My First Day in AIM


Happy Easter!  Our family stayed in Manila except on Good Friday when we immersed into the Good Friday tradition of San Fernando Pampanga. I noticed that most people spent their time outside Manila. Where did you go during the long Holy Week?

We discovered a lot of foodie goodies over the long holidays and I’ll share with them to you soon 🙂

It is my first day teaching in AIM for its pilot EXCELL course: Winning Internet Strategies. I’m excited and I do hope I can impart my knowledge effectively.

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18 thoughts on “My First Day in AIM

  1. Great form Anton! Way to go 🙂
    I spent the Holy Week in three places…at a Lenten Retreat in Tagaytay from Wednesday to Maundy Thursday, home on Good Friday and San Miguel, Bulacan on Black Saturday and Easter Sunday.

  2. I “attended” the online retreat, went to the interactive Stations of the Cross at High Street, went to the Easter Vigil at Ateneo Rockwell. Lunch with my sisters, spouses and their kids. Dinner with sister and fiance. Read The Case for Christ.

  3. Also played a science game on DVD. Watched the first part of The Banquet. Watched two AI episodes. And Monk and the Genius, probably one of the best Monk episodes.

  4. i miss ilocos! back in the day, we used to go home there in tagudin, ilocos sure, then we always go to all the cities and way up to ilocos norte. never been to pagudpud. parating nauudlot ang trip namin dun.

  5. It’s quite an exciting endeavor to venture into, Anton. Although, I think the course is more technical than anything else, you are still in a position to shape young and not so young minds. Goodluck and more power to you!
    Bubba and I spent Holy Week at Vietnam and Cambodia, more on Siem Reap, Cambdoia actually. Will be posting about it soon. Have you been to Angkor Wat?

  6. Didn’t do much during holy week : )) but a great holiday with family members around, nothing beats that! Great job there Anton.

  7. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for sharing your Holy Week experience. I have not been to Angkor Wat
    and I’ve been wanting to go.
    On the course, it is actually a mix because it focuses on Marketing and the
    technical tools used for the internet.

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