Name that HARANA Song!

I’m excited to watch HARANA after seeing their dress rehearsal at the Philippine Opera Company studio. I appreciated the beauty of Filipino music even more when sang by opera singers and with the colorful costumes.

We are giving away HARANA Tickets to the first person who could name the different HARANA Song below. One correct HARANA song, One HARANA Ticket on May 30, Saturday. Test your knowledge of Filipino Songs!

10 thoughts on “Name that HARANA Song!

  1. yeah, i can’t see any song either. we got to watch a preview of their concert 3 or was it 4 weekends ago at shangri-la. it was really good. my parents loved it!

  2. Hi.
    I figured you wanted us to be more resourceful. You indicated several tickets so you must be referring to a medley of haranas and YouTube has a Harana Album Teaser that conveniently features nine songs from the show.
    I’d like to make the guesses on that basis and will name the first two songs (I need another ticket for a date with my wife): Kalesa and Kung Ako’y Mag-aasawa.

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  4. IF the the YouTube Harana album is the teaser, here’s the list of songs:
    1. Kalesa
    2. Kung Ako’y Mag-aasawa(?)
    3. Pamaypay ng Maynila
    4. Bituing Marikit
    5. Sa Kabukiran
    6. Waray-waray
    7. Iyo Kailan Pa Man
    8. Pobrang Alindahaw
    9. Sa Libis ng Nayon

  5. Hi there! Anton’s out until tomorrow. He accidentally published this post and will complete it by tom, May 26.
    @julai, macy, avatar, rocoi and vl, try your luck again when the post is finish 🙂 Good luck!

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  7. Hi Vl,
    I’m uploading 10 videos of HARANA songs during the dress rehearsal of POC
    last Friday. The first person to guess in the comments will win one HARANA
    ticket on May 30, Saturday 8pm.
    Hope you can join. You have 10 chances of winning 🙂 I’ll be publishing
    them tonight.

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