10 Elements of a Good Deli Hangout

These days, foodie people in the Fort are hanging out in this deli at the back of the Fairways Tower (behind Joey Pepperoni Pizza). It is becoming popular because it has most of the elements of a good deli hangout. Here are the 10 elements that a good deli place should have to be successful:

1. A signature dish like Malcolm’s Wagyu Burger (P400 +12% VAT +10% SC)

Malcolm’s claim to fame in the foodie scene is that it serves different variations of Wagyu. Although the Wagyu burger looks good in this photo, we did not like it because even if it was soft, it lacked the malinamnam taste. The wagyu burgers are usually made from the excess pieces from the different cuts of wagyu meat. You might want to try the Wagyu salpicao instead.


(see related blog posts: Malcolm’s Place and Wagyu Rib Eye Steak!)


2. A homey ambiance conducive to chatting and drinking wine/beer.



3. Extensive assortment of cheese. Try their Manchego cheese…



4. Wide variety of sausages. The bestsellers are the Beerwurst and Schublig, but we prefer the Hungarian Cheese. Each sausage costs around P40-P50, depending on the weight. They have a sausage service fee of P100+ for cooking and serving it.



5. A good selection of yummy steaks! Malcolm’s Deli serves the subset of the menu of the Malcolm’s branch in Salcedo. This includes a yummy selection of Wagyu Steaks (Malcolm’s Deli Menu: Soup, Salad, Sandwich, Pasta).






7. Good selection of imported chocolates! The bestsellers are the I Love You Chocolate bar (P115) and the Chocolat Crispy Cacao or Crispy Nut (P269) — (Note: We will try these next time…)



8. FREE WIFI that is fast and stable. 🙂



9. The good company of friends and family 🙂


10. and, most of all, FREE Parking!

Fairways Tower Fort
Bonifacio Global City
5th Avenue Corner Mckinley
Telephone: +632 5563188



Live An Awesome Life,


9 thoughts on “10 Elements of a Good Deli Hangout

  1. nice to see malcolm’s at the fort being written about. we were among their first regulars (since we live so close) and we love it there. service is always excellent. it’s just an hour after lunch and i’m hungry again.

  2. i live in a city where the ubiquitous corner deli has become a fabric of citylife. but the delis we have don’t have customers hanging out nor do they serve steaks and burgers.

  3. such a nice deli place. the burger looks delish.
    i digress, thanks for having my entry to your digital daddy contest as 3rd prize winner.
    i’d like to ask if i can still claim the gift certificate as prize and a seat to your photoblogging seminar on august 08 since i failed to attend your event at rockwell yday?
    you may email me for details. i’ll so appreciate response, thanks again anton and more power to you and your widely read blog (it has been habit-forming to swing here every now & then). 😀

  4. Hi again Anton, I browsed again your post about the Digital Daddy blog contest rules. Sorry to miss out that “prizes CAN ONLY BE CLAIMED” during the event. I followed your posting almost nightly but failed to know that I was one of the 3 winners and eventually I didn’t claim my prize last Saturday. I will not anymore ask if my prize was already forfeited 🙂 Nevertheless, it’s a pleasure to be one of your top 3 choices among the 13 (or so) answers submitted to your contest. Again, more power! Thank you.

  5. Thanks for joining Docgelo 🙂 Thanks for the tip! It was very helpful. Unfortunately, the organizers are strict that it can only be claimed during the event…  sa uulitin!


  6. Hi Anton,
    I love this place and Im always here because I own a unit in Fairways and since Starbucks closed I host some meetings here. They have a good selection of cheese, meat which I have them cook and I just have them deliver to my condo. The only thing that lacks for me is their selection of wine. I love wine and I drink about a bottle a day shared with my gf. I usually get my wine from Ralph’s and Barcino. But their selection of Single malt is good. So I give this place an above average rating.

  7. Wow, Thanks Migs for the generous comment 🙂 I think a lot of people love
    this place specially if they live within the community 🙂

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