For those in their 30s and above, “Nomnomnom” might mean “inom inom inom,” which could refer to a place where people hang out to drink (at least, that was what I was thinking). But for the young owners of Nomnomnom, the restaurant was named after the nomnomnom sound made by an anime character when he ate yummy food.

This latest find in Tomas Morato is hidden in the basement area of the restaurant’s building on the corner of Tomas Morato and E. Rodriguez. Its young and healthy vibe makes it the coolest place to hang out in the area. As with Taumbayan, the place is air-cooled with electric fans. Movie nights or acoustic nights are usually held in its al fresco portion (see some photos in Nomnomnom’s multiply site).



The resto has a wide variety of appetizers or what they call maliNOMNOM na mga pulutan. It also serves healthy pasta, burgers, and pizza. The Hemp shakes are interesting to try.


Nomnomnom’s interiors look just like a college tambayan — long table with benches, an open kitchen/bar in the corner, and an almost-bleached white ambiance. Outside the restaurant, you can find the area used for movie nights, where they typically serve buffet.


Aidan and Joshua ordering healthy Hemp shakes with Acai Berry from one of the owners.


Amazon Acai Hemp Shake (P80)

Aidan did not like it, so syoti Joshua had a fun time finishing the shake. It tasted different with a “berry sour” taste. I guess Joshua likes it because it tasted different from breast milk — he is less exposed to sweet drinks.


Fried Ravioli (P80 for 6pcs) Crispy fried pasta pockets stuffed with Spinach and Mushroom.


If you ask what is the best-selling appetizer of the house, they would recommend the Fried Ravioli. It is a bit ironic to serve something fried in what’s conceptualized as a healthy restaurant. It was OK, but what made most of their appetizers good is their own version of the salsa.


Fourplay (P160) Pita chips served with Salsa, Hummus, Motabal, and Toasted Garlic.


This is the perfect pulutan to share with a group. The hummus (made of chickpeas) and motabal (like mashed toasted eggplant) need to be finer in consistency and the taste is a bit subdued. The chips with salsa and a little bit of toasted garlic is a winning combination, though.


Mushroom Burger (P120) Mushroom Patty with Honey Mustard, Lettuce, Caramelized Onions, and Potato Wedges.


I tried their version of a healthy mushroom burger with three potato wedges. The mushroom patty was a bit mushy and tasted like mushroom instead of trying harder to taste like meat.


Lime Chicken with Alfredo Sauce (P170) Chicken Breast marinated in Lime and drizzled with Alfredo Sauce, served with Buttered Beans and Parsley Rice.


The lime chicken was just OK. Since this is a healthy restaurant, why not serve this with red rice instead? There seems to be this inconsistency with how they execute the “healthy” yummy concept but, overall, it is a cool place to hang out.


Nomnomnom is located in the basement area of this corner restaurant building. The only sign you would see from Tomas Morato is the small signage above.


Contact Person: Mara Bernaldo
Telephone Number: +63917-8250338
Tomas Morato cor. E. Rodriguez streets


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10 thoughts on “Nomnomnom…

  1. I’ve always associated the “nom nom nom” eating sound to cookie monster of sesame street. I didn’t know there’s also an anime character that makes that sound.

  2. we live quite near this place, we should try this soon.
    btw, my wife and i were watching tv this sunday afternoon and saw you on “ang pinaka” show of rovilson fernandez at qtv… the list of best comfort food places was great! thanks for sharing.

  3. had my first date here with my boyfriend…and i really enjoyed the food and the ambience…the place is quite secluded and it feels very cozy…service was fast too…had a spinache calzone and mozzarella sticks…it was really yummy…tried their samosas…it was great too…

  4. Gah, there was I time I would ALWAYS be in this building because of the Persian resto (World Class Persian Kabab) in the corner — not realizing Nomnomnom was just a hop and skip away!

  5. Ate here sometime last year with a couple of co-workers. Lime Chicken Alfredo was awesome but it took about 1 hour for our food to arrive. One of my companions had the baked chicken but after waiting for it for an hour, he finds out there’s still bloody parts in the chicken. Iced tea was really bad as well.
    I like the overall indie vibe of Nomnomnom, but I think they have to improve on their service.

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