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If you are looking for something new in Serendra, you should try the latest gourmet burger place — Murray & D’Vine. Its tagline says it all: “Burgers, Sliders & Damn Good Wine”.

Brava closed down, and Murray Hertz bought it from the Balducci owners. By just offering exclusive gourmet burgers in the menu, this wine place is buzzing again. It has a wide range of Gourmet Burgers — from the healthy burgers (Turkey and Ostrich) to the seafood burgers (Pacific Salmon, Sea Scallop and Tuna).

You could try the Ostrich Burger, which is lean meat that tastes like beef. But you need to order it Medium Rare so that it is not dry when served.

It also offers a sliders version of the burger for kids, which is essentially three small burgers on a skewer put on top of a conical container filled with french fries.

Murray Hertz has been living in the Philippines for 30 years and is a part owner of New Orleans in Boni High Street. I like his single-minded focus of serving just gourmet burgers and partnering them with wine. (What a strange combination, but it works!)

There are three dining areas: the al fresco area, the bar area on the ground floor, and the second floor dining area. The second floor is quite small (with around 6 tables). It could probably fit up to 15 people max.

The waiters present the gourmet burgers menu on a blackboard.

Wine List Menu
Cocktails Della Casa, Classical | Spirits & Liquor, House Spirits | The Single Malt List, House Wines, Champagne, Sparkling Wine | Rose Wines, White Wines | Red Wines | Sparkling Glory, Pre Prandials, Post Prandials | Bevande and Espressos, Caffe Alla Moka

Beef Blue Cheese (P345+SC)

That night, we were craving for beef burgers with our favorite blue cheese. We prefer our beef cooked medium-well instead of well-done, which is usually dry.

My Son-in-Law’s Spicy Beef (P295+SC)

The bestsellers in Murray are the Beef “n” Bacon and My Son-in-Law’s Spicy Beef Burger. Because of my Bicolano heritage, I love anything spicy, including burgers. It was good — except that they served it Medium Rare, where the insides are moist and mushy, which ruined the experience for me.

The burgers come with a serving of french fries and fresh vegetables (lettuce/tomato).

On a personal note, we were surprised and happy to see Syoti Joshua serving us french fries to eat. It was the first time, and it was nice to see a little kid appreciating the value of sharing.

Murray & D’Vine
Burgers, Sliders & Damn Good Wine
Murray Hertz
For Reservations: +632 856-3723
(Formerly Brava), Space C114, G/F Retail Area,
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009.

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11 thoughts on “Murray & D’Vine, Serendra

  1. Thanks for this! I love going out of the box with wine. At buti na lang may seafood! And my son would love the skewered burgers with fries 🙂

  2. We had the same experience, Anton. Although I ordered the ordinary burger. I requested medium rare but it came out soft and mushy, like it wasn’t even cooked. Anyway, the waiter was nice enough to have it cooked again. Although I wouldve appreciated if they gave me a new meal instead of just giving me cooked ground beef that didn’t even resemble a burget patty. And my tita’s burger came out really cold. Anyway, it wasn’t a very good experience for us and I wouldn’t recommend it. I shouldve complained to the manager. Oh well.

  3. Reminds me of Duke’s Burger in Hong Kong. Hopefully, they get their act right coz there are so many good burger places out there!

  4. We had lunch there last Saturday. The ambiance was nice and service was friendly. We ordered the wagyu burger, son-in-law’s spicy burger and beef with spring onion burger. Having been forewarned about the tendency of mushiness with their patties. We ordered all medium-well. All the burgers were served rare though. We sent it back to have it cooked again and it still came back rare (their grill chef needs to hone her/his judging skills on doneness of meat, the problem seems to come up a lot). That kinda ruined the experience for us. The taste and presentation were average. The fries are really good though.

  5. had dinner there the other night. wasn’t very happy with it. too expensive and the food was just alright.

  6. Unfortunately Murray & D’Vine has been shutdown by the BIR for tax evasion. Geez… they had such a great (and unique!) product going for themselves, it’s a shame that the owners’ greedy pockets let it all go to waste.

  7. Yay they’re open again! Murray & D’Vine is a true reincarnation of Waikiki’s Cheeseburger in Paradise. But even classier!

  8. how ironic can it be that they didn’t have any burgers last night AT ALL- given all the a la carte menu from their blackboard, and they specialize in burgers!
    The winelist really is SAD though and overpriced:(
    By the way, Burgers with wines is not strange at all 🙂 It is fantastic, I make homemade burgers when we feel like having a good meaty one freshly made, I just get the ground beef from my favorite trusted Santis and voila! 🙂

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