Wagyu Stone Grill… yummy…

Have you noticed that there are a lot of steak places around lately?


There’s this craving for great steaks, and Wagyu Stone Grill in Eastwood Mall offers a very interesting and yummy concept. It serves Wagyu Steaks raw, placing them on top of a hot stone grill, and letting the meat cook right in front of you. You can choose from New York Strip, Top Sirloin or Rib Eye cut for your Wagyu (which is available in 220g and 350g).


The Wagyu Stone Grill steaks are recommended if you can withstand the smoky smell on your clothes afterwards and if you can be patient with the service.

Wagyu Stone Grill is the same company as the House of Wagyu in Podium. It has a high ceiling setup but has very poor ventilation. Be prepared to smell like steak after eating here.


It has a simple menu, which offers steak, salad, seafood and pasta:



You can reserve this private room in the corner of the restaurant. I was forewarned about the quality of the service, especially during peak hours and when they are serving a lot of people.



Soup is usually served together with the steak.


Wagyu Top Sirloin 220g (P995 +12%VAT)


When ordering Wagyu, it is best to order the meat with a lot of marblings of fat. But I choose the sirloin because it is a leaner cut of meat for health purposes. On hindsight, I should have ordered the fatty cut like Rib Eye or the New York Strip.


As previously mentioned, the meat is served raw and placed on top of the stone grill. In just a few minutes, one side is cooked already and the server would usually be kind enough to turn it over for you.



The steaks are served with potato, vegetables and the gravy sauce for the steak.



After slicing the meat, one would usually sear the ends of the steak on the stone grill.


By the way, some people prefer that their steak remains on top of the stone grill, which cools off after a while. Otherwise, you can transfer your steak to a plate so as not to overcook it.



As for me, after dipping the meat in the mushroom sauce, I would sear it again to get the “sizzling sauce effect” before eating it.


The Wagyu steak slices off easily and you can eat it without the gravy sauce because it is yummy on its own.


Wagyu Salpicao (P795 +12%VAT) Cubes of Wagyu striploin sauteed in garlic and extra virgin olive oil and served with “Wagyu rice”.


We were torn between the salpicao and the burger. We decided not to order the burger because it is usually formed from the excess cuts of the wagyu meat. The salpicao was a better but more expensive choice.


When our order arrived, the meat was drowning in the oil, which my wife did not like. The Wagyu stone grill steaks are yummier than the salpicao. You’ll notice the difference and wish that you did not order the salpicao. 🙁



For dessert, we went to our favorite dessert place in Eastwood mall — Red Mango! You just have to go out of Wagyu Stone Grill and hop on the escalator. Red Mango can be immediately found on the second floor.



We usually order the Family size serving at P220 with 3 toppings worth P40. We like topping our Frozen Yogurt with Kiwi, Mango and Mochi.



How was your Wagyu Stone Grill experience?

Ground Floor EASTWOOD MALL, Libis, Quezon City,
Telephone: +632 706-5385, 706-5386


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15 thoughts on “Wagyu Stone Grill… yummy…

  1. Nice idea but seems like a novelty only. willing to try tho! Speaking of other steak places, I went to one in Timog right behind St. Paul church, pretty good steaks. I think its called Merkato.

  2. Mark:
    Yes! I’ve been to that place too. Just chanced upon it on one of our scout area joy-rides, and have eaten there twice since! Food is great, very hefty servings. Monster steaks!
    Hey Anton, maybe on one of your timog-morato excursions, you can try Merkato.

  3. I had thier Rib Eye and it was sooo good. It literally melts in your mouth. If only I didn’t smell like what I ate and the service was better, I’d make this my new favorite restaurant in eastwood.
    You’re right, they need to do something with their ventilation. and their service was pretty slow and I had a headache making a reservation with them.
    Oh yeah, and their appetizer servings were tiny.
    Pero the steak rocks. I tell you.

  4. This remind me of that place in glorietta when i was back in highschool i think. Stone house? haha .. I forgot the name. My friend went to the wagyu place just last week, they tried everything except the steak?!!! What?

  5. what a beautiful neat looking architecture multi fresh color paints are ‘enticing’ also good looking huge glass windows great view{top-bottom} but the furnitures are cold looking normally high ceilings are proportioned to high back coaches o chairs at mga corner tables with thick upholsteredo o curved furnitures at contained by great looking wall sconces at extra humungus chandeliers and corners o center trees o tall flowering corner gardens to break the nakakalulang almost cold o empty feelings when thin looking spaces are overwhelmingly big huge but that is only my ‘fantasy’ opinions lol i only like lumulutang sa oil if the oil in the food is those ‘healthy’ OLIVE OILS kasi our body needs some good ‘olive’ oil but not those unhealthy non olive oils wagyu steak{can’t afford it as daily home meals} tastes yummy worth it though costly we can only afford those cut ‘filet’ grilled in no more than 1 minute on each sides as our daily part of meals separate sauces always served with steamed-boiled vegetables baked potatoes rice push by sparkling wines o pepsi cola..i have one unsolicited advice to this wagyu steakhouse clean looking restaurant ‘ QUADRUPLE PORTIONS OF YOUR STEAMED VEGETABLES ‘ or a FUTRE CENTER MINI ROUND STAGE for a PIANIST O FLUTIST salamat

  6. i enjoy a romantic restaurant ambiances i love dining in places where windows are huge and has a lot of overflowing curtains o mga kurtina na hindi TINITIPID ang mga tupi-tiklop puro crystals{clear or multi colored lang ang glasses-chandeliers-wall sconces nila at thick upholstered kinds na mga upuan so my tushi will not get hurt o ma-discomfort
    at may ‘state of the art’ billiard table o di kaya ‘state of the art huge juke box’ so i can put a hundred peso for every jose feliciano o regine velasquez romance music o di kaya that mini center stage ng pianist o flutist pero BLACK TIE attire lang day o gabi.. haaayy nakaka in love po talaga yung ganung mga settings lol!

  7. Have you tried the steak at zucchini’s? you might want to include it in your morato food experience 🙂
    it’s located at 20 sct. tuazon cor sct. castor near Max’s Roces.

  8. They use Australian Wagyu. Which is much cheaper than Japanese Wagyu, obviously. Pero iba parin ang lasa ng Japanese Wagyu eh. I wish they’d offer Japanese. I am willing to pay double just to get something much better.
    Honestly, a Super Grade Steak is even better than Australian Wagyu.

  9. top three steak place in the PI for me! mamou and firelake are the others.
    must try are the prime grade 8 wagyu rib eye and tenderloin.
    its actually better to request your steak served uncooked in a plate, then cut and cook at the stone grill and eat. this way your beef will not be overcooked, and if you cannot finish it, bring the steak home uncooked 🙂

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