Dinos Alive!

Happy New Year and finally, back to work after the longest holiday in Manila!


If you have not been to Dinos Alive, the biggest dinosaur theme park in Manila, you only have 7 more days before this traveling exhibit finally bids goodbye on January 11.

It is a mechatronics exhibit of 30 life-size dinosaurs that spans 12,000 sqm in lot 5 of SM Mall of Asia. It is specially designed with sound and lighting effects that would make you feel that you have returned to the dinosaur age. It is a self-paced walking tour exhibit where you can take as many pictures as you want but you cannot touch the dinosaurs.

Here is a photo essay of our Dinos Alive experience:

Dinos Alive Tour Map!

T-Rex Skeleton greets you in the entrance surrounded by trees bearing Dino babies fruit.

Chasmosaurus Skeleton. Nicknamed the Frilly Necked Lizard

Stegosaurus. 30 Feet Long, Greet Defender and Fighter, Enjoys Eating Vegetation.

Aidan said, Rrrrrrrrrr!”

Triceratops. Three horned-face, loves eating plants.

You can bring strollers around the exhibit. Syoti Josh at 1 year and 1 month+.

Lambeosaurus. Cranial chest allows him to swing lower to gather food.

Aidan’s monkey pose with the Triceratops.

Megalosaurus. Thirty Feet in Height.

Camarasaurus. His long neck is perfect for eating thousands of plants.

Tyrannosaurus. The World’s largest known predator The 30ft T-rex is the center of attraction set in an authentic prehistoric setting.

Velociraptor. Low skull and upturned snout, Star of the Jurassic Park Movie.

Suchomimus. Loves fish and other sea and river dwellers.

Rache said, “Papahawak kaya ito, natatakot kami…”

Bad Boy Dinosaur. (I just don’t know what is the name of this ugly looking dinosaur.)

Velociraptors bulaga!

Apatosaurus. The largest animal to have ever existed 75 feet long.

For me, the Apatosaurus was the highlight of the tour. I love it when it actually smiles for the camera.

Aidan and syoti Joshua both love cars.

Dino Train (included in the entrance fee)

Fossil Dig Activities…

In the center of the Dinos Alive exhibit is an open area with a Dino Food Zone, Inflatables Game, a Stage, Bazaar / Food Stalls, and the Christmas tree at the center.

Dinos Alive Tour
Block 5, (infront of SMX Convention Center) SM Mall of Asia
Adults – P 400
Children (under 1m) – P350
Family Package – P1,600 (two adults, two kids, plus one free ticket)

Operation Hours:12nn – 10pm (weekdays)
10am – 10pm (weekends and public holidays)
For more info: Ticketworld Dinos Alive

Don’t miss to see us 🙂

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Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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12 thoughts on “Dinos Alive!

  1. wow! that’s pretty cool!! I wish i am in Manila now. hehehe…i bet your boys must be so excited.
    anyway..wishing u and ur family and ur blog Happy New Year. May the new year blessing will bring more joy and love to u and ur family.
    keep up…(still miss manila)

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Honestly, Aidan was both scared and fascinated with the dinosaurs. Most of the kids had fun naman, wala namang umiiyak dahil sa takot.
    @Sheela — hi Sheela, Wish you were here in Manila 🙂

  3. Before anything else, I would like to greet you and your family a Happy New Year. May you have more great opportunities in 2009.
    Great photos! I hope I can still bring my son there before the exhibit ends. We’ve been to the dinosaur exhibit at Star City but Dino’s Alive looks more exciting. I’m sure my 5-yr old son would love to see more dinosaurs, take the train ride and try the fossil digging.

  4. Hi Anton and Rache,
    Aidan is so big already . . .time does fly fast . . . Happy New Year To You and Rache. See you around . . .
    Gerry and Irene
    1403 Mahogany

  5. Hi Anton and Rache,
    Aidan is so big already . . .time does fly fast . . . Happy New Year To You and Rache. See you around . . .
    Gerry and Irene
    1403 Mahogany

  6. I remember going to a similar exhibition during a grade school field trip, which is about 15 or so years ago, back when Jurassic Park was still big. I think it was in Phil Site, or what Star city was called before. Wow I’m old. thanks for sharing your experience, Anton. Glad they still have those for the kids of today.

  7. My family and I went to Dino’s Alive a couple of weeks after it opened and it was a blast, at least for me. My kids were amazed with the fossils on display but once we entered the main area where the animatronic dinosaurs were, they were a bit frightened and wouldn’t let go of either their mom or me.
    I guess if they illuminated the place a little more, they wouldn’t be as frightened but I guess they kept the place as dimly-lit as it was to make the dinosaurs look more realistic, and I guess they succeeded in that because of my kids’ reactions.
    Anyway, check my wife’s blog for her take on the whole thing and feel free to check her Photobucket album for the pics we took: http://rachel01013.blogspot.com/2008/12/dinos-alive-in-manila.html

  8. I hope someone brings Dr. Gunther von Hagens Body Worlds (Exhibition of Real Human Bodies) here in Manila. I saw it once in Chicago and it definitely was an educational experience.

  9. hi if you have friends who are still interested to buy dinos alive tickets im selling tickets ive won coz cant go there this weekend. 🙁
    300 each only!!! got three tickets ..contact me 0918 8015478.
    thanks for your blog was able to advertise through it! keep it up.

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