Ilog Maria Story (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 2 of 8)

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I always love going to Ilog Maria because I’m always energized by the love story of Joel and Violaine Magsaysay. Also, Ilog Maria products have a cult following because of their natural ingredients. You can only buy them onsite at wholesale prices. (see How to Buy — New Priorities for Handling Orders)

Our mini-bus had a hard time navigating through the narrow rough roads leading to Ilog Maria. They are open Tuesdays to Sundays 8.30am to 5.30pm. (see How to Contact Ilog Maria)

It is one thing to read their humble beginnings from their website (see The Farm – Why Honey Bees) and it is another thing hearing the story first hand from Joel. He would often point out the humble house where Ilog Maria started.

I love going to Tagaytay to meet the Personalities and Families behind the most successful establishments and foodie places.

Joel is proud to share the story of the Bees and why it is called Ilog Maria in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Ivan Man Dy gets up close and personal with the Ilog Maria bees.

On a special tour arrangement, you can see the Ilog Maria Bee Museum.

A Video Presentation is shown to educate people on bees, their behavior and natural habitat. Also, it gives a sales pitch about why you should buy the natural products of Ilog Maria. (see Fresh from the Bee Hive)

It is too good to be true living an eco-friendly life, and using only natural products not harmful to your body or the environment.

Dodjie and Teng listens attentively to the Ilog Maria Story…


Text by Anton Diaz and Photos by Rommel Diaz. Copyright 2008.

2 thoughts on “Ilog Maria Story (Ultimate Tagaytay Tour 2 of 8)

  1. i love ilog maria’s propolis ointment, insect repellant and most especially the healing massage oil, so relaxing. i am just buying online but i hope i can visit their place too.

  2. Joel is a good friend of mine and since Ive tried his excellent products many moons ago, i’ve been bringing my friends and droves of other people over to ilog maria. my MUST BUY list always has – other than various soaps – bee propolis gold and honey cider vinegar and honey propolis throat spray which is a really effective cough prevention tonic.
    Anton, why don’t you also have a tagaytay package tour which includes overnight in sonya’s garden (beautiful cottages!), breakfast there (great breakfast! forget lunch or dinner – boring)the next day and then lunch at antonio’s – or it could also be like this – early dinner at antonio’s, then proceed to sonya’s garden for the night (they have massage, not the best, pero ok na), breakfast there the next day then have lunch somewhere – joel magsaysay likes T House, although i’ve never been there.. there are other new ones that’ve opened. i like verbena, the restaurant with food by david pardo of discovery country suites – okay, you may probably notice that these are really expensive establishments, so you might want to cater to a more upscale market perhaps – i don’t know if either tonyboy escalante or david pardo will give you any group discount rates, but you might want to sit with their people – i can introduce you to chona, tonyboy’s right hand woman and gemma batoon who heads marketing i believe in discovery – both will be able to help you. i guess, a tagaytay tour package that’ll include gourmet dining in either or both antonio’s and verbena will have to be priced accordingly.. just an idea im giving you..

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