How to Drink a Heavenly Cup of Chocolate? (Caption This!)

Caption this just for fun! The best captions will win a California Berry Frozen Yogurt Gift Certificate!

Caption 1

Caption 2

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54 thoughts on “How to Drink a Heavenly Cup of Chocolate? (Caption This!)

  1. Caption 1
    This hot chocolate looks interesting…but i’ll eat this first!
    Caption 2
    Hold on, i’m gathering my thoughts…WOW it was good!
    Caption 3
    Picture that image in your head how to make great chocolate, you see the skill they use?….thats how to make good hot chocolate!!

  2. Caption 1
    brownie or choco? hmm… save the best for last.
    Caption 2
    i can drink this hot choco like an adult… waah! why didn’t you tell me it’s THAT hot???
    Caption 3
    what did you mix with my choco? i think i’m in euphoria.

  3. Caption1: “I’m on a diet, so I’ll just munch on the choco bar.”
    Caption2: “Wait, let me take a sip. AHH, THAT’S HOT!!!”
    Caption3: “I think I’m from up above, who suddenly fell down. This chocolate is heavenly!!! Papa, I’m high!!!”

  4. Caption 1: Step 1: Find the brownie(usually its not in the cup) and then eat it.
    Caption 2: Step 2: Pick up the cup of chocolate (and make a “got choc?”) and drink it.
    Caption 3: Step 3: Point to the sky and bob your head left and right to mix the brownie and the chocolate.

  5. 1- hmmm im wondrin’ if this is hot…oh! i’ll eat this first
    2- i’ll take a sip now… whoa it’s hot!!!
    3- can i have one… or two more pls??? alright! yeah 🙂

  6. 1- hmmm im wondrin’ if this is hot…oh! i’ll eat this first
    2- i’ll take a sip now… whoa it’s hot!!!
    3- can i have one… or two more pls??? alright! yeah 🙂

  7. caption 1 : san na … asan na kaya yung cake? di pala sinawsaw e … tsalap !
    caption 2 : init ma !!! init init !!!
    caption 3 : am done !! first place ako .. picture picture !

  8. caption 1: nasan na kaya si daddy? kain muna ako ng cake…
    caption 2: teka, panulak… aaaack! ang init!
    caption 3: hm.. one more time…? bleh not fooling me again!

  9. 1 – “first you stir it, then you dunk the chocolate in..and you eat it..yummy..”
    2 – *sip/slurping sound* + *ahhhhh!*
    3 – “…and thats how you drink hot chocolate, bleh!”

  10. Picture 1: Anoh ba naman toh waiter? Tom-guts nako binigyan mo lang ako ng pambara?! Wala bang makakain dito?!!!
    Picture 2: Gusto ko yung mai-susubo, hindi yung panulak lang sa lalamunan!
    Picture 3: Di bale na, pagtiyatiyagaan ko nalang ‘tong kape. Lagok, lagok, lagok aaaah!
    Picture 4: Ano? Dito ba isasaw-saw dapat yung tinapay?!!!! Ba’t di mo sinabi kagad?!!!
    Picture 5: O sige, bigyan mo nalang ako ulit ng spanisdh bread. Gusto ko yung ganito kahaba ha?!!
    Picture 6: At dahil di mo sinabi sakin kagad na me pambara pala…., ikaw ang magbabayad nito ha???!!

  11. Caption 1- Ok kaya eto??? Hmm…Tikman ko muna etong brownie…
    Caption 2- Sandali higupin ko na nga…Ano ba yan mainit ha? Bakit di nyo sinabi???
    Caption 3- Pero in fairness, masarap ha? Isa pa! Isa pa! pero yung malamig kaya? Ayos! May kasunod!

  12. Caption 1- Looks like my common chocolate drink, think I will eat my choco bar first.
    Caption 2- Eureka! this is the real thing!
    Caption 3- One more cup, daddy! yes, yes, yes!

  13. 1. Having obtained from Mohinder Suresh a chocolate nugget laced with The Formula, our little hero-to-be ponders his destiny. He ingests the nugget cautiously, aware of the risks that it brings.
    2. He drinks the liquid catalyst, the final step in discovering his new ability. The formula takes effect instantaneously, causing him to cry out in shock. His body is adapting, changing….
    3. Our little hero has found his new super ability! He makes everybody stand up and dance, or makes them all fall to the ground and quiver, simply by flicking his fingers and wagging his tongue. Very useful for disarming bank robbers and the like!

  14. caption 1: This melted brownie drink is taking too long to cool. I’ll eat the real brownie first!
    caption 2: *glug glug glug* More hot chocolate please!!
    caption 3: You see this cup of hot chocolate? It’s GOING DOWN!

  15. caption 1 ” sabi ni daddy give ko daw tong hot chocolate at brownie kay lolo, kaso taste ko muna baka masyado mainit”
    caption 2 ” hmmmm tsalap tsalap pala eh…mmmmmmm… whoa!!!! naku patay naubos na!!?? pano ba to, hinahanap na ni lolo yung hot choco nya?”
    caption 3 “daddy can i have one more cup of hot chocolate? kasi nabuhos sa lips ko yung choco eh, ala na tuloy natira para kay lolo” hehehehe

  16. Caption 1: A brownie for my empty tummy.
    Caption 2: WOW, a jolt of hot choco heaven.
    Caption 3: Momsy can I have one more pleeez?

  17. Caption 1: A brownie for my empty tummy
    Caption 2: WOW A jolt of hot choco heaven
    Caption 3: Mommy can I have one more pleeeez?

  18. Caption 1: I can’t wait to taste this! Will stirring make this less hot? Hmm..I’ll taste the chocolate first, best eaten with my fingers. Yummy!
    Caption 2: Finally, I can drink it — wow, really yummy, look I finish the 3/4 in just one gulp.
    Caption 3: This is the best. I want another one now — I’m tasting it already! Yum yum!

  19. caption 1
    …stir the creamy choco..
    …bite into the yummy piece of chocolate
    caption 2
    …bottoms up! ….aaahh [burp]
    caption 3
    and that’s how you drink a perfect cup of coco! another cup please!

  20. Caption 1: Hmmm…stirring is quite boring. I better eat the brownie.
    Caption 2: Gulp, gulp, gulp. Awesome chocolate!
    Caption 3: I like it! I like it! I like it!

  21. Caption 1: I wonder what this is….looks hot though…makapag brownies na lang nga muna.
    Caption 2: Now let me try this naman…. mmmm WOW!
    Caption 3: Isa pa ngang round dyan! Hands down, this is really the best!

  22. A Primer: How to Drink a Heavenly Cup of Chocolate
    1. First, indulge your senses. Take a whiff of the hot chocolate’s heady aroma. Cleanse your palate with the accompanying pastry, to prepare your taste buds for the goodness that is to come.
    2. Next, sip the chocolate gently. Allow the smooth, rich, dark and milky undertones to swirl all together and envelop your tongue as you drink it all in. Break for some air and let out one big hefty BUUURP.
    3. Lastly, do your happy dance!!! The more laughs you get, the better! Amuse your family so much that they will definitely have to bring you back there, just to see you do the happy dance again!

  23. Caption 1: Good chocolate has to have good texture…it has to creamy, silky, and full to the bite!
    Caption 2: Mmmm. Goodah!
    Caption 3: Two is never enough!:) You have got to try it!
    Hehe. This was fun! He really likes this chocolate experience.

  24. Chocolate Drinking Contest
    Caption 1 – “Hmmm.. Kailangan kong makaisip ng strategy sa para mauna ako!”
    Caption 2 – “Glug.. Glug.. Waaaah! Nauuna na siya sa akin!!”
    Caption 3 – ” Nauna ako! Nauna ako!”

  25. caption 1 – is this milo or ovaltine? I’ll take a bite of the cake before i sip the chocolate.
    caption 2 – hmm..this is different, i love it!
    caption 3 – can i have another round of hot choco? Mom, Dad, please, just one round ?

  26. Hi Anton,
    Aidan is sooo cute!! This reminds me of a blog entry I made about my sister (Link: and Comic Strip (Link: I couldn’t decide which photo of my sister Joyce to post (photos look almost similar but not quite) but to me they are all cute so I posted all and just zing-ed it with captions!
    How to Drink a Heavenly Cup of Chocolate? Caption this!
    Caption 1: How could this brown thing they call chocolate make mama love papa more?
    Caption 2: (Long Sip) …Papa! I love you papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Caption 3: Papa, how do I love thee? Let me count the 11 ways. First, dance for you… (Aidan dances as he journeys to chocolate nirvana)
    Between Bites

  27. Caption 1 : Carefull, it’s really hot. hmm.. you can eat the brownie first while waiting.
    Caption 2 : Drink it slooowly, so not to burn your lips.. then! whoaaaaa feel the uhhhmm yumm!
    Caption 3 : I’m sure you’ll rave for another cup, eventhough your cup isn’t finish yet.

  28. caption 1:
    ang init naman nito! brownie muna.. yum yum!
    caption 2:
    gulp gulp gulp… ahhhh! sarap!
    caption 3:
    first! first! first! nauna akong nakaubos! yehey!

  29. caption 1: our little genius ponders at his little experiment….hmmmmmm
    caption 2: Whoa! Awesome!
    caption 3: “Yo, yo, break it down”

  30. Aidan sings…
    Caption 1: “Let me take you down coz we’re going to…”
    Caption 2: “Chocolate hills… Nothing is real…”
    Caption 3: “And nothing to get hung about… Chocolate Hills forever!”

  31. Caption 1
    Aidan contemplates the hot chocolate, idly wondering, ‘How can heaven be in a cup?’ and chews on a pastry thoughtfully.
    Caption 2
    Earnestly he sips, thinking that perhaps, heaven will reveal itself at the bottom of the cup.
    And it does!!!
    Caption 3
    In conclusion, Aidan makes this pronouncement: “Papa, Mama, heaven is not up in the sky.”
    “Heaven is another cup of hot chocolate, right now!”

  32. Caption 1
    “aidan’s brownie purgatory to heaven…”
    Caption 2
    “sip… bawm!”
    Caption 3
    “look dad, magic! *poof*! its gone!”

  33. how to drink chocolate
    caption one: To savor the heavenly flavor of chocolate, I have to eat it first before daddy gets to it!!
    caption two: Then water it down with more hot chocolate drink. Oh I forgot!
    caption three: We must not forget our loved ones. 2 hot choco for mommy to go!! presto!!!

  34. Caption 1 – Is this coffee?
    Hmmm… there’s a chocolate too. Chomp!
    Caption 2 – I gotta drink this before dad comes back.
    WHOA! No wonder dad loves drinking coffee!
    Caption 3 – I therefore conclude, coffee tastes just like chocolate!
    I can feel the energy, this must be why adults need coffee to wake up in the morning!

  35. Caption 1 – Momma, halo ko lang ha…
    Taste ko din ung chocolate cake ha…
    Caption 2 – Nauhaw na ako…painom muna ng konti..konti lang, Momma..
    Sarap nito a!
    Caption 3 – Chocolate, you rock!
    Chocolate Hills forever!
    (Bohol trip, you rock!)

  36. Caption 1 – Dad left his coffee…
    I’m sure he won’t mind if I eat the chocolate
    Caption 2 – Got to hurry, dad says I can’t drink coffee yet!
    Oh no! Dad is back!!!
    Caption 3 – Before you get mad dad, let me explain…
    WHAT??? That wasn’t coffee? Chocolate rules!!!

  37. caption 1: hmm…looks yummy, i think i should stir it just like how my poppa would do it..
    caption 2: *sip* ohhhhhhhh it’s soooo goood!!!
    caption 3: may i have one more cup please? 🙂

  38. 1: “hmmm. mukhang binatirol ito sa everybody’s cafe ah”
    2: “FTW! may alak itong tsokolate!??!?!”
    3. “L stands for La Salle, L is for Los….
    hehehe. sorry daddy,
    L is for Lashenggggg na ko!”
    p.s. FTW means “For The Win”

  39. Caption 1: Looks Hot, Cake first…
    Caption 2: Sip….Whhhoaa!
    Caption 3: (In the Jollibee theme tune) Isa pa isa pa…..”Waiter another round please!”… 🙂

  40. caption 1: we know what to do diba… kain…
    caption 2: inom… Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!
    caption 3: mag dancer kaya ako? MAY FUTURE KA!
    Mag-smile sa buhay, mag hot choco araw araw!

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