Can you do me a favor on my Birthday?

(The Awesome Family Photo was taken by photographer Etoy Diores)

Dear Our Awesome Planet Friends,

First of all, thank you for all the birthday greetings! Thank
you for all your awesome support for Our Awesome Planet (OAP) for the
last 4.5 years. Thanks for all the 570 survey feedback last year, which
greatly influenced my directions and plans for OAP.

Now, I would like to get your feedback on how OAP has met your expectations. I
also want to share with you some of my plans for 2010 for OAP. I would
like to get your honest and brutal feedback through this survey –> OAP Blog Survey 2009

I read all the survey feedback and take them into consideration when I formulate my plans for OAP.

Click here to complete the survey —> OAP Blog Survey 2009

Hope to hear from you all soon!

Live an Awesome Life,  


24 thoughts on “Can you do me a favor on my Birthday?

  1. first!
    (may bug ba yung pagpili ng choices sa no. 2… di can’t accomplish that part eh..)

  2. Happy, happy birthday Anton! More power!!!! God bless!
    pa-cheese burger ka naman . . .burgerrr . . .burgerrr . . burgerrr!
    ang cute ng family picture 🙂 very beautiful family talaga.

  3. Happy Birthday Anton! More foooood to come! 🙂 Im really happy I came across your site since then my hubby & I enjoyed it! God bless you & ur family!

  4. Happy BDAY from a long-time lurker here, and just want to say that you are 1 of only 2 people who influenced and inspired me to start my own blog, God bless and more power! Regards to Rachelle!

  5. Hi, happy birthday! How can I contact you? I’m currently doing an article for an inflight magazine and I’m hoping I could interview you. Please advise if this is possible. Thanks!
    Happy birthday again!

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