Takoyaki Man in Hana

Why settle for anything less than the authentic Takoyaki? Manila is crazy over Takoyaki these days and I’m glad that Hana is selling an authentic Takoyaki in Little Tokyo.

Meet Takumi, the Takoyaki Man who has been cooking authentic Takoyaki for less than a month now in Hana.

Takoyaki (P100 for 6 pieces).

So far, this is the best Takoyaki for us, better than the New Hatchin Takoyaki. It uses a sweeter Okonomi Sauce with bits of Nori, Tenkatsu (dried fish), Spring Onions, and Kyupy (Japanese Mayonnaise) on top. The Takoyaki is also bigger than usual with red ginger, a secret Takoyaki mix, and a big chunk of Octopus inside.

We decided to eat in Hana. It is a smaller resto with 3 normal tables and 1 private Japanese table. Hana is famous for their Kakigori, a Japanese shaved ice dessert. The owner is a big fan of the Giants Baseball Team in Japan.

Hana Menu: Agemono, Tempura, Yakimono, Yakizakana | A La Karte, Salada, Donburi, Noodl, Gohanmono

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Little Tokyo
Telephone: +632 339-3855


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13 thoughts on “Takoyaki Man in Hana

  1. I knew that the japanese ice cream post would lead somewhat to a takoyaki post! Thanks for this one anton – There’s also a really great Okonomiyaki place in Little Tokyo – I just forgot the name but it’s there and I really loved the taste and the generosity of servings. Looks like you’re turning japanese this week 🙂

  2. thanks for the heads up! my brother is a takoyaki addict! btw, any idea where i can get a takoyaki… uh… grill or pan? my brother would love to get one for christmas… either stove-top or electric. he’s forever been wanting one!

  3. Ah finally authentic takoyaki in Little Tokyo =) Thanks Anton.
    The Samurai balls is NOT authentic takoyaki, it is similar but changed for local taste.

  4. Thanks Anton for your wonderful website. I am a Fil-AM immigrant to the Philippines and have been here for a year and your blog has become my goto resource for things wonderful here in the Philippines. I also love that every couple of months I have some friend from the states coming here to visit and I always recommend they peruse your site to get an idea of what they can plan for and experience here in Manila.
    I grew up in San Francisco and my favorite street food at the Nihonmachi (Japantown) and Cherry blossom festivals was and still is Takoyaki. The one’s stateside had a lot more tako (Octopus) but that just might be American abundance. I liked hana’s nuances with the ginger and it tasted like they might have used dried shiso powder (a japanese leave like mint).
    In terms of the Pinoy street version my favorite is the one at the Recto LRT station. They are the largest (actually the same size as Hana’s) I have seen and they don’t skimp on the vegetables in the filling. I like their hot and tangy sauce.
    A little warning to those trying either version out for the first time is that the inner filings can be sticky and capable of some serious burns so be careful: I speak from experience. Itadakimase!

  5. the okonomiyaki place is KAGURA…had some difficulty finding it cos the signs were in japanese…i loved the table seats at kagura…you can sleept right after a full meal..will try HANA next

  6. I first tried takoyaki in its motherland Osaka. I love the different kinds of takoyaki there. What I mean here is the taste (of the dumpling itself), presentation, and sauce. It differs as you go and look for stalls around the area. But the best tako dumpling I ever had was with a manong in tsukamoto. Wow, hindi malansa. My husband, an OFW agrees.Btw, its best when the mayo being used is kewpie.

  7. 🙂 thinking about making a reservation for grad dinner, do they have private rooms?
    Great job on the review btw, can’t wait to eat here!

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