The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Review

Spelling Bee is a musical play revolving around the Putnam County Spelling Bee Eliminations before the winner goes into the National Spelling Bee Finals. The entire 1 hour 45 minute show (with no-intermission) tells the behind-the-scene stories around the intense spelling bee competition. It also shares the tele-nobela family story of the six young competitors via flash backs.

The star studded hilarious cast is composed mostly of Avenue Q veterans which includes: 

  • Carla Guevara-Laforteza as Kate Monster/Lucy the Slut in Avenue, now playing as Olive Ostrovsky, 
  • Felix Rivera as Princeton/Rod in Avenue Q, now playing as Chip Tolentino, 
  • Joel Trinidad as Nicky / Trekkie Monster in Avenue Q, now playing as Vice Principal Douglas Panch, 
  • Thea Tadiar-Everley as Bad Idea Bears in Avenue Q, now playing as Marcy Park and 
  • Rycharde Everley as Brian in Avenue Q, now playing as William Barfee.

What makes it a must watch, never to be missed show?

1. The entire show is funny because of the witty lines and facial reactions instead of slapstick comedy. Most people laugh at “the use in the sentence” replies of Joel Trinidad.

2. The two surprise celebrity guests and two spelling bee contestants make every show hilariously different. 

3. You’ll probably build your vocabulary by just listening to the difficult words and their meaning. You’ll also probably learn different spelling strategies from the contestants.

It is the type of musical show that you only watch once, because:

1. There are no popular songs or no memorable taglines from the show. You’ll remember the laughs but not the stories or lessons.

2. There is a scene where it came across as blasphemy of Jesus Christ and it was done in bad taste.

Overall, all musical play lovers need to see this unique hilarious show. 

The last show of the first run of Spelling Bee is tonight. There will be a re-run starting July 3:
July 3, 2009 (Friday)
8 PM, RCBC Plaza , Makati
Minnie Fong Show for Charity 
For Inquiries and reservations email or call her +63917-8676332. 
I usually watch either the opening or the ending show. Please let Minnie know if you’re an OAP friend.
July 4, 2009, Saturday, 
8pm, RCBC Plaza , Makati
Geoffrey Yu Show
For Inquiries and reservations email or call him +63920-9287573 
July 5, 2009 (Sunday)
3 PM, RCBC Plaza, Makati
Jessica Manalo Show 
For inquiries and reservations e-mail or call her +63918-9004995
Ticket Prices:
P 500 (Balcony)
P 700 (Loge Sides)
P 900 (Loge Center)
P 1,100 (Orchestra Sides)
P 1,300 (Orchestra Center)  

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

P.S. I’m still looking for the complete list of Spelling Bee buyers for the 2nd run in July. Please email me if you know.

P.P.S. No, we are not selling Spelling Bee tickets but we would probably sell the Spring Awakening Musical. 

11 thoughts on “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Review

  1. Did you volunteer to be a guest speller, Anton? 😉 Wish I had the guts to but I didn’t. Hehe. Reviewed it on my site as well. A friend of mine is asking if there would be shows from July 12 onwards since she would only be back in Manila by then. Would you know the dates of the July re-run?

  2. i think we watched on the same night. i liked it! i think too that the portrayal of jesus was improper, but i really liked his message there. a voice-over, according to my husband, would have sufficed!
    all in all, an entertaining play 🙂

  3. oh! so this is the spelling bee i’ve been hearing about. duh… haha
    hi anton, we took the same flight to Batanes a few weeks ago… i was too shy to approach you. 😀

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