A Tribute to the Awesome Magical Christmas at Jollitown!

Wow! Congratulations to the first ever Jollitown musical which was held last December 14, 2008 at the PICC Plenary Hall for the Jollibee Kids Club (JKC)!

The Magical Christmas at Jollitown was awesome and a world class performance!

The show was co-directed by Audie Gemora, the scientist father was played by Noni BUencamino, and fairy storyteller was Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo. The kids were from Stages. =) (Wow, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the world class cast.)

It was based from the fantasy world of Jollitown from Jollibee’s hit television series. It was the setting of lead character Brian’s journey as he discovers the fun aspect of sharing with the Jollifriends. All the while, his father, a scientist also discovers he needs to share more of his time with Brian. Their happy adventures at Jollitown truly entertained and educated the audience-young and old alike.

” The show was a vehicle for Jollibee to teach positive values such as sharing and learning to give a part of oneself to our children in a fun, creative and entertaining way while bringing Filipino families closer together, “ shares Gold F. Tantoco, VP for Jollibee Marketing.

On a personal end, I was touched by the show because I was able to relate to it. I work from home, and there are times that I am engrossed in doing a blog post, and I would ignore Aidan who was asking me to play with him. It taught me to listen and be more attentive to the needs of my son.

Here is a Photo Synopsis of the Magical Christmas at Jollitown

The Magical Christmas at Jollitown opened with a grand neon dance performance.

It revolves around the theme of family, friendship and sharing.

The story starts with an encantada (portrayed by Menchu Yulo) revealing an ordinary day at Jollitown

where townspeople busying themselves,

with jugglers selling fruits,

baby flowers dancing, delivery boys traveling on unicycle, etc.

On the outskirts of Jollitown, there lives a very busy scientist and a bratty son Bruno in a gloomy manor.

Brian’s Dad is always busy with his inventions that he no longer has time to play with Brian. Day in and day out, Brian only had his toys made by his dad to spend time with.

One day, while his dad was busy working, Brian went away with his remote control car. He passed by the gloomy forests to the fields of unknown flowers, over a bridge until he reached Jollitown- a place where everyone is happy.

As soon as he got there, kids sharing with him their food and toys greeted Brian.

While Brian was already hungry, he did not know the value of sharing so he thought it unusual that the kids were sharing their food and toys with him. There he saw more odd things, apart from all the smiles, parents call out their children hugging them and playing with them.

Jollibee and the Jollifriends entertained Brian and taught him the value of sharing and friendship. They had a happy time in Jollitown.

When he got home, Brian couldn’t help but tell his dad his wonderful experience in Jollitown, how happy the kids were playing with their parents and sharing with one another.

His dad after hearing this thought of a plan and went to Jollitown.

He made a miniature Jollitown in a snow globe for Brian to enjoy Jollitown at the palm of his hands. But it’s not what Brian needed. All he wants is for his dad to realize that he wants to spend quality time with him.

While looking at the Jollitown snow globe, Jollibee and the Jollifriends make Brian smile. They realized the bigger his smile, the more the snow globe cracked, later personifying the Jollifriends. They sing and dance at this point.

Soon after, Brian and his dad went to Jollitown. Dad realized there’s more to life than his inventions, there’s his son.

The story ends with a song of happiness and love in the magical world of Jollitown.. =)

Congratulations to Jollibee! I do hope you can re-stage the show for more people and kids to watch it.

Live an Awesome Life in God’s Grace,


Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

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Email: anton@diaz.ph

P.S. I am truly a fan of Jollibee and the corporation behind it. I believe the Filipino brand is a lot better than McDo 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Awesome Magical Christmas at Jollitown!

  1. Hey! Geez… I had no idea there was this musical staged! Tsk tsk tsk my friend with Jollibee will hear from me! LoL Lagut sya!

  2. I believe Jollibee really won the heart of Filipino fast food goers. Tony Tan Caktiong gave us something to be proud of as Filipinos.
    As if treating the Filipinos a hearty meal isn’t enough, they are venturing where other hamburgers dare not go – musical theater, television and an accompanying website full of fun and surprises.
    I was dazzled when I saw Jollitown’s website with virtual tour to Jollibee and friends’ houses and where kids can play online flash games, download wall papers and a lot more. I can’t stop being a kid again and browse almost every page it has to offer.
    Looks like Jollibee never stops thinking of ways to delight customers. Kudos Jollibee!

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