Professional Blogging Workshop in AIM

In collaboration with AIM Graduate School of Business, I would like to invite you and your friends to attend the one-day Professional Blogging Hands-ON Workshop this coming Saturday!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to hold a one-day Hands-ON Workshop to teach readers and friends on how to get started with blogging. Learn directly from me on how I launched Our Awesome Planet and how you can launch your own popular blog too.

Professional Blogging Hands-ON Workshop
Date: August 22, 2009, Saturday
Time: 9am to 3pm (6 hours of Hands-On Training)
Location: Asian Institute of Management Case Room
Price: $99 (~P4,500). 
(Includes 30 days of personal online coaching to help you launch your blog)
(Group discounts are available)

At the end of this blogging basics workshop, you will learn to:
  • Create your own professional blog even if you have below zero technical knowledge.
  • Launch your blog the RIGHT way on Day ONE! 
Course Outline:
  • The Blogging Mindset and Philosophy
  • Architecting Your Blog for Maximum Branding Power  
  • Copywriting for Bloggers   
  • Search Engine Optimization for Bloggers  
  • Properly Launch Your Blog in 30 days
  • Basic Blog Marketing and Techniques

You will also learn,

  • How to set up your wordpress, typepad or blogger blog?
  • How to buy your first domain?
  • How to install and leverage on Google Analytics?
  • How to handle Copyright and Plagiarism?
  • How to install and use Google Adsense? 
  • How to avoid getting sued for libel?
  • How to handle negative comments?
  • How to manage your online reputation using your blog?
  • basic knowledge on how to access the internet
  • a laptop that you can use during the workshop.
 Please email or text me at +63917 5683627 to reserve your slot. 

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

3 thoughts on “Professional Blogging Workshop in AIM

  1. Will this or a similar seminar be available for students of AIM? I hope the success of this seminar encourages you to do another one in the near future!

  2. hi anton,
    ive been following you since 2005-06 i think..
    i look up to u in terms of blogging success and promoting pinas,,so you really make me proud even if we don’t know each other..
    i hope u dont mind if i ask you for advise on how to improve my photoblog? i dream of becoming a photographer 1 day (**crosses fingers!) and i want to start w/ a photoblog.. my goal this year is to sell one photo (if i’m lucky..).. i’m hoping to do that by getting more traffic.. you have any suggestions? 🙂
    hope you can help me. PS: i was hoping ur tips would be cost free. hehe. 🙂
    here’s my blog :

  3. Of course, I can help you… maybe, you can send me a series of specific question and I'll answer it for you. Of course it would be for FREE as a thank you for all your support throughout these years.

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