Best Pandesal Since 1950’s by Pan de Amerikana


The Best Pandesal in Manila is the Pandesal Since 1950’s by Pan de Amerikana. I’ve known this foodie secret for a while… We were serving this during our private Maven Secrets sessions and most of the people were asking us where we got our pandesal.

Here is the story of Pandesal Since 1950’s and Pan de Amerikana…


PANDESAL Since 1950’s

Jundio Salvador, the man behind Pan de Amerikana, serves his customers personally when he is in the Pandesal Since 1950’s branches. There is now a Makati branch along Makati Avenue (near North Park) aside from the Greenhills and White Plains branches.

He prides himself on using the right oven and the right wood when baking the pandesal.

Wheat Pandesal (P5.50).

The outer crust is crunchy but the inside is as soft as a donut. You’ll see the fibers of the pandesal creating a honeycomb structure that is firm but soft. It has a bit of a salty and smoky taste and you can eat it just as it is.

No bread extenders or improvers are used to preserve the pandesal so its freshness can only last for 3 days — just like how it was in the 1950’s.

Megasized Ensaymada (P10)

Aidan’s favorite is the Wheat Ensaymada. Its dough is similar to the pandesal dough except that it is formed in a swirl with a bit of butter and sugar on top.

Finally, they are now open in Makati!

Pandesal Since 1950’s
118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
beside Lola Idang’s
Telephone: +632 421-1966, +63 917 881-1884

Unit 4, Madison Building, Wilson street Greenhills, San Juan
Telephone: +632 384-6741, +63 917-5664424

Constellation Drive corner Makati Avenue, Belair
Near North Park along Makati Avenue
Telephone: +632 387-9413, +63917 571-2224


Aside from the usual pandesal, Pan de Amerikana still produces the giant Pandesal where it got its name– Pan de Amerikana (P55). They said that in the 1950’s, the pandesal was that big because the Americans liked it that way.

You can have the huge pandesal sliced but I prefer to tear away bits and pieces when I eat it.

Pan de Americana Menu

When in Marikina, don’t forget to drop by Pan de Americana and meet the owners 🙂

One of the highlights of Pan de Amerikana is the jumbo-sized three and a half feet high plastic chess pieces imported from New York City. Playing chess is now part of the sports curriculum in Marikina schools.

Dine in a garden setting with “waterfalls, treehouse, rope bridge, koi pond, traviesa benches, old antique wood tables, batibot chairs and tables, tropical rain forest plants, wishing well, and an Italian colonnade European ruins.” (Source:

The restaurant provides free wifi, so this is a great hangout for bloggers, artists and chessmaster wannabes.

The handprints of Eugene Torre, one of the best Pinoy Chess Grandmasters, is proudly displayed in the restaurant.

Everlasting (P35)

This is the most popular dish in Marikina and is never absent in any of the family gatherings or fiestas there; hence, its name. It is like an embotido shaped with a “Llanera” and garnished with carrots and cucumber on the side and eggs on top.

Another popular Marikina dish is Waknatoy but we were not able to try it.

Waknatoy looks like “menudo” with a lot of pickles. It was called such because the Chinese who were living in Marikina always complained about the redundancy of including this type of dish in every family gathering. They always exclaimed, “Ito na naman? Wak na toy!” (Source:


Here are some of the home-cooked dishes prepared by Jundio’s wife… (Take note of how affordable they are!)

Bangus Belly (P75)

Tuyo with Red Eggs (P40)

Sinugba Family (P250)

Chicken Pandan (P45) with Rice

Sisig Rice (P115), Lumpiang Shanghai (P25), Bicol Laing (P25)

Bangus Sisig (115)

Hot Choco (P20). YYou can enjoy Hot Choco or Coffee for only P20. This is a cool hangout place when you are in Marikina.

Some of the pandesals are fried into sticks, which are then served as appetizers instead of the usual fries.

You won’t miss Pan de Amerikana’s signature facade — a life-sized Dutch windmill!

Pan de Amerikana Bakeshop and Restaurant
open from 6am to 7pm everyday except Sundays 6am to 3pm
92 ordonez street Concepcion dos Marikina
near World of Butterflies
Telephone: +632 475-2398, +63917-5308824




Pan de Amerikana – Quezon City

118 Katipunan Avenue White Plains Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines

Phone: +63(2)4211966


Pan de Amerikana -Makati City

Constellation Drive Corner Makati Avenue Bel Air Makati Metro Manila Philippines
Phone: +63(2)3879413


Pan de Amerikana -San Juan

Unit 4 Madison Building Wilson Street San Juan Metro Manila Philippines
Phone: +63(2)3849413




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12 thoughts on “Best Pandesal Since 1950’s by Pan de Amerikana

  1. Wow, I’m glad you were able to feature this one from Marikina. We’re fans of their wheat pan de sal, they’re much better compared to the Pan De Pugon’s that usually hardens after a while. I love their ensaimadas too. Half of it makes your stomach full–great for merienda.
    I frequent their restaurant as well, my favorite is their everlasting: a cross between embutido and laguna’s “lyanera.”

  2. hi anton! have you tried the pandesal of the casa marcos? they are good too! casa marcos closed down years ago but the panaderia is still open. its located at the back of National bookstore along Quezon ave. Hope you’ll try them.

  3. hello Anton! NBS Q.Ave is in the corner of Sct. Borromeo near ABS-CBN. I suggest you park at National Bookstore and walk towards Panay Ave. Its a hole in the wall kind of place but serves good bread.

  4. the embutido moulded in the llanera is called HARDINERA. okay na yung 45 -75 pesos na dishes. ang dami nyo mag order! haha kahit saan kayo pumunta parang last meal na!

  5. Hi Anton, we visited the place in December 2010 because it was featured in Jessica Soho’s show, but I beg to disagree, there is nothing special with their food except that the motif in Katipunan ave., is upside down.We ordered the deep fried oyster mushroom but it was bitter like burnt oil.
    While ordering, there was a lady in the counter/front who was “masungit” who did not even smile when I asked on some of their menus. NO SHE was not a dinning crew, I know because the dinning crew was more accommodating. She did not even smile or waved a sense of”likeness” when I started to ask them about their menu and I even felt her annoyance on my repeated questions about the menu onthe board .I know she was not a crew because the crew called her maam, and she seem to be observing the place and the crew. Because of this, I will make sure that my friends will not frequent the placee. my rate from 1 to 5, 5 being the highest, is 2.5. My two cents, overrated.

  6. Pan de Amerikana in Marikina was part of the 10% in the city that was not affected by the floodwaters of Ondoy. Most people in that area were oblivious to the devastation because communication and power was cut off. Haven’t tried the Katipunan branch but the one in Marikina is still worth a visit. Nobody should really expect high quality from them cause the food is so cheap. It is one of the few places where I can get my fix of Vigan longganisa and the Ilocano Pinakbet. I’ve never heard of Hardinera because in Marikina, it has always been called Everlasting. Could not recall if they also serve Pininyahang Manok.

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