Dave Onstott’s Yogurt Bar and Cafe


Update March 15, 2012: I think this is closed already 🙁

From Froyo, David decided to rebrand his frozen yogurt line to Dave’s Naturals Premium Yogurt. He continues to sell it in the Salcedo Market every Saturday and Legaspi Market every Sunday. He has also opened his own Onstott’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe (hidden inside a restaurant complex around the budding Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig Foodie area). This is a perfect dessert place after eating in Cafe Juanita or Charlie’s.



Onstott’s Yogurt Bar and Cafe has a nice green ambiance with plastic chairs, tables and flowers.

You can taste all the flavors of yogurt before you decide on the flavor that you want to order.


Yogurt Cake Slice (P125).


This is an interesting combination of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry frozen yogurt with macaroons as the base and with macademia nuts on top. I don’t like the coconut taste of the macaroons and I don’t think it goes very well with the frozen yogurt.


Classic Flavors (P65/cup, P220/pint, P825/1/2 Gallon).


Passion Fruit, Plain, Mango, Strawberry, Grape, Peach, Intense Chocolate, Coffee and Wildberry.


The Intense Chocolate is a favorite, especially among kids. 🙂


Premium Yogurt Flavors (P75/cup, P260/pint, P900/ 1/2 gallon).


I love the Pistachio and Macademia Nuts premium flavors because of the nutty bits that neutralize the sweetness of the yogurt. You can order a cup with two flavors. The other premium flavor is Vanilla Bean.



From Edsa coming from Makati, turn right going to Pioneer and turn right again along United St. when you see Jollibee at the corner. Along United St. (where Cafe Juanita is located), you’ll see this restaurant complex and a mini Onstott’s green sign on top of the billboard.


You can park along United St., enter the restaurant complex and proceed all the way to the back where you’ll see Onstott’s Yogurt Bar & Cafe hidden in the back streets.
Onstott’s Yogurt Bar and Cafe
Dave’s Natural Premium Yogurt
Bo. Kapitolyo, Pasig

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23 thoughts on “Dave Onstott’s Yogurt Bar and Cafe

  1. I love David’s froyo (more than the other soft-serve type frozen yogurts that abound now)! My favorites are the intense chocolate, wild berry, and passionfruit…yum! I heard he is also opening a place in Makati 🙂

  2. Hi Anton, since you were in that area, you should have tried the shawarma and the cream dory in Uncle Moe’s. They have an all beef large shawarma which is quite good.
    Jem Cheng

  3. I went there today for two reasons…the yogurt and the container vans 🙂 Love yogurt, actually I also got my supply of Greek and Strawberry yogurts from Rizal Dairy today. Am transferring offices and thought about using container vans…so seeing your pics here made me go.
    Parking can be a problem there, though it was good I got the last spot along United. Not convenient place if you want to just run and get yogurt (though Rizal Dairy is also bad for that since parking at Market Market is not good too). But, I like the courtyard feel and the staff was very nice. Actually, with all the taste tests….I was full already and had to ask the staff to slow down the samples as you gulp and not taste to keep up with her 🙂
    I eventually ended up ordering the cake slice. I felt bad that with all her effort, I just got that. But I promise myself to go back and get Chocolate and Vanilla Bean.

  4. Because of your post, my boyfriend and I went here for dessert after eating in Uncle Moe’s. We chanced upon meeting the owners and they were really nice, genuine people. Same as solraya, we were already full after they gave us free taste of ALL the flavors and was already full before ordering haha. We ordered the intense chocolate (which tasted like hot chocolate) and mango, which were both good. I just noticed that the texture of the other flavors were quite icy, and not as smooth and creamy as I would prefer. Anyway, we would definately go back and try their other products 🙂

  5. hello anton,
    Thank you for visiting and featuring Dave’s Naturals =) We are open from 11am to 11pm daily. Pls park at 3rd st. parallel to united st. which is located at the back of the store if parking’s limited out in front.
    We also have a new kiosk location in 12th floor Food Gallery #6813 GT Tower Ayala Ave. corner H.V. Dela Costa Makati. pls come and visit us and try our yogurt =)
    for any inquiries or orders pls contact us at 2323129 or 09209037553

  6. they have a stall in pergola bf paranaque that recently opened. The intense chocolate was REALLY good. I will definitely order again. I prefer dave’s froyo than elfav (also in pergola) or overrated soft plain froyo.

  7. My goodness, I didn’t know you guys already opened in GT Tower…that’s a stone’s throw away from my office!! Although I frequent your area, I rarely get to drop by Onstott’s (now called Dave’s) anymore… Glad to know you’re near now!

  8. Hi Sir Anton! I visited their Pasig branch with my friend and fellow yogurt fan Kitchie when we were informed that Dave’s yogurt will be closing and moving to Pampanga! We were so devastated and depressed. We go to Dave’s to cheer ourselves up. Perhaps you can verify with Dave and convince him not to move away. We are just so crazy over his yogurt. Thanks!!!

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