garmin 305 and a Nike Plus iPod Kit but I find the Nike Sportsband to be traveller friendly.