8 Ways to Help in Your Own Personal Way…

I just arrived back home and every Filipino Family based in Manila is affected in one way or another. Here are things you can do to help in your Own Personal Way… 1. Just Help Anonymously Manuel L. Quezon III has a complete and up-to-date list on how to help Typhoon Ondoy victims. He has been on … Continue reading 8 Ways to Help in Your Own Personal Way…

Be the Next Our Awesome Planet Apprentice?

The first batch of Maven Secrets in AIM is fun and empowering. They are graduating after 90 days this coming Tuesday. It has been an honor to share the secrets behind Our Awesome Planet’s success to the next Internet Mavens of the Philippines. Due to insistent demand, I’m opening the last batch of Maven Secrets … Continue reading Be the Next Our Awesome Planet Apprentice?

Ovi Shoot over Fishballs…

You must have seen this viral video promoting Ovi by Nokia. I’m a recent convert to Ovi, which means “door” in Finnish, particularly the OVI Share services where you can upload photos/video over mobile. I’m amazed at the quality of the uploaded photos and the ease with uploading it in Ovi . I also love the … Continue reading Ovi Shoot over Fishballs…

Roti Mum’s The Oat Bun

ULTIMATE TASTE TEST 2.0 RATING: 3.8 out of 5.0 “One of the best coffee buns I’ve tasted…“ I was personally surprised that Roti Mum’s Coffee, Choco and Oat Buns were among the highly rated food items in the Ultimate Taste Test Event 2.0. They did not hit the 4.0 rating because there were 3 foodies … Continue reading Roti Mum’s The Oat Bun

Supreme Brazo Bars by Ces Lopez Cafe

Supreme Brazo was the consistently raved about dessert in Ultimate Taste Test 2.0. Think about it as a Brazo sandwich with the meringue as the buns and the different flavors as the palaman (spread inside the sandwich). The best flavors are the Walnut Wander and the Copaco-Mango. If you love Aurely’s Special Brazo in Pampanga, this is 2x better because of the double layer of meringue and the 13 flavors to choose from. Our foodie hearts now belong to Supreme Brazo.

Ultimate Taste Test Event 2.0!

We are super thankful to the 17 food suppliers, 180 foodies, and our sponsors who made the Ultimate Taste Test 2.0 a success! One hundred percent of the proceeds of the taste event were donated to the construction of the St. Michael the ArchAngel Church in Fort Bonifacio. We can’t wait for the Ultimate Taste Test 3.0 — in a bigger venue in the Fort area (hopefully). This time we are planning to have over 50 suppliers and invite all OAP readers (around 1,000 foodies). It would be the Ultimate Ultimate Taste Event of the year…

Finally, the 65-ft Waterfall Rappel! Kaya mo ba ito?

Mapawa River Trek Waterfall Challenge (5 of 5 Series) [Mapawa River Trek is one of the awesome adventures that await you in Cagayan de Oro, where you follow the natural path of the Mapawa River through Five Waterfall Challenges. Can you conquer your fear and survive the Mapawa River Trek?!]   I was actually afraid … Continue reading Finally, the 65-ft Waterfall Rappel! Kaya mo ba ito?

Conclusion: “For Good and For God”

The Philippine Economic Miracle Part 4 of 4 by Willy E. Arcilla [I’m republishing the articles written by my friend Willy Arcilla, the marketing genius behind the success of C2 in the Philippines and Vietnam, on his 2020 vision for the Philippines. I share this vision that soon all of us will say, “I Live … Continue reading Conclusion: “For Good and For God”

Let’s Support Fely in the Hi-5 Surprise Concert in Manila!

(left to right: Tim Maddren, Lauren Brant, Casey Burgess, Fely Irvine (Filipina from Davao), Stevie Nicholson)   Let’s support fellow Filipina, Fely Irvine, in their first-ever Hi-5 Concert in Manila entitled, Hi-5 Surprise on November 25-30, 2009 at the Megatent, Meralco Avenue. Buy your tickets from Our Awesome Planet! Related Blog Posts: Hi-5 in Manila! … Continue reading Let’s Support Fely in the Hi-5 Surprise Concert in Manila!