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Having lechon in the Ultimate Taste Test was a very good idea. One whole native lechon was served by Sabroso Lechon, which got a rating of 3.6 out of 5.0. Most people liked it because of its crispy skin and flavorful meat (which was a bit salty) — characteristic of how lechon is made in Visayas. Some rated it “Just OK” because they did not notice the difference between Sabroso’s offering and other lechons out there.

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised that the skin remained crispy after 3-4 hours after first serving it. However, they used a lechon sauce that did not match well with the meat. It’s better to eat it without the sauce. In future Ultimate Taste Test events, we will make sure to have one lechon supplier that can offer a unique lechon taste. 🙂

Sabroso Lechon – Incredibly Flavorful Lechon
by your Lechonero, Charlie & Manolo
Sabroso Lechon is made more special with native pigs, assuring meat that’s lean and tasty. Its distinct flavor comes from only the freshest herbs and spices unique to Western Visayas. The lechon is roasted slowly and steadily above coals to give you evenly cooked meat and notably crisp skin. This makes Sabroso Lechon a reason enough to celebrate.

Sabroso is a Spanish word for delicious, tasty, agreeable or pleasant.

Sabroso Lechon started last October 2008. We started cooking lechon during weekends and personally delivering (even just a kilo!) to friends and families. In Jan. 2009, we were featured in “Boy & Kris TV Morning Show”. Blogs and our multiply site have helped us in introducing and showcasing our lechon.

Our first outlet was opened at 1237 E. Rodriguez corner Tomas Morato, Brgy. Kristong Hari, Quezon City last December 2008. We started serving meal-size lechon on April 2009. Currently, we are adding more food & side dishes to our menu.

So what is the Sabroso Lechon difference?

Sabroso Lechon only cooks quality, free-range native pigs. Our lechon is cooked with stuffed herbs in its closed belly. It retains heat well compared to “open-belly lechon”, keeping your lechon order fragrant & warm upon serving. We always finish cooking your lechon closest to your serving time possible. “Just-cooked” lechon is what we all want.

Sabroso Lechon is the first lechon store to deliver 1 kilo or more to Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati & Manila. Our lechon is always sold according to your ordered size (excluding the herb stuffing). We accept “same-day lechon orders” (except during holidays) — just order 3-4 hours before.

Sabroso Lechon Inc.- Incredibly Flavorful Lechon

The Pricelist
1 kilo – P 550
½ kilo – P 280
¼ kilo – P 140
PAA / ULO – P 200/kilo  

Whole Lechon
Live Wt Kilo | Cooked Wt. Kilo | Servings | Price
15 | 6-7 | 20-25 | P4,000
20 | 8-9 | 25-30 | P4,500
25 | 10-11 | 30-35 | P5,000
30 | 11-12 | 35-40 | P5,500
35 | 12-13 | 40-45 | P6,000
40 | 14-15 | 45-50 | P6,500
45 | 16-17 | 50-55 | P7,000
50 | 18-19 | 55-60 | P7,500
55 | 20-21 | 60-70 | P8,000
60 | 22-23 | 70-80 | P8,500

Address: 1237 E. Rodriguez Ave., corner Tomas Morato, Brgy. Kristong Hari, Quezon City
Phone: +632 515 8253  , 515 8259 , 357 0659
Mobile: +63 922 8416220

Live an Awesome Life,  


Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 
prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

11 thoughts on “Sabroso’s Native Lechon

  1. wow Sabroso! i love their lechon. being a Visayan style lechon it rarely needs sauce kasi malinamnam sya. I also like the crispy skin (who doesnt?!) and a very thin film of fat.

  2. I agree with ingrid… Sabroso has flavorful meat without the need for sauce. I also like the thin film of fat just before the crackle of the crispy skin.
    Want to try their Chicharon bulaklak and Sinigang na Lechon on my next visit to Sabroso.

  3. Thing is, the cook may know and is confident about his dish not needing a sauce or additional seasonings. BUT then, the customers dictate that they want to see a sawsawan around 🙁 So cook comes up with the sauce to quiet the customer and to be marketing friendly. Then we say..parang hindi bagay 🙂 ahahahhaha
    Maybe I should try serving a two side saucers: one with a sawsawan, the other empty (to make a point)

  4. Hi Anton,
    Thanks for the feedback. =) I get the same feedback from some of our customer. We will adapt a better liver sauce for our lechon. Personally I prefer toyo,suka,sili with lemongrass.
    We serve our lechon with sarsa or vinegar for customer to choose.
    More Power!

  5. i like sabroso lechon! during my first visit I went there for lunch and we enjoyed the lechon so much! I went back the following night naman for dinner and was a bit disappointed because we were given a not so good part and the skin was not crispy anymore. 🙁 wish they can maintain the quality of their lechon all day.

  6. hi Anton,
    I praying that u can really read my letter.
    I really hope u can help me out, ive been wanting ur blog eversince, i wont start my day without looking at ur site:).
    Anton, we have a class reunion on sept. , and ive been having a problem of a place where to held the party.
    We are about 25- 30 pax. , Good food, private place with cozy ambiance and homy ambiance. its ok if its a private place in the resto or a private function room, or a place like a condotel. the budget will go around 800-1000per head.
    thank you so much.

  7. i first heard about sabroso lechon from weddings at works’ Ms. Benz. i tried it out and liked it specially since it tastes like the lechon from cebu. i also liked the fact that they deliver per kilo. our leftover lechon are usually made into sinigang na lechon and it is yummy too.

  8. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for the feedback.=)It help us to improve our product.
    Feel free to visit us anytime, your lechon should be crispy everytime..if not we will be happy to make it right for you.

  9. just ate at sabroso’s recently and might i say, their lechon really depreciated in quality. you can’t taste the herbs anymore, it’s all too salty.
    what happened?

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