Sailing with the Balangay

We are officially part of history, as we were part of the first group to test-sail the Balangay on Manila Bay. Not even the light rain was enough to cancel our date with destiny. It was an easy and safe cruise last Saturday morning with Sir Art, Aidan, Lileya and Liyora with the sounds of canyon firing every 30 minutes in honor of Cory Aquino. 

The Balangay, parked in Manila Bay, near the Sun Cruises Port.

Diwata ng Lahi, the official name of the Balangay, was tugged safely away from the breakwaters before the sail was raised.

Aidan, Lileya and Liyora were excited for their first Balangay cruise — complete with raincoats and lifejackets.

A view of the roof of the Balangay with the Manila Skyline in the background…

Steaming hot Nilagang Saging (boiled bananas) was our baon during the cruise…

Raising the Sail of the Balangay…

The Balangay is equipped with two sails. They are waiting for a third one as a backup sail.

Art Valdez, enjoying the Balangay cruise and waiting for their adventure to officially begin…

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Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

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P.S. Rest in Peace to President Cory Aquino… Thank you so much for our democracy…

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  1. Hi Anton. I was wondering if you could possibly feature the Champagne Room at the Manila Hotel. I was looking at photos and the place looks very old world Europe. Very beautiful. Not sure about the food though. I checked out the menu from but I have no idea if its updated nor does it have any reviews.

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