The Best Enjoy Card Deal EVER Challenge!

Enjoy Card is releasing a Holiday Booklet on or before December 1, 2009 containing additional deals with additional merchant partners. This booklet will be released for FREE to existing Enjoy Card Holders so this is already inclusive of the P1,495 that you paid for. (Awesome!)

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I want to challenge potential merchant partners to come up with the BEST ENJOY MERCHANT BARGAIN EVER!  The best deal receives a One (1) month  Professional Blogging and Internet Marketing Consultancy from me at least worth P70,000

It is simple to join this challenge,
1. You need to be a NEW merchant of Enjoy the Best of the Philippines or you can be an existing merchant with a NEW and Better OFFER. If you want to be the Next Enjoy Merchant Partner, please email so that we can set a meeting with you and the Enjoy Card people.

2. You need to tell Enjoy Card that you are joining the The Best Enjoy Card Deal EVER Challenge!
Since Ultimate Philippines is already an existing merchant partner, we earn a small commission for referring you to Enjoy.

3. The deadline to join this challenge is on August 31, 2009.  

4. We will put the best merchant offer into an internet vote. I will do a blog posts of all the merchant deals who joined the challenge and the merchant offer with the most votes win the challenge.

5. We will announce the winner when the Holiday Booklet is release on or before December 1, 2009. 

Since we are all Enjoy Card holders, we will all benefit from this challenge 🙂

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

11 thoughts on “The Best Enjoy Card Deal EVER Challenge!

  1. you know, I used to really like this site because it always has information about what’s new in this awesome country of ours. but lately it’s like you’re always selling/advertising something – may it be a your tour company, this card, your classes – it’s getting to be a big bore to some who are just want to read about your reviews and all. I know it’s your bread and butter now, but it’s really not interesting anymore.

  2. And Odette, read the 2 comments of Sab again. It has been released, she just corrected herself in her 2nd comment.

  3. sabotages is always around for centuries but life is more boring’quote’ or less interesting when no one wants challenges so long the sabotsges are non violent..there’s nothing boring in widening anyone’s scopes in life nothing wrong if filipino owner of this blog corner wants to help employ more filipinos or some foreigners who can in return help employ more people so they do not have a need to leave the philippines to find greener pastures abroad if it can be helped and OAP blog corner is just doing that..if youre not saboteurs then just read main titles of every new topics that will come out if the main titles are not restaurants name o namebrands then dont read it if it is then ‘enjoy’ it the rest who wanted to advanced in knowledge in informations in awareness please ‘enjoy’ too..if i am a blog owner i know in advanced that i cannot POSSIBLY ‘pleased’ every individuals but as an independent person a socially free human being i will do things that can help me helped not one but hundreds if thousands even millions if not billions of people possible why bcoz i do not descriminate only the history or the characteristics of that individuals can only caused their own decriminations to protect those decent legal law abiding happy adventurous fun filled individuals..limiting an honest good decent public services
    bcoz a few individuals do not like what i do is ONLY for fools who never heard of the word social-economic-scientific ‘SABOTEURS’ as if NOT KNOWING everybody are NOT PERFECT so prepare for ‘disagreements’ as if a ‘surprised’! lol

  4. Mariaclara, i don’t know if your comment was directed at me, but I got dizzy reading your comment and just couldn’t finish it. it’s okay to use exclamation points.

  5. last month yesterday today tomorrow is still before december 1, 2009 lol oap the last time i heard is not a private blog or exclusive to the owner’s neighbors o associations coz i do not know them myself lol i suggest to a viewer to comfort yourself see a PSYCHOLOGIST as to why some things bother you that much and send the doctor’s bill to mariaclara including the ‘dizzy’ bill of aspirins o health drinks dizzy first aid mariaclara will appreciate it she was always unhappy to disturbed anyone

  6. believe it or not this card is convenient for all expats who visits-stays for a month or a year in the philippines
    plus we will appreciate to know where to call when we need dining guide-caretakers-house sitters-yayas per hours-chaufers daily for hire-personnal secretaries for hire..the lsst time i was visiting philippines that was my problem
    i have the money but i couldnt find a trustable companions to take care for my personnal needs i hired a few but not trustable enough they keep borrowing money but couldnt pay back like ten thousand pesos in one borrowings i ended up loosing more money in daily/per hours hirings than paying a permanent yearly caretaker so i missed so many mealtime i was always late wherever i go coz taxiz are not always personnal assistants per hours/daily for hire with these enjoy discount cards will be more convenient..i need asst. so i do not have to need a date lol to reserved airplanes-ships trains restaurants theaters movie bookings-hotel reservations-flight itineraries or calling dentist doctors in emergencies to remind me of spa appointments travel tours to attend to the doors to say i am not home lol! to run to post office or to the banks to tell my husband i am still sleeping lol!

  7. an igorot theme restaurant in makati serendra libis greenbelt must be great at will click as an a new ‘it’ restaurants but it has to be all HAND WEAVES all hand made interiors pero not overcrowded pero magagarang gamit lang ang ilagay para malinis tingnan at igorot costumes din ang lahat ng servers at entertainers if there are some lol..maganda rin yung in ANTIPOLO o BULACAN TAGALOG costumes na mga servers pero magagarang klase hindi palengke looking o kawawa looking kasi yung magagarang costumes eh tourism din yan kasi nakaka ATTRACT talaga ang refined ang dating ng lugar na kakainan salamat po

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