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Yasutaka Shinozaki-san is a semi-retiree who is concerned about the food safety and health of the Family. He
started organic farming for 2 years and he became a buzzword on organic vegetables delivery in Manila. 

I hesitated to share this foodie discovery but some OAP readers might
want to have organic vegetables delivered to their doorsteps. Prices are a bit expensive compared to ordinary vegetables.

What’s the advantage of Organic Vegetables? The farm follows the organic best practice of using no pesticides, no weed-killers, or no chemical fertilizers at all. It uses techniques like using the smoke of natural leaves, branches and grasses; spraying vinegar or calamansi with garlic; or deploying fine nets to protect their vegetables. It uses compost and other natural materials only.

Shinozaki Farm delivers pure organic vegetables with two types of baskets (minimum order):

1. Basket (standard) – P650
– with 10-15 kinds of vegetables,
– volume good for two, twice meals a day for 5-7 days,
– delivered to your doorstep once a week.
– contents are on timely harvest basis only so customer has no choice

2. Basket S (small) – P450
– with same kind of vegetables as the standard basket,
– volume good for two, twice meals a day for 3-4 days,
– delivered to your doorstep once a week.
– contents are on timely harvest basis only so customer has no choice

Additional vegetables per pc or per kg varies
Additional fruits per pc or per kg varies, seasonal (30 kinds of fruit trees with 70 mango trees)

Shinozaki Farm also delivers:

Organic Chicken Eggs – P100 per dozen
Native Chicken – P250 per kg, weighs 1-1.5kg per head, delivered dressed as a whole
Wild Duck – P300 per kg, weighs about 1kg, delivered dressed as a whole
White Duck – P250 per kg, weights about 2-2.5kg, delivered dressed as a whole
Goose – P400 per kg. weighs 2.5-3.5kg, delivered dressed as a whole
Organic Rice – P650-800 per 10kg, delivered twice a year, right after harvest and mil 

+P50 per delivery as chip-in to fuels

– Fowls are grown in open area such as a rice field
– They are never kept in small cages
– They eat all-natural food, like rice-bran, beans, potatoes, greens, fish, seaweed, our organic vegetables and fruits
– They drink deep well or natural water only
– They are running around or swimming in about 2,000 square meter open area every day
– They don’t use antibiotics (unlike broilers, which are usually overdosed with special hormones too)

Francisco-Shinozaki Farm Inc.,

San Jose Patag, Santa Maria, Bulacan 

Telephone: +63 44-641-4970
Mobile: +63917-838-8081

Live an Awesome Life in God’s Grace,


Text by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2008.

+63917-LOVEOAP (5683627)

10 thoughts on “Shinozaki Farm – Organic Vegetables

  1. Anton, my mom has been getting delivery of Shino’s organic chicken and eggs which she loves. Yesterday, she got a first-time delivery of his organic duck and geese. She said that all the three types of fowl were very lean yet tasty. The only downside with organic poultry is you have to allow for longer cooking time. Otherwise, you can definitely tell the difference in taste.

  2. The price for the white duck is reasonable, the frozen ducklings in the groceries are close to P1000 for a 2.5 fowl.

  3. Wow, good to know that we have this one in the Philippines just like in the US. I have done a research from my previous job of organic farms and deliveries in the US and there’s plenty of them. I hope other people who have farms also follow suit.

  4. hi anton… they have a link/website were you can order? can i have that one as well so i can try to place an order?? thanks

  5. Hi. I live in San Mateo, Rizal. Would you be able to deliver here? If so, how much would the delivery cost be? How much is the minimum order? Thanks for your response. More power to you!

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