Dezato Cafe – Home of the Yummy Mochi
Dezato Cafe is the newest place to hang out for dessert or coffee after your Nomnomnom or Taumbayan lunch/dinner around the Tomas Morato area. The other options nearby would be: Heavenly Chocolate or Kozui.


Maria Gorre, the undisputed queen of Mochi (marketed under the Dezato brand), opened a cafe beside their house. It is easy to find — from the E.Rodriguez/ T. Morato intersection, go towards St. Luke’s and immediately turn right along Hemady St. after the first stop light. I like the location because it is away from the commercialized scene. It feels like hanging out in a house, and it has a hole-in-the-wall kind of surprise.

Mochi Regular Size (P35)/ Bite Size (P65) – yes the bite size is a bit bigger


Mochi are pillow-soft balls made of fine glutinous rice with a sweet surprise inside, like chocolate. There are five flavors to choose from: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate with walnuts, white chocolate with green tea, and choco peanut butter. I like my mochi with a contrasting taste like green tea or the ever-popular peanut butter.


Dezato Mochi Balls became popular in bazaars, the Legaspi Sunday Market and, more recently, in the Baker’s Dozen of Rockwell. Lori wrote a feature on Dezato.



Dezato Cafe Menu


A lot of people hang out in Dezato Cafe for mochi, latte and coffee, but one can also have breakfast or merienda here. Most of the dishes are below P200 and the pizzas around P300+. It has around 10 tables that can probably accommodate 20+ people, including the al fresco section.



Board games are available in the cafe — there’s Monopoly, Chess, Poker Set, Jenga, Othello, Scrabble, Dominoes, Taboo, Cranium, Puzzle Box, and Da Vinci’s Game.



I like looking at the soft, truffle-like mochi balls coated in cocoa powder before eating them.



When cut in half, the mochi’s sticky rice seems to protect the generous amount of filling inside. Maybe, they can create something like the Masachi with Chocolate served in Eat Well, where the filling oozes out.



We like to try all the flavors, so we had to cut them into four pieces (to include the two little boys, of course). We savor each and every bite. The Choco-Peanut Butter is a winner and we all like the White Chocolate with Green Tea.

If you’re looking for a different dessert experience, try Dezato Cafe.


Address: 100 Hemedy St., New Manila, Quezon City
Telephone: +632 727-1229, 387-9484
Mobile: +63 920-9249155



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12 thoughts on “Dezato Cafe – Home of the Yummy Mochi

  1. This is one of the rare times that I beat you to a restaurant, Anton! 😉 I’ve loved Maria’s mochi ever since Lori featured them, so when she opened a cafe, I had to check it out. Especially because it’s only here that you can try the ice cream mochi, which is also delish! We agree on our fave flavors — Choco-Peanut Butter and the White Choc. Green Tea. You can actually have a full meal there, not just breakfast or merienda. My friends and I had dinner there.
    I think you’re wrong about the mochi sizes, though. The regular mochi is bigger; the reason the bite-sized is more expensive is because each order is four pieces. 🙂

  2. Wow I’m amazed ang layo kaya ng QC sa house niyo. Thanks for the tip on the
    Ice Cream Mochi, we will try that next time.
    On the sizes, In their menus they specify regular size as the smaller one to
    bite size. Not sure why.

  3. Well..actually the reason I got to go there was because my friends and I had come from a party nearby. So I grabbed the opportunity to go to Dezato. I even texted Maria for directions so I wouldn’t get lost; I’m so useless outside Makati! 😉

  4. Hi Anton! Seen you at QTV’s ‘Pinaka’ and Working Mom Magazine etc… I am so happy for you and truly you’re making a difference to our lives…and our stomach– thanks for the food reviews.

  5. Hi Alelie! Lumabas na pala yung “Pinaka”, I was not able to see it because
    we were in Batanes. Thanks for the comment! I miss the P&G guys na…

  6. thanks for posting this. another japanese product we should try.
    there’s another japanese place you wrote about – Happy Cream Puff. I’m so glad we finally visited it. it’s excellent!!!! we even saw richard gomez on his way out carrying boxes of cream puffs!

  7. tamang-tama! my friends and i are will be going around qc tomorrow to get yummies!
    i will definitely suggest that we go to this place. =)
    mmmmm dark choco mochi!!!
    oh and congrats to the success of UTT 4. i enjoyed every minute of it! ayyy… pwera lang pala yung pilahan portion! hihihihih. =)

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