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When you are in Mall of Asia and craving for a cold dessert, check out Dolce Gelato’s Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream! I first tasted Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream in Chateau Hestia in Tagaytay (I wonder if they supply them).

The serving sizes are affordable and just right. The Large Cup (above) sells for P110 with 6 small scoops of gelato. The good thing is you can choose 6 different flavors. 

Gelato and Sorbets Menu

The bestsellers are the Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream and the Lemon Sorbet. The latter is good to clean the palate as you taste the different flavors of gelato. They also have sugar-free chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

The gelato is yummy but too sweet, compared to the other gelati (it’s the plural form of gelato) we have tasted. 

For those who have tried Dolce Gelato, what is your favorite combination? Ours is double scoops of Ferrero Rocher, Lemon Sorbet and Pistachio in a medium cup.

Visit Dolce Gelato on the ground floor of Mall of Asia, in front of KKK restaurant, Entertainment Mall area.

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16 thoughts on “Dolce Gelato

  1. i love ice cream. I’d love to try that one. I’ve tried gelato (mango jubillee flavor) at Amici beside Don Bosco Makati. Is the taste of Dolce Gelato somehow the same as the one they serve at Amici?

  2. Hello Anton,
    Thank you for your review and post. I frequent your site and think its great.
    We do offer other great flavors, my personal favorite is pistachio and mango tango. 🙂
    Please check out our website at for more information. We do deliveries within the Alabang Area.
    Ramon A.

  3. @upto6only – I like Dolce’s gelato because the flavors are full. It taste like Mango and has bits of Mango inside like the ones in Amici.
    @Ramon A – You’re welcome and thanks for adding the link to the multiply site.

  4. I’ve only tried their gelato once and I was torn choosing between the Ferrero Rocher and Vanilla but in the end I got the Biscotto. I have to agree. Their gelato is a tad bit sweet to the taste.
    Meybe next time I’ll try the Ferrero Rocher!

  5. @rea – you should mix and match some flavors (only for medium cup & large cup), then you wont be in a predicament on what flavor you should get. 🙂
    @phil – yes, you probably went to our stall during our first two weeks, we were having problems with our display freezer. Check it out now, we purchased a new one and our gelato is at a consistent temperature now.
    Thank you for all your feedback, we will try and tone down the sweetness! for now try the lindt chocolate, and tiramisu it isn’t as sweet as the rest.

  6. Wow! Ice cream!
    I love ice cream. It is nice to know that there are a lot of places to get it from. A lot of flavors too.
    Nice blog you have here, sir.
    By the way, can I ask for your inputs on how you find my blog? I’m just new to this passion.
    thanks for having me here.

  7. @Ryan
    For your kids let them try bubble gum gelato or Mideterrano, i think they will find it amusing. (it taste good too).
    Our staff gives you free taste so that you can choose what you really want. 🙂 Let me know what you think of our gelato!

  8. i need to try their gelato again… the first time wasn’t so good… not creamy at all with lots of “ice particles”.. i just came back from italy when i tried it so i guess that wasn’t fair.

  9. Due to popular demand,
    Dolce Premium Italian Gelato
    is pleased to announce our next location:
    Dolce Gelato will start serving the south side this coming
    JUNE 11, 2009
    So be sure to drop by, See you there!! 🙂

  10. my favorite flavors are ferrero rocher and lindt chocolate. very creamy and mouth watering, i never get enough of it except for the bubble gum flavors perhaps i’ll leave that to the kids

  11. nothing can beat nothing can replace the true bloodied filipino ice cream called: SCRAMBLE ice cream in those small pink cups that i love so much back in the 60’s when i have no omney to pay the mouth watery tasting & so yummy scramble ice cream i come out of some non lady like ideas like i was shouting the word scramble every one minute that took the pupils teachers attention bcoz sometimes i used a military commanding like voice at least dozens of crowds flocked to where i was so the old man{scramble owner}would give me free scramble ice cream up to 3 glasses for enticing dozens of new customers so who said ‘without’ money you can’t get what you want lol! lol

  12. Hey everyone, we just opened up our 3rd branch in SM Annex basement fronting Bingo Bonanza! come and check us out!
    If SM Annex is too far for you, check us out in SM MOA and Alabang Town Center (ATC)!
    See you guys there

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