Will you be the next Food Discovery in the Ultimate Taste Test?

Subject: Invitation to the Ultimate Taste Test Event (Batch 2)

Dear Food Suppliers,

Greetings from Our Awesome Planet!
  • Do you believe you have an awesome product that is just waiting to be discovered in the next Ultimate Taste Test event?
  • Can you take criticism and feedback from foodies who would objectively rate your product and give feedback about what you have to offer?
  • Are you an old food supplier offering a new product/new food experience to foodies or a budding entrepreneur offering a unique product to Filipinos?
  • Do you want to be featured in Our Awesome Planet as the next Ultimate Taste Test Foodie Discovery?

If you answered YES to all the questions above, then join the Ultimate Taste Test Batch 2 this coming September 13, Sunday, 11.00am to 2.00pm. The location will be in an exclusive community somewhere in the Fort area.

What is the Ultimate Taste Test Event?
  • It is an exclusive foodie community tasting event for discovering awesome food in the Metro.
  • The event is open to food suppliers who have a NEW product to offer.
  • Foodies who attend the event will provide a rating and feedback about the food.
  • Food Suppliers who gain an average Ultimate Taste Test Rating of 3.3 and above (out of 5.0) will be featured in Our Awesome Planet.
  • 100% of the profit of the event goes to the construction of St. Michael Church in The Fort, Taguig. (Yes, this is kawang-gawa and our own personal contribution to the community.)
  • This is probably one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective ways to market your product to foodies before the Christmas Season. 🙂
  • Think about it as a Reality TV event about awesome food and people who love food.

    The Ultimate Taste Test Event is NOT for…

    • Food Suppliers who already have a commercialized product. If foodies already “generally” know about their product, then we will not allow them to be part of the taste test event.
    • Food Suppliers who participated in the previous event who failed to reach the 3.3 rating and they don’t have a new (or improved) product to offer.
    • Food Suppliers who are banned because of cancellation at the last minute in the previous taste test event. (Since Food Suppliers can join this event for FREE, we hate last-minute cancellations because we will reserve your slot and say NO to other suppliers once we reach our target quota.)

    If you are a Food Supplier, to join:
    • There is NO REGISTRATION FEE in joining the event as a Food Supplier.
    • You need to prepare samples for 100+ Foodies in small servings. Below are some of our learnings on what should be the right servings:

    Dessert should be served in smaller quantities — typically 1/4th of the serving size of the photo above. Since there will be 5 or more dessert suppliers, we learned that people cannot enjoy all the desserts if they are in big servings. We also don’t want to waste food, so we recommend that samples of food be given in “spoonful” sizes.

    We require suppliers to provide their own serving plates. Paper plates like the one above are good but we recommend that you can think of a creative way to present your product.

    Buffet-style like in the photo above is OK, but you can still serve it in smaller portions to accommodate more foodies and to ensure that everyone will have a chance to taste meats like these.

    We would love to have one lechon supplier for every taste test event. We would require the lechon supplier to provide their own table and people who will serve the lechon.

    If you want to reserve your slot in the Ultimate Taste Test Event as a Food Supplier, please email Rache at rachediaz@gmail.com the following information:

    Food Supplier Company Name:
    Company’s Contact Person:
    Contact Information: Email Address/ Mobile Number
    Your Foodie Product:
    What is Your Story?

    Reservation is FREE, thanks to the sponsoring community. We’d like to reiterate that we will ban Food Suppliers who confirm and back out one week before the event. We hate to ban people but during the last Ultimate Taste Test Event there were suppliers who backed out at the last minute and we already said NO to other potential suppliers who wanted to join the event.

    We are looking for Food Suppliers in the following categories: 2-3 Appetizers, 1-2 drink suppliers, 3-5 Main Dishes, 1 Lechon, 5-7 dessert suppliers. We aim to have a maximum of about 18 suppliers during this event.

    Join the Next Ultimate Taste Test Batch 2 as a Food Supplier!
    Date: September 13, Sunday 
    Time: 11.00am to 2.00pm! 
    Location:  An exclusive community somewhere in the Fort area.

    We are waiting to discover you and your foodie product!

    Live an Awesome Life,  

    Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

    blog: www.OurAwesomePlanet.com
    prof. blog: AntonDiaz.com
    mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 
    email: anton@diaz.ph

    P.S. We are not opening this qualifying Taste Test Event to the public because the event is exclusive to the community hosting the event. We are planning the grand ULTIMATE TASTE TEST EVENT in November — open to ALL Foodies in the NBC Tent to raise funds for the construction of St. Michael Church in the Fort. We will announce that date soon!

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    1. Guys you should back read a bit because the one organizing guest lists is not Sir Anton, I want to attend too and am just waiting for their email confirmation… I guess they are a bit busy these days 🙂

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