Loumars Buko Pie (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 1 of 8)

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We left Starbucks 6750 at around 8am and arrived in Tagaytay around 9.30am onboard a mini-Bus. Our first stop is my favorite drive-thru buko pie tart place called Loumars.

This was our first public Tagaytay Food Tour after two successful private tours with Alveo (formerly Community Innovations). The first tour was for media as a marketing tour to promote Verdana Homes Mamplasan. We got rave reviews from both bloggers and media. It was followed by another successful tour with the top sales people of Alveo. Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walk fame is our official tour guide for the trip.

There are three buko pie places you should try: The Laguna Buko Pies which include Letty’s, Original Buko Pie and Collette’s; the Nueva Vizcaya Buko Pie; and the Buko Pie Tarts of Tagaytay. I was informed by Wendy that there is another popular buko pie in Iloilo which tastes like a bibingka. (Can anyone share details about this place?)

In Tagaytay, there are three popular brands of buko pie tarts: Loumars, Rowena and Amira. We always buy Loumars.

The secret to eating buko pies is that it should be eaten fresh out of the oven and bought from the source. A box of 9 buko crumble costs P130.

Thanks to Wendy, Andy, Dodgie, and Teng for joining us in all the Ultimate Philippines Food Tour!


Text by Anton Diaz and Photos by Rommel Diaz. Copyright 2008.
Email: anton@diaz.ph
Blog: www.OurAwesomePlanet.com

24 thoughts on “Loumars Buko Pie (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 1 of 8)

  1. G & B buko pie is the best in Nueva Vizcaya.
    It’s the famous pasalubong in the province that even buses, on the request of the passengers, stop to buy the stuff in boxes.
    quite different from those sold in Laguna but equally good.

  2. Anton, the buko pie we were telling you about was from Nang Palang’s in Oton, Iloilo. Need to clarify (sorry, memory failed me when I told you about it): the buko pie itself was really good, with large pieces of buko flesh as filling. Nang Palang’s also makes a buko-filled bibingka…a real winner.

  3. I love BUKO TARTS! i have to try Lourmar’s..
    but my fave is ROWENA’s buko tarts (their ube tarts are yummy too!) and AMIRA’s! 😀

  4. Hi Anton! I’m Francesca Padrigo. It’s my first time to put a comment here in your blog though I’ve been reading it for almost a year now. =) I just want to ask where did you get the info about this tagaytay tour because I also want to experience tours like this also,Ive been ver eager to on trips like this. Can you give me tip?thanks!

  5. Hi Anton,
    I was told that the buko tarts of Amira and Rowena are made by Amira. Rowena is just a distributor of Amira. So basically we have only two very good and worthwhile buko tarts in Tagaytay – Loumar and Amira.

  6. hi anton. hope you open this on time. we have balikbayan relatives and thought we should include this tour to their itinerary. please, please give us info on how to go about this tour. thanks.

  7. hi anton! can u give us details of this tagaytay tour? we’re having balikbayans this dec and are planning to take this tour. also, can u tell where loumars is located? thnx!

  8. just tried rowena’s buko pie tarts… sarap! just curious… what’s the difference between rowena’s & loumars buko pie tarts?

  9. hi anton.. like many filipinos i have been to tagaytay several time but never seen loumars… we will go to tagaytay this saturday and i would like to try the said buco pie.. where is it located??

  10. hi…tried lou mars yesterday as it is the only one i have not tried, too bad, the buko tart i tasted was not as good as the brand we always buy…the crust was kinda hard and the buko has a soapy taste (i eat soap!!! hahaha)
    also found out that rowenas and almiras taste the same cos almira’s supply rowena’s….

  11. masarap kya ang loumars!
    bka panlasa mu lng ung lasang sabon!
    sabon ata ginagamit mung toothpaste kya panlasa mu lasang sabon!

  12. masarap kya ang loumars!
    bka panlasa mu lng ung lasang sabon!
    sabon ata ginagamit mung toothpaste kya panlasa mu lasang sabon!!!

  13. kaya po matigas ung tart na sinasabi mo is sign un na bagong luto palamigin mo mawawala paninigas nun saka kaya nga tinawag na tart eh TART… sana hopia nalng binili mo o kaya dapat pala MINI BUKO PIE nalng tinawag sa tart para malambot. pag malambot nabili mo luma na un or d bagong luto kc nga supply lang un d sila marunong mag luto hehehhe… dapat ung rowenas amiras nalang nilagay para d sayang ung DTI nya hehehe.

  14. Hi chief!
    I checked your link and I see pictures of a computer and receipts. Is your picture of a map still up?

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