The Original Lechon Bread?


You might have seen a lot of Lechon breads lately and I’m still finding out if the Lechon bread of Antipolo is the original? You can buy the smallest one at P10 per piece and you can order bigger sizes on a per order basis.

The bread comes in other animal forms like turtle, crab, and porcupine. Each animal is hand carved everyday in the bakery.

The bread is sweet and if you order in advance, you can order the bigger sizes which they usually put cheese bits inside.

One small-sized animal bread is good for one person and it is very filling. It is best served hot and with butter.

It is available in the small bakery store in Antipolo called Domalaon Bakery. They have been selling it for years.  Other bakeries in Cagayan de Oro, Butuan, Davao, Tuguegarao and in Villamor Air Base are also selling the Lechon bread but in different forms. Not sure which one started all this craze about the lechon and animal breads. Would you know?

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33 thoughts on “The Original Lechon Bread?

  1. hey anton : )
    my daughter lileya had the same cute lechon bread in CDO to celebrate her birthday…lechon na, cake pa!! : )

  2. I think this is available in the Lung Center market on Sundays. Not sure about the lechon one, but we bought the alligator bread. Very cute!

  3. we usually buy lechon bread during special occasions, i love the alligator/crocodile bread because the spikes amazes me. i also love searching for the cheese inside the big ones, i hope they put more, heheh. i haven’t seen a mini lechon, only the big lechon & alligator bread, plus the small turtle & crab bread. we buy it in antipolo, i’m not sure if it’s in domalaon bakery, all i know is it’s located at the parallel street (either siete medya or circumferential road) at the other end of our street, M.H. del Pilar. as an added fix, maybe they could also sell peanut butter in mini cups w/ lids, these would look like sarsa for the lechon.

  4. from sumulong highway, turn left at the intersection where there’s a sign going teresa (where right turn will take you to taktak road & straight up will lead you to the cathedral), the road is part of the circumferential road but i often hear the intersection referred to as “siete medya” by the locals. after turning left at the intersection, just go on driving past a couple of blocks (around 3, i think) and you will see the bakery at the right side of the road.

  5. hey. my dad used to bring home lechon bread from dipolog everytime he was there for business before. and that was mga 1988-1990 pa. and whoaa! i stumbled upon your blog again. wow. ang laki na ng kid mo! 🙂 you were my bar review blog! super thank you! nung barrister ako (2007), i read your blog every 1000 pages , pick a restaurant you reviewed, and then eat there with my family pag sunday. haha.

  6. Hi Sir Anton! 🙂
    So sorry it’s taking so long to get the contact number for Domalaon! I haven’t gotten around to driving back there with the rain and all. :s I’ll text you as soon as I have it na! I should be able to swing by there this weekend.
    P.S. Hey, do you think I can have a copy of the picture you took of Aidan and Aikee together? 🙂

  7. Thanks Leiah for the directions! I have no idea of the directions in Antipolo. I'll get the phone number and post it here for people who might get lost.


  8. cute! i haven’t eaten one yet, though. the stores you mentioned are too far from where i live (sigh). will they be available in the mall soon? 🙂

  9. Hi!! So sorry it took so long but here’re the numbers for Domalaon na, finally: 09071594850 and 09074157365. 🙂
    Thanks in advance!! Can’t wait to see the picture!! They looked so cute!! ;p and now Aikee keeps asking when ‘Kuya Aidan’ is going to visit again! Haha! ;p

  10. they sell lechon bread (also squid and crab) at the julie’s bakery near sta rita church in baclaran 🙂 soo cute! and its color is exactly the same shiny oily color as real lechon – from a few feet away it looks like a roast piglet =))

  11. Hi,shoud you want to order lechon bread I am selling it in different sizes and fillings.
    Plain Lechon Bread
    600 grams – Php 150.00 only
    900 grams- Php 205.OO
    Also available, Ube, Ham and Bacon Filling. Price differs depending on filing.
    You can contact me thru, 0920-9046978.

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