Jiggles, the Balloon Lady

Are you tired of the usual balloon acts by clowns during children’s parties? Would you like to see balloon versions of your favorite cartoon characters? Would you like to see the Best Balloon Artist in Manila?

If you answered YES to all the questions, then you’ve got to see Jiggles the Balloon Lady. I saw her in the last Expo MOM and was fascinated by her Balloon Show.

We love Jiggles’ balloon version of Lightning McQueen and Thomas the train. Aidan loves both of these characters. For her finale, she created a monkey and a banana tree (see photo above) and gave it to the person who was able to guess it first.

Check out Jiggles the Balloon Lady for your next kiddie party! 🙂

Jing Simpao Callanta
Mobile: +63920 924-6022
Telephone Number: +632 807-8029, 807-8040
Email: jigglesballoonlady@yahoo.com
FB: Jacqueline Simpao Callanta

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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6 thoughts on “Jiggles, the Balloon Lady

  1. yup at a recent event at my hubby’s company, the kids enjoyed the show a lot, my son got to have the little mermaid balloon, i only wished there was music on the background while she’s doing her thing.
    laki na ng bunsoy mo!

  2. Anton Thank you very much for the very nice write up…. I was directed to this website by another person who read it. May I post a link to this website to my multiply site and my facebook? Thank you again!
    Belle – there is soft background music playing in the background, i have to have the music lowered so i could hear anyone who first guess what i am making…

  3. a good great decent example of what entertainments is all about..great great shows for children or even fun filled adults senior citizens in particular

  4. since not every 6 years old filipinos{children}will have talents such as this wise smart dedicated hard working mom juggling balloons for a living {entrepreneurships}to help provide a better luxurious lifestyles for her families it is extremely IMPORTANT THAT ALL PHILIPPINES ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS MUST NOT REJECT ANY FILIPINO CHILDREN THIS SCHOOL YEAR
    MEANING PLEASE IMPROVISED BUT TAKE THEM ALL to study ist grade this 2009..it is urgent that all this 6 years old can go to elementaty schools this year..i am upset that i saw in the news they are rejecting some 6 years old so they cry in frustrations this rejections will traumatized those children who went to school wearing school uniforms already please improvised but take them all believe it or not the future smartiest kids belongs to those who are rejected those belongs to the poorest segments of the society salamat po

  5. I dont know who her market is but its certainly not for my 3 yrs old. I have just seen her act and attended my friend’s party. I must say she is rude. She is not only literally mahangin but figuratively too. She even refused to give other children the simplest balloons when they were asking for it on the side. I have said it already but to sum HER up in 1 word…RUDE!!

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