Pansit Cabagan of Isabela

Pansit Cabagan (P50) from Isabela

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Pansit Cabagan is originally from Isabella. It uses a pansit miki which is thinner than the batil-patong. The main ingredients are lechon carahay, itlog ng pugo, mixed vegetables. It goes with a dark broth soup of the cabagan with egg.

The cabagan goes very well with a mix sauce of fresh onions (lots of it), vinegar, toyo and kalamansi. (better be prepared with a chewing gum mint)

We decided to try Natan’s Pancit Cabagan which is just near the airport. We ate lunch here before we flew back to Manila.


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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16 thoughts on “Pansit Cabagan of Isabela

  1. What is lechon carahay, exactly? And like Kate asked, is the broth mixed with the pancit? You didn’t say how it tasted.

  2. That looks like a great plate of pancit! Wish I went north more often… There seems to be so much going on there, especially with the food.
    Funny, because i also just posted something about pancit on my blog. What is it about the holidays that make people crave for pancit? Hehe. Advanced Merry Christmas to you Anton!

  3. Hi Anton! I love pancit cabagan as well. I first tasted it in Wok with Joe in St. Thomas Square in Espana, Manila. It’s really their specialty since the owner (Dr. May Sia, who’s my college professor, now colleague)is from Isabela. Now they are in the Dampa area in Macapagal Ave.where they also serve other dampa specialties. Now thinking about their pancit cabagan makes my tummy grumble. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The broth is on the side and most people prefer to eat it separately. Some wants to eat it noodle soup style so you can put the broth into the pansit ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m from cabagan, isabela. try felicita’s or josie’s when you visit isabela. there’s also a small pansitan somewhere in earnshaw sampaloc which serve pansit cabagan.
    the secret is on the soy sauce that we use. aside from the noodles, it is the soy sauce that makes the taste distinctive. we have a local brand of soy sauce only sold in our area in isabela.

  6. Anton when you go to isabela. Try sanitary bakery in Cauayan City. It’s a third generation bakery, been there since pre-war. Try their yema cake, lady finger, cheese bread and more. And of course their pandesal. Other towns go to this bakery even people from Tugeugarao, Cagayan. Some people freeze the goods and bring it abroad also.
    And beside it is Jambalaya Grill where you should try dinakdakan during lunch and other stuff.
    E-mail me when you go to Isabela.

  7. Well the resto is located at Pengue, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan but the dish originated from Cabagan, Isabella.

  8. Im from Isabela,my hometown is Tumauini and Angadanan. Everytime i visit home i always order for pancit cabagan, whether it’s guisado, sabaw, or the batil patong(my favorite). Try some in Angadanan. It’s the best.

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