Tips on Getting To and Around Boracay – 2009


by Nowie,  Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Café, Boracay

1. Landing At Caticlan

While waiting for your bags  to be brought down from the plane, fill up the tourist information sheets  at the counter.. This will save you some time at the jetty port where it tends to be more chaotic.

2. Caticlan Airport – Jetty Port

If landing in Caticlan, another way to get to the jetty port from the airport is to simply walk. As you get out of the airport, you will have to turn right and make a u-turn when you reach the end of the railing. Walk to the end of the street and onto the highway where you will turn right. When you see the hardware store on the left, turn left on the road there and that will lead you straight to the jetty port. Alternatively, you can also flag down a tricycle at the highway for P7.00 per person.

Either way is cheaper than the P50/tricycle fee at the terminal near the airport!

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3. Kalibo- Caticlan

If landing in Kalibo, an alternative to the vans (which are often hot and break down easily) are the air-conditioned buses operated by South Star or Island Star Express. They cost slightly more (P220-P250  vs P200 for the vans) but they are usually cooler and travel time is faster because they don’t make a lot of stops. The only downside is that they may wait for the bus to be filled before leaving and this obviously takes longer than the vans.

Upon exiting the terminal,, look for the South Star or Island Star tables or representatives.

4. At The Jetty Port

Prepare the necessary fees early. You will need to pay the following per person:

            Boat Ticket: P25
            Environmental Maintenance Fee: P50
            Jetty Port Terminal Fee: P50

            TOTAL : P125

Before entering the jetty port, security guards will search your bags. Be prepared to open your bags quickly and show them the contents.

And finally, before boarding, you will have to list down your name and details for the boat’s manifest.

5. Boracay Jetty Port to White Beach

If you pay the “individual” fare, it is only P20 per person to most points on the main road near the beach. You can also choose to get the whole tricycle all to yourself for P100. These are the same when you are leaving the island (just say “Cagban” if you want to get to the port)

Fares may be different when you want the tricycle to turn from the main road (and take you directly to the beach, for example) and when you ask it to go beyond Friday’s. So make sure you clarify the rate before getting on.

6. Boracay Tricycles

Unfortunately, Boracay tricycle drivers will take advantage of you whenever they can. Keep in mind that the rate is only P7.00 per person for the “individual” fare (mention this when you get on and state your destination). Don’t be afraid to complain and find the baranggay hall if you encounter any problems.

–       the fare becomes more expensive when it’s late at night
–       the fare is higher when you get on or get off on the side roads that branch out from the highway. Take a short walk to the highway and get on there instead
–       Get the tricycle number and (as much as possible) driver number when you encounter any problems
–       Count your change!

7.    In General

Travel times will be more difficult during the very peak periods (Holy Week and Labor Day Weekend) so try to allow more time to get to your destination (such as from the island to the airport).

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20 thoughts on “Tips on Getting To and Around Boracay – 2009

  1. we are missing boracay.. we go there in the -ber months, we love it more since its less chaotic, for there are less tourists around…

  2. No one should go to Boracay on December!!! Its not advisable. You could go on other months but not December!

  3. been to Bora last March, my first ever trip there and I had fun. Did not find time to swim hehehe since my friend and I were having fun taking pictures of the place. hehehe

  4. hello anton thank u for this , im going to boracay his may and this a a good help i know now what the rates are . btw dis u fly from manila ? we need to fly from tacloban do you know what a plane ticket will cost ?
    very good site you have and keep going on doing the good work
    regards raynier from the netherlands .

  5. hello. will going in June. you did not mention any airport (terminal Fee)…is it P200 and last time i heard, environmental fee is P75 or have they lowered it? tnx in advance.

  6. been in boracay last decemebr 2008 and it was alot of fun but too crowded halos lahat ng mga bar ay puno.. hay!

  7. hi! we’re going to bora on March 26 and staying until the 29th…any suggestions on great (and possibly affordable) places to stay, eat and hang out?
    thanks! 🙂

  8. hi anton! i’m grateful to stumble on your website coz it’s really helpful for us who don’t travel or get around much! my husband and I plan to go to bora this march for the first time, and i would like to bring my 3 year old son with us. do you think it’s sane to do that? any tip from you to make it “bearable” and fun is appreciated.

  9. Hi Lois,
    Yes, it would be fun to bring a 3-year old kid to Boracay! They will enjoy the sand and the beach is good for kids.
    Just bring entertainment stuff for kids, beach toys, and some snacks.

  10. Hi anton,
    Sir,we’re going to bora on December 23 and staying until the 28th…any suggestions on great (and possibly affordable) places to stay, eat and hang out? we would spend christmas in Bora, together with my 3 year old daughter.. pls advice… tnx

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