The Best Fresh Milk and Yogurt in the Philippines?

Rizal Dairy Farms produces one of the best fresh milk products and fresh yogurts in the Philippines. Its greek yogurt has a cult following in the foodie circle. I love their plain yogurts with Mango or Strawberry because of the rich and creamy consistency. Best of all, they are locally produced in the Philippines! The only thing that comes close to it is the fresh milk produced in the Dairy Farms of Del Monte in Bukidnon.

Rizal Dairy Farms (located in the house of Jacqueline Haessig Alleje in Beverly Hills, Antipolo) will definitely be one of the stops in the Culinary Tour of Antipolo.

You can buy Fresh Pasteurized Milk, 1 liter Full Cream, Low Fat or Non Fat for P105.

Our favorites are the Mango and Strawberry Yogurt and the Mascobado Peanut Butter. 🙂


(Prices as of August 14, 2009. Subject to change without prior notice.)

Buttermilk, 1 lt – P 120 

Ricotta Cheese, 250 grams, – P 185                                     

Mozzarella Balls, in Brine, 200 grams, – P 200                                             

Mozzarellini, low fat, 200 grams, – P 200                                                       

Mozzarella Block,  200 grams, – P 200                                                        

Kesong Puti , vacuum packed – P 105                                                         

Boursin Cheese, 170 grams – P 120  

Smoked Fish Cheese Spread, 170 grams – P 120 

Swiss Quark, low fat, 350 grams – P 100   

Greek yoghurt, 350 grams – P 110 

Sour Cream, 350 grams tumbler – P 100 

Cream Cheese, 350 grams tumbler – P 120                                                   

Creamy Low Fat Yoghurt, plain sugar free – 350 grams tumbler – P80             

Yoghurt, Pineapple, Mango, Vanilla, Strawberry Low Fat, twin – P95               

Yoghurt, Plain, Non Fat and Low Fat,  twins – P78    

Whey (upon order)  1 liter  – P80

PETRA’S NATURALLY Home Style Peanut Butter

Unsweetened Peanut butter – P 115

Mascobado Sweetened peanut butter – P 115                                              


Strawberry Jam – Low Sugar – P 125                                                            

Mango and Tropical Fruit Jam – Low Sugar – P 110 

So why buy Nestle Products when you can buy Rizal Dairy Farms?

(Inside the Rizal Dairy Farms Store/ Kitchen in Antipolo)

Rizal Dairy Farms’ products are available at:
  • Rizal Dairy Farms in Antipolo, 
  • Green Shop at Market! Market! (Open Air Vegetable & Fruit Section), Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
  • Salcedo Saturday Market, Salcedo Village, Makati City
  • Lung Center Sunday Market, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
The prices are the same across all the outlets even if you buy it in Antipolo. Raw Butter and Raw Milk are only available in Rizal Dairy Farms in Antipolo.

Rizal Dairy Farms in Antipolo offers its Gazebo by the Sea Salt Pool as a venue for rent for parties, small planning sessions and cooking team building sessions.


Rizal Dairy Farms Antipolo

Jacqueline Haessig Alleje 
Mobile: 0917 321 88 11 
Address: 5, Magnolia Drive, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo-Taytay 192  
Telephone numbers: +63-2-660-2197 / +63-2-658-4779

Live an Awesome Life,  

Text and Photos by Anton Diaz. Copyright 2009. 

prof. blog:
mobile: +63917-LOVEOAP (5683627) 

P.S. Have you tried Rizal Dairy Farms? Is there any other milk supplier in the Philippines that can beat them?

34 thoughts on “The Best Fresh Milk and Yogurt in the Philippines?

  1. Thanks Anton for featuring Rizal Dairy Farms. Now I know how to get to their Antipolo store.
    I love love love their Greek Style Yogurt. So thick and creamy. Wonderful at breakfast. Their creamy low fat yogurt is also outstanding compared to Nestle’s (which is watery in my opinion).

  2. Hi Anton! Glad to see Rizal Yogurt here…their Greek yogurt has been my long time staple, and yes, I think it is the best local yogurt available! This is what I used in the Us Girls shoot 🙂

  3. Hi Anton!! 🙂
    I’m super excited to see this post!!! 🙂 i LOVE milk!!!! 🙂 and i LOVE yogurt too!!!!
    Thank you for the post!!!! Yahooooooooo!!
    Regards to Rache, Aidan and Syoti!!

  4. thanks for the post! would you know where in SM Hypermart they sell their products? Is it inside the grocery or outside w/ the other food stalls? Thanks!

  5. They were selling before in SM Hypermart but I’m not sure if they continue
    to have a stall there. They did not mention it anymore in their latest

  6. Hi Anton. Our school has a culinary club that we’d like to take on a culinary tour. Will students be allowed to take a tour of the Rizal Dairy Farms in Antipolo? What other culinary stopovers in Antipolo can you recommend?

  7. that sure looks yummy! thanks for sharing. cant wait to try it. will buy at market market next week.
    oh and the pool looks very inviting. 🙂

  8. Hi Anton. You should also try the dairy products sold at the Philippine Carabao Center(PCC) and the Dairy Training and Research Institute(DTRI) inside UP Los Banos. They are very good and less expensive( half the price, actually).

  9. If you do visit UPLB, don’t forget to try Jerico’s pandesal (the best pandesal ever) available only during breakfast time (5 am to 7 am) and merienda time (2 pm to 4 pm) at their main branch located on the road leading to UPLB gate. Also try Mang Andring’s itik in Bgy. Mayondon, also in Los Banos.

  10. I’m a HUGE fan of Rizal Dairy Farms, as you’ve seen Anton, from my article on it which you linked to in this post. Visiting their farm in Antipolo would be bliss for dairy lover me. 🙂

  11. Hi, Anton, how are you? Thanks for the information about Rizal Dairy Farms. I will visit there if I will visit in Philippines later especially in Antipolo City. The prices are affordable as well compared to the imported dairy products.

  12. Is it possible to find pure, raw milk (unpasteurized, not UHD processed or homogenized) in the Philippines?

  13. Hey! Try hacienda Macalauan products. They really are fresh not to mention their cow’s are well taken cared of. Love their products 🙂

  14. We are also producing organic dairy products in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Valley, I really like your products, I hope we can meet someday where we can exchange both our products where I can also sell your products to our customers. Thank you so much producing such a important product for a better health. My number is 0917.315.9171.
    Best regards,
    Jack Oz

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