Dayo The Movie – 9 Days to go…

Dayo The Movie is the First Ever All Digital Full Length Animation of the Philippines!

I’m proud of this movie because of three things:

1. Finally after years of working for animation studios such as Disney, Cartoon Network and Warner Studios, Filipinos finally created our very own All Digital Full Length animation — Dayo (The Movie!).

2. For the first time a local movie soundtrack will be produced with music by Jesse Lasaten and played by the 35-piece orchestra, Filharmonika, under the baton of Gerard Salonga!

3. The Dayo theme song be interpreted by Lea Salonga, the first ever for a local movie.
Watch for it on December 25! 9 days to go and Don’t miss it!

Locally Produced Full Length Animation History of the Philippines
Source: (Talented Filipino animators go big time by Inquirer.Net

1997: First Full Length Animated Pinoy Movie
An animated version of “Ibong Adarna,” co-produced by FLT Films and Guiding Light Productions, was shown in 1997. It was the brainchild of animator Gerry Garcia, winner of the 1995 Star Awards for Best Visual Effects.

2002: A local production studio Top Peg ran an animation TV series, “Tutubi Patrol,” a values-oriented show for children.

June 2008: Second Full Length Animated Pinoy Movie
“Urduja,” produced by Tony Tuviera’s APT Entertainment, has a star-studded voice cast. Regine Velasquez stars as Princess Urduja; Cesar Montano as her lover Lim Hang; Johnny Delgado as Wang; Eddie Garcia as Lakanpati; Allan K as Tarsir; and Michael V as Kukut.

“Urduja” tells the story of the legendary warrior princess and ruler of the Kingdom of Tawalisi in Pangasinan from 1350 to 1400. Urduja was famous for leading a group of women warriors, called Kinalakian or Amazons, who were skilled fighters and equestriennes. These women, having developed a high art of warfare, fought alongside male warriors to protect their land from invaders.

December 2008: Third Full Length Animated Pinoy Movie
“Dayo,” by Cutting Edge Productions Inc., features the voices of child stars Nash Aguas as Bubuy and Katrina “Hopia” Legaspi as Anna Manananggal. Peque Gallaga is the voice behind the character Nano, Michael V is Narsi, Johnny Delgado is Anna’s father and Laurice Guillen plays a diwata.

“Dayo” follows the adventure of 11-year-old Bubuy as he tries to save his grandparents who have been abducted and brought to Elementalia, a mysterious and magical land that is home to popular creatures of Philippine mythology.

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Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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5 thoughts on “Dayo The Movie – 9 Days to go…

  1. i hope this animation is truly good and maybe even better.
    i’ve seen animations done by filipinos who are now in some big production companies outside the country. they (their animation) were just great! but our own version in the philippines is just funny looking if not pathetic.
    i could not make a connection. why we do so well in other countries and even excel but here in our own country we make do with just ordinary jobs. ok na yan.
    i am not bitter anton. :p

  2. I understand what you mean.
    But Dayo is the animation movie that we can be proud about. Just check out the trailer. I do hope that the story line is great!

  3. I’m not sure. But they are planning an international release so it will be subtitled in the future. I’m not sure if it is in time for the Film Fest.

  4. I am very happy to see such an accomplishment attributable to Filipinos and the Filipino film industry. I live in europe and often point out to friends and family that (imho) the quality of what’s produced in the Philippines rivals or surpasses european films.
    I am eager to see this movie. But from the trailer, I have one concern. I may hesitate to show this to my child as it looks very dark and could be somewhat spooky for the very young. I hope that I’m wrong on that.
    Kudos to those who’ve worked hard on this project. And thank you, Anton, for bringing this event this to our attention.

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