Best Buffets in Manila: Dusit Thani’s Crossover Sunday Brunch

Update April 14, 2013: This Cross-Over Buffet is now changed to:
DUSIT THANI: Sunday Family Brunch Buffet (Umu and Basix Crossover) 

The Family Crossover Brunch Buffet is the best buffet deal in town every Sunday. You get to try the best Thai, Japanese and Italian cuisine in Makati for P1,450 net from Dusit Thani’s specialty restaurants – Benjarong, Umu, and Tosca, respectively. The continental buffet in Basix restaurant is also included but it takes a supporting role, providing the Peking duck, prime ribs, shawarma and other common dishes one would expect in a hotel buffet.

Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:

Since you have to cross over to other restaurants, you need to decide where your home base is during your brunch. For families, reserve the private rooms or the tables facing the mini-garden and koi pond. For couples, Benjarong has a romantic Asian ambiance while Tosca offers a formal, romantic setting. 

Umu Ambiance

Tosca Ambiance

Benjarong Ambiance

Basix Ambiance

This is the best private room in Umu with a view of the garden


Kids can play in the Koi Pond after the buffet…


To start your buffet experience, go with the live teppanyaki and tempura stations in Umu on the first floor. You can choose the ingredients, which the chef cooks for you. Your dishes are served hot and fresh.

Eat-all-you-can Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki Station @ Umu

Tempura Station @ Umu

Eat-all-you-can Tempura

The sushi and robata (charcoal-grilled) station is worth visiting for appetizers.





On the second floor, you’ll see Thai Chef Khun Tun cooking an authentic Pad Thai Gung (Stir-fried Noodle with Prawns, Beancurd, Egg and Beansprouts) in front of you. You should also try the Yam Som O (Pomelo Salad) and Tord Man Gung (Shrimp Cakes) in Benjarong.


Chef Khun Tun cooks Pad thai herself @ Benjarong

Freshly Cooked Shrimp Cakes @ Benjarong

Pomelo Salad @ Benjarong



Still on the same floor, head over to Tosca for freshly cooked pasta and pizza.




Pizza Station @ Tosca

Small Pizzas

Pasta Station @ Tosca


Free-flowing Proseco Sparkling Wine is served in Tosca, Japanese Green Tea in Umu, Pandan Juice in Benjarong, and Red Iced Tea in Basix.


Prosecco Sparkling Wine @ Tosca




For dessert, nothing can beat Tosca’s Flourless Chocolate Cake, which is served heated and topped with homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.


The Flourless Chocolate Cake is heated.

Then topped with Homemade Ice Cream. People line up for these…


Sunday Family Crossover Brunch, Dusit Thani

Every Sunday 11.30am to 3.00pm

P1,450 net adults, P775 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.

For reservations, call +632 867-3333


Best Sunday Brunch Series 2013:




24 thoughts on “Best Buffets in Manila: Dusit Thani’s Crossover Sunday Brunch

  1. Glad you feature Dusit Thani’s Crossover Buffet.
    Dusit is so memorable to us for it served as our wedding reception venue 5 years ago.
    My wife likes Basix, I love UMU – the contemporary japanese interiors, the bottomless iced cold green teas, the sukiyaki that has beef thinly sliced and so tender, the abundance of shrimps, salmon and veggies at the teppanyaki station, what more can I ask for? Tosca has overflowing wine, and the freebies and safely guarded activities for kids make this buffet different from other open-kitchen hotel buffets. They have efficient and friendliest staff too. Most of all, my son Gabby who’s only 4 y/o got to eat for free (just like in Circles and Heat).
    I’ve also shared our experience at dusit here
    and surely we’ll go back there to bring more friends and family. Thanks!

  2. Yeah I failed to mention the activities for kids on Sunday is getting better
    and better. I love UMU too so we usually have our buffet base in the
    Japanese resto 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your link to your relevant blog post, docgelo!

  3. It’s a pleasure to receive reply from you Anton.
    I frequent your site and it became a habit.
    Thanks for sharing your Best Buffet in Manila series!
    Keep it coming! Your site is nicer and more intimate than the food magazines around,
    it’s somewhat like a reference to self-proclaimed foodies like us.

  4. I called and made a reservation last week for my husbands birthday last sunday. To my disappointment, whoever I talked to did not book my reservation for Umu. The receptionist was trying to get us into their other restaurants. They didn’t even apologize for their mistake. We went to Circles Makati Shangrila instead. No plans of going back to Dusit..

  5. viewer name rose: it could be descrimination not exactly clueless on services they render if you file a lawsuit on behalf of descriminations that would be good extremely helpful bcoz i hate lawsuits but i hate DISCRIMINATIONS ‘much’ more if youre filipinos and foreign owned businesses are non chalant not bothered by how they inconvenient-stressed you out acting as if your inclusiveness is a daily routine an ordinary activities in their hotel then just help stand in behalf of those who do not have the powers the time the knowledge to nail those who wants to do business in the philippines but refused to set a decent honorable standards of at least civilized professional enough to call you back to cancel your reservations so no one need to pay extra gasoline buy new clothes prepare the groups even some absences from other appointments spent your savings just to find out you filipinos are not in the list i hope you had a free parking lot coz paying for that too after their unprofessionalism is mind boggling i hope if you couldnt some filipinos will stand up & tell them when there’s an agreement a compromised date time number of people that means the services already started paid or not something was rendered you couldnt pay bcoz you were left out of the list not apologizing is adding an insult to injuries i am appalled this actually happened
    high end hotels if professionals normally are apologetic with a given discounts on customers part in high ends professional hotels stores businesses etc. customers are always right i am surprised this actually happened lol!

  6. Hi,Anton!
    I often rely on your reviews for new restos to try. We recently ate in Dusit and we really enjoyed the experience. We are actually trying out all the buffets in town for every special occasion that comes, since it is more worth our money.I hope you could also do a review on Renaissance’s M2M..Thanks and more power to your site!

  7. Hi Kit,
    I actually tried M2M already and I don’t know what to blog about it. It is
    standard. The interiors and the concept that it is available 24 hours is
    good. But the buffet is not 24 hours.

  8. Hey Anton! Wow this really looks good but it will be awhile until I can feast on any buffet:( haha Thanks for letting us know about this!

  9. Hi Anton,
    Your reviews are very helpful…
    We want to celebrate my mom’s 75th bday next month, august. Do they have big table to accommodate 20 persons for the crossover buffet at Dusit. Is there any discount card being offered by the hotel? How do we get them? thanks

  10. Yes, they have private rooms in the Japanese restaurant and better get the hotel discount card in the hotel before you eat.

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