Bakes Homemade Granola and Bread Pudding


This is my personal favorite among all the Ultimate Taste Test desserts. It barely reached the Ultimate Taste Test feature cut-off of 3.3 out of 5.0 (any rating below this will not be featured).

I love the homemade granola with the different textures of fruits, nuts and chocolate chips. Instead of junk food, you can munch on this healthier alternative (you can specify to have the chocolate removed if you like).

The bread pudding seems ordinary but it is made extraordinary by its wicked sauce — using combinations of liquor, caramel and custard. You have to try it one of these days. I would have expected more people to rave about it but some people thought it was an ordinary dessert that anybody can create at home.

(Aside from the bread pudding of La Cocina de Tita Moning, where is the best bread pudding you have ever tasted in Manila?)

The Story of Bakes Homemade Granola and Bread Pudding
by Annie Lastrilla – Dionisio, Founder of Bakes

My story is still unfolding. I usually always like to say
that I was born with a wooden spoon, in the kitchen. I’ve been blessed
to be born into a clan that loves cooking and baking. And so from a very
young age, I was already whipping up dishes under the tutelage of my
mother in the heart of the home, the kitchen. From then on, I’ve
always been improving and developing my craft and my love — I love food
and making it. I love being in the kitchen; I find solace and sanctuary
in it.

My husband Carlo and I love entertaining at home, and would usually
get a lot of excellent raves from both friends and family on whatever
comes out of our kitchen. They’d offer to buy or order specific
dishes and desserts. Egged on by their constant requests to open shop,
we started taking orders for the holidays or whenever, and then
eventually decided to make it official. Bakes
just made its formal debut this year in the very first Ultimate Taste
Test Event with three of our best products — homemade granola, whiskey
bread pudding and chocolate dulce-de-leche bread pudding.

Our products are all homemade, made by just one person — me! We’d
like to stress homemade — all our food is made in small batches, as
opposed to mass-producing, which often results in sacrificing quality
and overall outcome of the product. And of course, as all homemade
goodies should be, all are made with tender love and conscientious

Carlo and I are extremely dedicated to and excited about this new
venture, and even more excited about the new palates that will get a
taste of what we have to offer.

Bakes Homemade Granola and Bread Pudding

Homemade Granola (Php370.00 for 350grams)
Available in different flavors       
* Loaded     
* Fruits & Nuts     
* Chocolate Hazelnut     
* White Chocolate Macadamia     
* Mango Cashew  

Whiskey Whammed (Php 440 / 760)
cubed french baguettes ensconced in a spiced light caramel custard
sprinkled with pecans and raisins
baked til golden and puffed
served with a delightfully divine whiskey sauce
that’s good enough to slurp up on its own.

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Dreams (Php 440 / 760)
Rich egg bread soaked in a glorious custard of a latin-american caramel sauce
spiked with a drizzling of dark rum
tossed with dark chocolate chips
served with even more dulce de leche sauce.


Annie Dionisio


Landline: +632 3730350
Mobile: 0916 410088

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

P.S. We are looking for Food Suppliers who are unknown and just
waiting to be discovered in the next Ultimate Taste Test Event! Please email

We will be launching
community taste test events to qualify suppliers for the Grand
Ultimate Taste Test Event in November. Watch out for that! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Bakes Homemade Granola and Bread Pudding

  1. My mouth is watering from just the picture and the description! I’m in for an order for all 3 snacks to have my own Taste Test Sampling. Can’t wait!!! I might need to order a few bags of the homemade granola as well. Sounds like the ideal snack for my camping trip. 🙂

  2. I had the chance to try out the granola, and its sooooo good!!! You just end up snacking and snacking away…you won’t mind cause its good for you and you won’t feel guilty at all. 🙂

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for the lovely write-up, Anton!
    And thanks again for having us in the first UFTT. =) The feedback we got from the taste-testers was very encouraging, and drives me more to make our products even better.
    Just a correction–
    Our contact digits are: 02-3730350 and 0916-7410088.
    Many thanks again, OAP!

  4. Maybe these didn’t score so well because many Filipinos aren’t fond of granola and are more familiar with the kind of bread pudding found in the corner panaderias? Personally, I love both, and these sound really good. Do they deliver? If not, where would one have to pick up the food?
    Some places to get delicious bread pudding in Manila are: El Cirkulo, Myron’s, Tita Ope, and Divine Desserts (The last one also used to be available in UCC, but I’m not sure if it is anymore; if not, then get it from their shop on Katipunan. This is an excellent bakeshop, Anton, you should try it. Full disclosure: the owner is a good friend, but that’s an objective opinion.)

  5. And I think you will love Tita Ope’s Fresh Milk Pudding. I haven’t yet met anyone who didn’t. It’s by order from Bel-Air in Makati, or you can try it at the Salcedo Market. It’s been around a long time, but since it’s not commercially sold, not everybody has tried it. It’s not dense like bread pudding — it’s light enough that before you know it, you’ve eaten half the pan!

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